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A business plan is the core of your investor package and also the embodiment of your business ideas. However, you might find yourself battling with developing products, selecting a working team, finding customers, or even seeking a source of funding. At the end of the day, you won’t find spare time to formulate a business plan, and thus the need for a business plan consultant surfaces. This guide will cover a thorough breakdown of a business plan consultant whilst providing you with the top best professional consultants in the UK.

What is a Business Plan Consultant?

A business plan consultant is an individual or corporation that specialises in refining your ideas and shaping them into a viable business plan. They carry out scrutiny and research just to see that they get a clear picture of what your business is about. That way, they will be able to note down an action plan in a document just to enable you to achieve those goals. 

The Role of Consultants in a Business plan

A business plan consultant is capable of performing different changes when it comes to your plan. But aside from ensuring the production of a business plan that would fit into your goals and ideas, a consultant should be able to provide these services listed below. 

  • A business plan consultant should carry out a detailed competitor analysis of your market. Before constructing a plan, the planner should determine the nature of your competitors, who they are, their strengths and weaknesses and how best to differ from them.
  • They can also conduct a go-to-market strategy that the business can utilise. A consultant can also recommend working marketing plans and channels that can help the corporation reach out to its ideal clients. 
  • A consultant possesses extensive market and industry knowledge and is responsible for handling customer or consumer research that will help them identify the demand for a product in a new target market. 

Do I Need a Business Consultant?

Yes, you do need a business consultant. There are some common reasons why having a consultant is essential for every business. Let’s analyse a few of them below:

  • You need a consultant to help you identify optimal strategies to grow your business. This process might not really be to drive traffic and make sales, but mostly to have a professional mind to add to the betterment of the corporation. 
  • A business plan consultant can also challenge your assumptions by looking at past problems, pressure testing all your primary assumptions and changing them into a new finding. 
  • As an entrepreneur, having a business plan consultant will also leave you with more free time to focus on other sectors of your business. 

The Best Business Plan Consultants in the UK

There are multiple business plan consultants in the UK, and the list keeps increasing by every minute. After thorough research, we have prepared a list of the best professional business plan consultants you can choose from. This list is based on their credentials, expertise, and quality, and they include: 

#1. Biz Plans

BizPlans is a prominent business plan writing agency in the UK. To achieve success, they work closely with their clients to best understand their needs. At the end of their consulting service, they ensure the delivery of a well-researched and inspiring business plan that meets the industry’s standards. They deliver a fully customised business plan while ensuring a productive growth strategy. 

#2. Growthidea

This business plan consultant has been in existence since 2009 and since then has worked with a wide range of corporations while providing business plans and advice and still educating the owners on visible setbacks and how they can manoeuvre them. They pay more attention to taking the right steps that would guarantee the success of a business.

#3. Businessyield Consult

Businessyield Consult is one of the best professional business plan consultants in the UK. Aside from creating a winning business plan that meets market standards, they also focus on helping startups and existing businesses develop and fine-tune their ideas while creating working business structures to ensure their growth. In the process of delivering their services, they ensure that your plan is fully optimised, made by expert consultants, and also maintain their cost-effective and result-driven nature.

Other services they offer include web development, grant and funding opportunities, investment services, HR services, lead generation and search engine marketing among others.

#4. Growthink

Growththink is also one of the best business plan consultants in the UK and can create professional plans to help you achieve your goals. Growthink has since its existence created more than 4000 business plans for diverse corporations regardless of their stage of growth. Using a world-class team, they also create business plans that would attract funding from investors. 

#5. B & F

This business plan consultant specialises in decoding your business vision into tangible business plans that accommodate your funding requirements. While creating this business plan for your business, B & F pay more attention to establishing a pitch deck that would prove to investors that you would reach your full potential.

#6. Lall Ondhia

Located in London, this business plan consultant is capable of creating business plans irrespective of the size and requirements of your organisation. They also guarantee the ability of their services to reduce overheads and grow any business to any level. During this process, they would use management planning services, strategic planning, and professional financial planning services among others. 

#7. Noirwolf 

Noirwolf Consulting is another advanced business plan consultant that helps established owners and early-stage startups create professional business plans. To create this business plan, Noirwolf starts with a consultation call, takes the customer’s order, creates financial forecast and market research, composes the plan and then submits it for review.  

#8. SGI Consultants

Start, Grow and Improve is another consulting establishment that provides a professional business plan that can help secure investments and startup loans. They work with experienced writers that will follow you through every stage till you attain a complete business service that helps you achieve your goals.  

#9. Acceler8me

This consulting firm offers a wide range of services to its clients, ranging from creating a business plan to acquiring a financial asset or any form of business loan. The only trend they are interested in is ensuring that your business is never stagnant.  

#10. Airtasker

With Airtasker, you will be able to find the best business plan services that can help you create a sound description of your business plans and goals. Their professional help will also cover all business advice and consultations that you may need along the road.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Business Plan Written UK?

The total estimated cost of writing a professional business plan in the UK can range from £500 to £3,000. Hence, you should remember that this cost is mostly affected by the size, complexity, and quality of the project the consultant is working on. If you run a big corporation, your business plan will be complex, and the requirements might also be vast. With this, you will either be charged lower or higher depending on the type of business.   

What Does a Small Business Consultant Do?

A small business consultant specifically focuses on small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop unique business plans for their corporation. A small business consultant also gives advice on problems, plans, or development skills to the new startup. Most of the time, they also tend to produce resources that would improve the corporations’ performance. 

Who Can Write me a Business Plan?

If you need help with your business plan, you can hire a business plan consultant to help you write one. At businessyield consult, we specialise in helping any form of corporation construct a plan that would unleash their business ideas. You can reach out here to get started. 

Can You Pay Someone to Make You a Business Plan?

Yes, you can pay a professional consultant to write a business plan for you. Meanwhile, while selecting a business plan writer, you should focus more on their degree and in-depth knowledge of the production of a business plan. Look at qualifications, past work and reviews from their past clients to perceive if it blends with your taste. 

Final Thoughts

Using one of these best business plan consultants in the UK will provide you with a professional business plan that will yield massive returns within a relatively small amount of time. But to do this, you need to pay quality attention while selecting a business plan consultant. You should be able to relate to him/her at any level while explaining what you want. Your consultant should also be capable of delivering solid feedback. Using the provided list, you will be able to find one that best works for you. 


How are Businessyield business plan consultants different?

Businessyield Consult has proven to be one of the best business plan consultants in the UK because we match our clients with expert talent that is capable of producing a professional plan. You will get to work and communicate hand in hand with these experts till the end result corresponds to your specific business needs. 

Are business consultants worth the money?

Aside from saving you the stress of creating a business plan, a business plan consultant is also in the best position to identify new opportunities for your business. How? By finding new clients, contributing to already existing ideas and also optimising your marketing plans. They can also have an external view on how to tackle a problem since it’s their area of speciality. 

When should you engage a consultant?

You can hire a consultant when you need help creating a business plan or when you need an extra opinion on an important operation. If you also feel that you lack in-house expertise or need help with the restructuring of the business and operations infrastructure, then get yourself a consultant.

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