BENEFITS OF A BUSINESS PLAN: Benefits and Drawbacks

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A good business plan can be said to be a road map to success, outlining all parts of your company, from marketing and finance to operations, products, services, and people, as well as how you will outperform your competitor. However, does the thought of writing your first business plan seem intimidating? Well, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs deal with this crucial phase of starting a business. This article will outline and explain the benefits and drawbacks of writing a business plan for you as an entrepreneur.

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Benefits of a Business Plan

A business plan can assist you in determining the profitability of a  business before putting too much time or money into it if you are thinking of starting one. It also includes information on the procedures to take, the resources needed to achieve your business objectives, and a schedule for potential results. The style and content of a business plan can vary significantly. 

You’ll be reactive rather than proactive if you don’t have a business plan, and growth will be much more difficult. More importantly, the lack of a business plan would discourage potential investors and creditors, making it incredibly difficult to raise funds. Finally, if you don’t have a business plan, you won’t have anything to fall back on if things don’t go your way, so even a minor problem might quickly escalate.

If you’re starting a business, there are a couple of things that come first, including; registration of your business name, getting a tax ID, choosing a business structure, applying for the necessary permissions and licenses, and so on. For example, let’s say you need to start up a jewelry business. These and more are what you’d have to consider. However, just to take the stress off your plate, we already have a comprehensive jewelry business plan with a 3-year financial projection in place. All you’d need at this point is a business name.

So, what can a good business plan help you achieve?  Here are six benefits of writing a business plan:

#1. You Gain an Understanding of Your Market

Knowing how to conduct a market analysis is one of the benefits of writing a business plan. You examine your industry, target market, and rivals when conducting this research. You can spot patterns in decisions that may benefit or hurt your business.

One of the benefits of writing a business plan is the ability to learn from other people’s mistakes. Learning from the mistakes of others takes less time and money than learning from your own mistakes. The better prepared you are to cope with the many components of your market, the easier it will be to deal with problems later on.

#2. Evaluate Risk

A business plan can also assist you in evaluating the risks involved with your business. To avoid failure, you must first identify and manage risks. A business plan will require you to consider the risks you’re taking and decide whether they’re worth taking or if you should change your plan.

#3. You Can Get Outside Funding

A business plan is required to obtain funds from lenders or investors. Lenders want to know they’re putting their money into a business that will stay and flourish. You must present a business plan to lenders that outlines the steps you will follow as a business owner. It’s a good idea to structure your ideas, even if your lenders are friends and relatives.

A business plan aids others in comprehending your passion and determining where their money will be spent. Clearly communicating your ideas to investors can help you demonstrate that you can get your business off the ground and grow it. You’ll also need to know how to construct a business plan’s exit strategy. A successful business is useless to your investors if they can’t get their money back at some point.

#4. You Can Check the Financial Numbers

Financial estimates for your organization are included in business plans. While the forecasts aren’t a look into the future, they do reflect a prediction of your financial situation. It will be critical to plan for expenses in order to keep operations running smoothly. Cash flow estimates allow you to understand if your objectives are realistic. They also point out patterns that could be detrimental to your company. The quicker you recognize potential problems, the faster you can fix them.

Make sure your estimates are in line with your expectations. Have you set aside sufficient funds to complete the job at hand? Check your figures again to make sure you’re ready to handle your finances in the future.

#5. You Focus Your Strategies

The entrepreneur in you is itching to get started right away. A business plan, on the other hand, can assist you in determining the ideal methods for your business. Work on all the crucial aspects before venturing into ownership.

This benefit of a business plan also aids in work prioritization. You can determine which difficulties to handle first by examining the big vision of your business. A business plan might also assist you in deciding which activities to tackle later.

#6. It Will Help You Steer Your Business as You Start and Grow

Consider a business plan to be a GPS to get your business up and running. Another one of the benefits of writing a good business plan is that it will walk you through each step of beginning and running a business. Your business plan will serve as a road map for how to establish, run, and grow your new business. It’s a technique to think about and outline all of the important aspects of how your business will operate.

Drawbacks of a Business Plan

A business plan has its own benefits and drawbacks, one of which is the stress involved in putting together all you need. So, as an entrepreneur, you’d always need to talk to a professional to make it easier for you to write a business plan.

And guess what? We have a team here at BusinessYield Consult to provide you with the necessary information you’d need starting out.

Meanwhile, here are other drawbacks you need to consider in writing a business plan:

#1. A Great Business Plan Requires Great Implementation Practices

Many businesses make a plan that sits on a bookshelf or on a storage device since it was created for one specific reason: to raise funds. A great business plan should become an inherent part of the organization once it has allocated particular responsibilities to specific job categories and laid the groundwork for data collection and metric production. Unfortunately, over the years, bad implementation has ruined many outstanding business plans.

#2. A Business Plan Can Turn Out to Be Inaccurate

Involving the “proper” people in the business planning process is critical. These are the people who will have an impact on the long-term plan of your business. Most business owners believe they can avoid these drawbacks by writing their own business plan, but this takes skill in a variety of sectors to be effective. For the greatest possible business plan, a diverse variety of perspectives and input is normally required, because otherwise, blind spots of inaccuracy can lead to plenty of unforeseen effects.

This basically means you’d need professionals like BusinessYield Consult for more optimal results.

#3. It Creates an Environment of False Certainty

It’s crucial to remember that a business plan is nothing more than a forecast based on current plans and data. We live in an ever-changing world where nothing is guaranteed. If a business plan has too much predictability, it may be unable to adjust to the changes that the world forces upon it. It might cause a business to miss out on an intriguing new opportunity because they are so focused on achieving one particular objective.

The benefits and drawbacks of a business plan illustrate that it is an important component of a good business but a thorough plan may not be required in all situations. The purpose of a business plan should be apparent to assess the current in order to make the best prediction of future results.  You’ll be able to boost your chances of success if you can plan for disruptions as well. For example, if you want to start a car detailing business and you feel there might be a disruption or crisis, in the long run, a good business plan can help you fix any issues. But either way, you may also need to speak with professionals to help you out.

Benefits of a Business Plan for an Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur needs a business to build and develop their business. A business plan comes with a lot of benefits for you as an entrepreneur.

Here are some of the benefits of a business plan for an entrepreneur:

  • Provides guidance for opening new or expanding existing business /adaptability
  • It acts as a management tool for the business/monitoring tool / identifies strengths
  • It’s a tool for evaluating business performance
  • It lays the strategy to be used in marketing the products
  • Facilitates acquisition of loans from financial institutions and other financiers


The benefits of a business plan are more than the drawbacks and you can see why it is necessary for you to get a business plan as soon as possible. It is compulsory for you to know the benefits and drawbacks of a business plan so as to know how to fix things right in your business plan as an entrepreneur.


What is the main purpose of a business plan?

The main purpose of a Business Plan is to evaluate, characterize, and analyze a business opportunity or an existing business, as well as to assess its technological, economic, and financial viability.

What needs to be in a business plan?

An executive overview, products and services, marketing strategy and analysis, financial planning, and a budget should all be included in a good business plan.

Who reads a business plan and what information are they looking for?

It’s the lenders. A financial institution will want to examine a well-written business plan before approving a business loan. This assists the lender in determining whether the business objectives are reasonable and whether you’ve accurately forecasted various expenses and potential earnings.

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