Is lifetime Pet Cover Worth It? What You Should Know!!!

lifetime Pet cover
lifetime Pet cover

Just as with humans, pet insurance means getting a policy for your pet. It is similar to getting health insurance as a human. Getting a cover for your pet keeps your mind at ease and covers the veterinary bills.

Different people get pets for different purposes. One could be because they are lonely and need a run around in their home or for security purposes like “dogs”.

There’s been an increase in the connection between animals and humans, which can be traced down to history as humans take animals into their care and heart.

Most people, including wives that have no children, single ladies and gentlemen, and married people too, take their pets as their children.

For an owner who wants to cover their pet, you may be stocked between whether to choose a limited time or lifetime pet insurance policy.

This article is meant to walk you through what a lifetime pet insurance policy is all about.

And if also, you have asked yourself whether “Lifetime pet insurance is worth it”, then this article is also for you.

Pet Insurance

Pets have health emergencies just like humans. Besides the basic pet care, which may include annual exams and vaccines, blood work, and dental cleanings. However, there is explosive growth in specialized areas of pet care such as neurology and oncology.

Getting a pet covered as an owner means simply that, you have lifted off of your own shoulders the stress and cost of running around to give your pet the veterinary care it needs.

Your insurance policy covers the medical issues of your pet.

Why Do You Need a Pet Cover?

For some potential pet owners, the prospect of high medical expenses can be a limit to adopting a pet.

for those who do adopt, the possibility of expensive procedures and medicines can lead to a decision to put a pet down.

Either you need your pet for the love of animals, security reasons, or because you just want a run-around. It is inevitable for your lovely pet to need medical attention.

So, getting a pet insurance policy means that, when your pet gets in the need of veterinary attention, your insurance policy covers it.

Therefore, you need a cover for your pet to help you sort the medical needs and bills.

In a situation where you realize your pet is ill and needs medical attention If the cost of care is more than you can afford then you may end up wanting to “slaughter” your beloved pet.

Such a situation could be known as economic euthanasia.

When to Get a Pet Cover

Although it is not a legally do or die issue.

getting a pet cover is necessary whenever you have decided to get a pet under your care.

Getting an innocent animal(s) to yourself and abandoning them to suffer ill health and risking being slaughtered may be a wicked act.

For someone who has decided to get a pet, if you think and know you may not be able to foot the bills. Especially medical wise, it is necessary to get a cover for them.

It is not only recommendable for those who may not be able to afford the medical cost.

It could be a wise act too, to save up your salary for more important things.

Lifetime Pet Cover

Lifetime pet cover, otherwise used as “Annual limit” by some people. Is a term used by providers to describe how the vet fee limits work on their pet insurance policies?

Lifetime pet cover does not mean that your pice over your pets’ lifetime stay the same.

it simply rather means that there is no time limit on making a claim.

The price of your policy can still change.

This type of cover is also known as “Lifelong” or “Renewable benefits”.

It is the most comprehensive and expensive type of cover

What does lifetime pet insurance cover?

What your lifetime pet insurance may cover depends on your chosen policy.

It may also include coverage on the below listed;

  • Cover the cost of treatment of injury throughout your pets’ existence.
  • Illness or health conditions:
  • Veterinary fees are up to an annual limit, with no limits on each condition.
  • Free 24/7 free vet video calls with FirstVet—which won’t affect your vet fee limit.
  • Dental treatment for accidents is covered on all policies as part of your annual vet fee limit. Dental illness is also covered.
  • Immediate cover if you switch to us straight from another pet insurance provider.
  • may include complementary treatments like hydrotherapy.
  • Behavioural treatment may be included if recommended by your veterinarian as part of your vet’s fee limit.
  • Legal action against your pet (dogs only).
  • Included as standard, on completion, if your pet gets lost or stolen, the advert cost is covered. It may come as an option for other policies.
  • The cost of contributing to the laying down of your pet or the burial. It could be called “Last respect.”
  • If your pet, say a dog, injures someone or causes damage to their property, you’re sued. Cover those not including cats as the law considers them as free-spirited animals.

Companies that Offer Lifetime Pet insurance Cover?

Lifetime pet cover

They stated that their policy cover includes the below;

  • Up to £10,000 veterinary fees per year
  • Lifetime cover as standard
  • Claims paid directly to veterinary practice
  • Third-party liability

The lifetime pet cover insurance company was started in 2019 and is registered in England and Wales.

So far they have had interesting reviews about their service

Animal friends

Multi-award winning pet insurance company yet affordable.

Animal friends insurance is said to have over 20 years of experience in the industry, insuring over 1 million pets in the UK.

with 26,074 views and 4.2/5 rates on trust-pilot, rated “great”.

They were founded in 1998 and according to them, have donated  £6 million to animal charities and welfare.

Perfect pet

Perfect Pet is a trading name of Tedaisy Insurance Brokers Limited.

With over 20 years of experience in the company. Their cover is available from 4 weeks old.

Their multi-pet discount is available when you insure more than one pet.

Five types of pet cover they offer;

  • Lifetime cover
  • max benefit
  • Time-limited
  • Accident only
  • Third-party liability


With recorded experience and 4.7-star rates, waggle is one of the top pet insurance companies we’ve got on our list.

Their insurance covers all that’s mentioned above as what pet insurance covers.

Cost of lifetime pet insurance

The cost of lifetime pet insurance, like other insurance policies, varies according to tp the policy and company. While some companies make it free to make a claim, others also do not.

Like we always recommend, pet owners like yourself should not venture into getting insurance cover for their pets. Without first comparing the services and cost.

It is very much recommended that you get a cover for your lovely pet and also highly recommended that you compare the cost.

Aside from the companies listed above, there are yet others that offer lifetime pet cover in their policy.

Lifetime pet insurance vs. limited time

One of the key things to look into before choosing a pet plan is whether it is lifetime or limited, which can also be called annual.

Choosing a limited pet insurance policy means that your pet(s) is covered for any recently diagnosed condition over a set period of time, usually 12 months.

Limited pet insurance needs Renewal.

A limited-time cover offers low maximum payout than a lifetime cover.


It is still a wise idea to get an insurance policy for your pet(s), even though you may have all the dollars in the world at your beckon.

You could invest the little cash you would have spent on paying for veterinary bills on something better.

Your salary could serve your household better rather than spending it on paying for your pets’ surgery or injury.

Lifetime pet insurance gives your confidence and makes you relax anytime anywhere.

Having a lifetime annual cover means that you need to renew your policy every year for better service.

FAQs about lifetime pet insurance

Is lifetime pet insurance worth it

Getting a lifetime coverage for your lovely pet is worth it.

They deserve all the care and coverage they would get from you.

Even if you may have the whole dollar, it is important to save yourself the stress and a few bucks.

Does lifetime pet insurance cover surgery

Yes. Lifetime pet insurance covers your pet even if they have an accident or illness.

It covers the animal’s surgery too.

Annual or lifetime cover, which is better

Lifetime pet insurance is the best cover for your pet.

It is the most extensive and so, expensive but yet the best for your pet.

What does lifetime pet insurance mean

Lifetime pet insurance means, getting a cover for your pet which would see them through their lifetime.

It also covers any injury they may sustain during the time.

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Yes. Lifetime pet insurance covers your pet even if they have an accident or illness.

It covers the animal's surgery too.

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Lifetime pet insurance is the best cover for your pet.

It is the most extensive and so, expensive but yet the best for your pet.

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Lifetime pet insurance means, getting a cover for your pet which would see them through their lifetime.

It also covers any injury they may sustain during the time.

" } } ] }

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