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As much as we do not want a breakdown, it is something we face and therefore, have to deal with it. Tesco bank teamed up with RAC to provide breakdow policy that takes care of your vehicle anywhere in UK and Europe. How does the Tesco car insurance breakdown cover work for UK and European policy users? Let’s find out!!!

Tesco Breakdown Cover

No one ever wants a breakdown in the middle of the road. But then, whether we like it or not, things like this happen and often too. How then do you protect yourself from the disappointment that comes with a breakdown when it occurs?  Well, let’s find out

RAC provides Tesco car breakdown cover, so you rest assured that you won’t be sacrificing quality in the process of saving money. With the Tesco breakdown cover, you need not worry over a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

Why? Because Tesco breakdown cover will ensure your car is repaired on the roadside or transported to the nearby garage. It also cover ost expenses that comes with it such as inspection fee, repairs fees, windown break-in and so on.

Types Of Tesco Breakdown Cover

The following are the different types of Tesco breakdown cover available to the public.

#1. UK Roadside cover

The Tesco car breakdown Uk roadside cover takes care of any breakdown along the roadside. Rac patrols will be sent to you immediately your policy is verified.Your car will be repired at the roadside but there are cases when it cannot be repaired at the roadside or within a reasonabke time frame. In such situation, the team will move the car and up to 8 persons to any destination 10 miles away from scence withi the UK. Also, labour cost at the roadside is covered.

What the Tesco UK Roadside Car Breakdown Does Not Cover
  • Any breakdown that regular servicing would have prevented.
  • Cost of regular serving of car
  • Any labour aside the roadside
  • Replacement of tyres or windows
  • Any issues related to key lock
  • Any breakdown within 1/4 miles from your home
  • Breakdown resulting from contaminated fuels
  • Cost of fuel or other supplies
  • Cost of transporting animals and the cost of towing overloaded vehicle

#2. UK Roadside and at Home Cover

At home cover is an inclusion on the roadside cover. The major addition is that it include breakdown 1/4 miles away from home or any plac where you usually pack the car.

What the Tesco UK Roadside At Home Car Breakdown Does Not Cover
  • Recovery of vehicle
  • Any service within 24hours of purchasing policy
  • Reimbursement of mone spent on taxi
  • The rectifying of faile repairs
  • Any breakdown that regular servicing would have prevented.
  • Cost of regular serving of car
  • Any labour aside the roadside
  • Replacement of tyres or windows
  • Any issues related to key lock
  • Breakdown resulting from contaminated fuels
  • Cost of fuel or other suppliesCost of transporting animals and the cost of towing overloaded vehicle

#3. Uk Roadside,Recovery, At Home Cover and Onward Travel

The uk roadside recovery, at home and onward travel is also an inclusion on the UK roadside ans At home cover. In addition to the above, the onward travel will convey you to your destinatination if for medical purposes you are unable to drive to tyour destination. It provides the same help as UK Roadside and At Home coverage, plus recovery for up to 7 persons and your vehicle to your desired location. If you want an additional vehicle for onward travel, all drivers must be at least 21 years old, and the vehicle must be accessible for a minimum of 24 hours.

What the Tesco UK Roadside At Home and Onward Travel Car Breakdown Does Not Cover
  • Second Recovery
  • Any service within 24hours of purchasing policy
  • Reimbursement of mone spent on taxi
  • The rectifying of faile repairs
  • Any breakdown that regular servicing would have prevented.
  • Cost of regular serving of car
  • Any labour aside the roadside
  • Replacement of tyres or windows
  • Any issues related to key lock
  • Breakdown resulting from contaminated fuelsCost of fuel or other suppliesCost of transporting animals and the cost of towing overloaded vehicle
  • Incident with car hire

Onward Travel Benefits

In the event of a breakdown, the onward travel have three alternative plans for you.

  • Replacement car hire
  • Hotel accomodation
  • Alternative transort cost

In addition,there is a medical cover for any member of the vehicle that need medical attention. The other members of the team are logde in a hotel and the cost of ambulance is also covered. Each person is entitled to £50 up to £300.

#4. Tesco European and Uk Roadside,Recovery, At Home and Onward Travel Breakdown Cover

The Tesco European breakdown cover protect your automobile in Europe or while traveling between your home and Europe in cases of breakown. Your vehicle will be repaired on the side of the road by a contractor or recovered to a local garage for repair, or you and up to 7 people will be recovered to your planned destination if this is not possible. This provides coverage for European breakdown claims up to £2,500 per policy year. Although an infinite number of journeys are covered, each one can last up to 90 days as long as the outbound and return dates are inside the policy period.

Tesco Finest Breakdown Cover

The Tesco finest cover includes everything you will need to protect your car from almost any breakdown scenario. This package combines roadside assistance, national recovery and at-home assistance into a single breakdown cover policy. It also includes onward travel, which assists you in continuing your journey or covering the cost of a hotel in case you need to wait while the repairs are ongoing.

Tesco Car Breakdown Cover

These are the two coverages that Tesco provides in cases of European breakdown

Tesco Value Breakdown Cover

The Tesco value breakdown cover will ensure that your car gets repaired when it breakdown on the roadside.  Furthermore, you only get to pay less than at the roadside or recovered £30. 

Tesco Car Insurance Breakdown Cover

Generally, Tesco provides two types of car insurance. The first is for people from the age of 21 and above while the second is for people between the age of 17 and 35. The latter is also known as a black box while the first is standard insurance. Furthermore, the Tesco car insurance allows you to add extra policy coverages that suit your taste such as the breakdown insurance in Europe.

What Does The Tesco Car Insurance Breakdown Cover?

The Tesco car insurance breakdown cover policies include a courtesy car, medical expenditures, aa well as coverage while travelling abroad, to name a few benefits. If you want to add key and breakdown coverage, you can do so as an optional extra.

The Black Box

Well, not everyone loves the rollercoaster kind of driving, yeah really. While some drivers are ecstatic about the next big thing and speed, some love driving the cool gentle guy manner. The black box car insurance is specifically for drivers that prioritize safe driving. These may be young, novice and inexperienced drivers.  The black box is a data-gathering device that is installed in your automobile and monitors your driving habit.

Key Features of The Black Box Insurance

Select Your Ideal Miles

The black box allows its users to select their ideal mile. This depends on how much driving you do. You  can option for a 6,000, 8,000, or 10,000 mile policy. However, if you purchase a policy as an inexperienced driver, you can contact Tesco to purchase more miles

Assess Your Driving Online

A portal will be opened for you when you choose the black box.  You will gain access to your online portal when you buy the Box Insurance coverage. The portals enable you to know and assess your progress.   You’ll be able to check a variety of items on your gateway, including how many miles you’ve used and whether or not you need to purchase extra miles.

Warning Though: Remember there is a box stuck in your car, this simply means your distance is monitored and your subscription will be cancelled if you keep driving extra miles without buying new miles. 

Get Reward For Safe Driving

Every month, you can earn up to 100 Bonus Miles. Tesco will reward you based on how safe your driving and speed is. You can get up to 100 miles monthly.

Warning Alert

Now the accident is one of the things that makes the Tesco brand unique. The black box has a unique safety feature, the box can detect any significant impact on the car and alert the company. These in turn reach out to ensure you have not been hurt in any way.


The box has a tracking device and this can be used to track your car incases of robbery.

Benefits Of the Tesco Black Box insurance

  • Drivers who prioritize safe driving reduce their premiums. 
    Finally, ensure you go through the policy before purchasing it to ensure you like the package.
  • Earn a no-claims bonus for each year you go without filing a claim.
  • Discount for Tesco Clubcard membership
  • For safe driving, you can earn up to 100 bonus miles per month.

Standard Tesco Car Insurance

The Standard insurance for cars is specifically for drivers age 21 and above.

Benefits Of Standard Car Insurance

  • Access to Uk based accident helpline 24/7
  • Discount for Tesco Clubcard members
  • Manage your policy online
  • Protect against accidents caused by uninsured drivers
  • Covers any car entertainment such as stereo
  • Get up to 90 days coverage when you travel to any EU country.

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Tesco Car Breakdown Cover Does Not Include;

  • Breakdown resulting from traffic accient, vandalism, fire or theft.
  • Vehicles that are not roadworthy or fit for the journey before breakdown
  • Any breakdown that is the resultant effect of sporting activities.
  • The cost of transporting or accomodating your animal
  • Breakdown at any vehicle reapir premise
  • Breakdown caused by overloading your vehicle
  • Any expenses above claim limits
  • The cost of a lock smith in the event of a any key related issues
  • Cost of servicing your car
  • Any breakdown caused by frost damages, rust or corrosion

Tesco Car Breakdown Cover Uk

For car owners in the UK, Tesco breakdown cover only applys to vehicles that are registered with vehicle licensing agency in the UK.

Getting Help When Breakdown Occurs

It is paramount to keep your policy number and vehicle registration number handy. You can write it on a booklet and stuck it somewhere in your vehicle because, you need to get help from Tesco breakdown cover.

Then proceed to contact RAc on 0800000301 if yoiue are in the UK.

Tesco European Breakdown Cover

The Tesco European breakdown cover provides coverages for you when your vehicle breakdown while travelling out or coming into the UK. It provides up to £800 for a self-drive car. However, this is possible only after RAC confirms your vehicle will not be available for use within 24 hours. Another thrilling feature of the European breakdown cover is that irrespective of the number of times you travel outside the UK, you are protected for up to 90 days.

Tesco car breakdown provides extra European benefits such as passenger repatriation, temporary vehicle access, and lodging assistance. Furthermore, both zones have the same Tesco Car Cover policy, which includes roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, and spare part dispatch.

Payment in Cases Of The Tesco Breakdown Cover

Towing of vehicle

The European breakdown cover takes care of the cost of towing the vehicle from the roadside to the nearest garage for repairs.

Storage Charge

The storage charges are paid on your behave while the repairs are ongoing.


The cost of changing car wheels are equally covered bujt this does not include the cost of a new tyre.

Labour Charges

The cost of labour repairs, as well as inspection fees, are covered.

Choose To Continue The Journey Or Go Home

With Tesco cover, you are free to either go home or choose to continue the Journey.

Vehicle Break-in and Emergency Repairs

The Tesco European breakdown provides up to £175 for break-in damages. Although, you have to contact the police and get a report before claims.

Spare Part

Just in case needed to fix the car is not available within a country, Tesco’s breakdown policy covers the freight and transportation cost of getting the new part.

What The Tesco European Car Breakdown Cover Does Not Include

The following are some of the payments that Tesco’s breakdown is not reliable for;

Uneconomical Repairs

Uneconomical repairs are costs that are not eligible for claims. Some of these include fire, flood, traffic accidents.

Cost Not Relevant Or Traceble to Repairs

Any costs that are not relevant or traceable to the company resuming its journey in the UK.


Tesco car insurance and breakdown cover offers great opportunity for policy holders to continue with their journey even after experiencing a breakdown. Further, it is one of the best Breakdown cover insurance policy available in the UK.

FAQs On Tesco Breakdown Cover

Can I add breakdown cover to my Tesco car insurance?

Who is my breakdown cover with? Your Tesco Bank breakdown cover is provided by RAC. Can I add breakdown cover midterm? Yes, this can be added via Your Insurance Account.

How do I find my Tesco car insurance policy number?

You can find your policy number on any emails we send you or on the top right hand corner of your policy schedule. You’lll need this number to register for Your Insurance Account, and you may be asked for this when retrieving your username.

What number do I ring for RAC breakdown?

Alternatively, please call our Membership team on 0330 159 0739 . They’ll take a few details from you and be able to help straight away

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