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Are you living in a household with two or more cars? You’ll already be aware of how costly breakdown protection can be for all of them. And no matter how reasonable your plans appear to be, it can still be a demanding expense that you’d rather put towards anything else. This, among other reasons, is why you have to consider and explore the option of a multi-car breakdown insurance policy. In this piece, we’re going to detail all you need to know to find the best and cheapest multi-car breakdown cover provider and the possible available arrangements. Stay connected.

Multi-Car Breakdown Cover

Multi-car breakdown insurance is a sort of breakdown insurance that allows you to insure two or more cars under one policy. It’s beneficial for households and families with many vehicles registered at their addresses. This is because it’s often less expensive and time-consuming than purchasing individual policies for each vehicle.

Multi-car breakdown insurance allows you to cover many cars (typically up to five) under one policy, saving time and money. However, all of these cars must be registered at the same address. This is to be considered for multi-car coverage, but they do not have to be owned by the same person.

Whilst multi-car breakdown insurance ensures that you and your family are all covered at a lesser rate. Most car insurance companies will only consider multi-vehicle coverage for family members or those who live at the same address as the primary policyholder. Some insurers. On the other hand, may consider covering the vehicles of children who are away at university.

Types of Multi-Car Breakdown Cover

Multi-car breakdown insurance comes in a variety of forms. However,  just like with normal breakdown insurance, you have two types of coverage and claim options:

Insurance breakdown cover

In this type of insurance, you will pay in advance for the services you need and then claim back through your insurer, usually with an excess cost.

Traditional breakdown cover

Depending on the type of policy arrangement you have, the amount you pay annually for your coverage will cover your breakdown costs either in part or in full.

What is covered under multi-car breakdown insurance?

What you are insured for, as with ordinary breakdown coverage, is determined by the offer you accept and the conditions of the contract. When purchasing a multi-car breakdown policy, keep the following points in mind:

#1. Vehicle/national recovery

This level of cover allows you to choose a location throughout the Uk to have your car hauled to if it can’t be mended on the roadside.

#2. Roadside assistance

This happens to be the most basic level of cover. If you need roadside assistance, your insurance provider will send a mobile mechanic to you if your car breaks down during your journey. If your car can’t be fixed right away, the insurer will arrange for it to be sent to the nearest garage.

#3. At-home recovery

Otherwise known as “home start”. It provides you assistance if your car breaks down at home or within 100 meters of your address. A mechanic will be dispatched to your home if your car fails to start. In addition, If your car needs more or additional repairs, some insurance companies may give you a courtesy vehicle.

#4. Onward journey.

If your car can’t be fixed at the roadside, this will allow you to continue your journey and get to your destination. You might be compensated for a courtesy car. And also the expense of an overnight hotel stay or public transportation.

#5. EU recovery

In a situation whereby you’re driving in Europe (in the EU) on a holiday or vacation and require breakdown assistance. This policy will cover you for the duration of your trip.

In most situations, the coverage you choose will apply to all cars on the multi-car policy, as long as they meet the terms and conditions.

Likewise, all available breakdown service providers provide a 24-hour emergency helpline and breakdown assistance 365 days a year.

Extra coverage

Depending on your needs, there is additional coverage as well that you can include as part of your insurance. These are some of them:

#1. Key replacement

If one of your sets of keys is lost, damaged, or stolen, some standard breakdown policies will provide you coverage.

#2. Fuel cover

 if you fill up your car with the wrong sort of fuel and as a result, it breaks down, you will require this specific cover to cover you.

#3. Special vehicles

If you have a caravan or trailer hitched to one of your vehicles, or if you own a van or motorcycle, you’ll need special coverage. Importantly, always check with your insurance provider before you travel.

How much does multi-car breakdown cover cost?

The cost of a multi-car breakdown protection policy is determined by the number of automobiles you add to the policy. However, you can save money by doing so rather than buying a single policy for each of your vehicles. Let’s assume the average premium for a two-vehicle multi-car breakdown coverage is £60.96. While, two individual automobile policies would cost an average of £37.60 each, totaling £75.20.

Aside from the number of automobiles on your policy, the price of multi-car breakdown insurance may also rest on:

  • The amount of coverage you purchase, as more comprehensive insurance. Such may include onward travel or at-home breakdown, provides a better degree of coverage at a higher cost.
  • Additional policies, like coverage for things like improper fuel or driving in Europe, might increase your premium costs.

 Best Multi-Car Breakdown Cover

Are you ready to shop around for multi-car breakdown insurance and find the best deal for you and your family?

In the inexpensive breakdown cover list below, you’ll discover a list of the best multi-car breakdown cover provider. And at the same time, all the information you need to figure out the best car breakdown cover policies that are specifically right for your needs.

However, what are the best 10 options?

#1. Admiral

As rated by Defaqto, Admiral is a five-star car breakdown cover provider and an award-winning company for six years in a row. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive and third-party policies at an average price of £44.95 per year. However, you can pay for it annually or monthly. There is also a range of optional extras available to add to your policy. This includes a windscreen cover, courtesy car cover, and breakdown cover in Europe for up to 90 days. Likewise, you get personal injury cover available up to a limit of £5,000. And as well named drivers earning their own no-claims discounts.

Additionally, in the opinion of the policy, you can make a claim anytime by contacting the 24-hour emergency call line. And you also have access to several available Multi-car discounts. Subsequently, this is why the customer service team holds a 98% customer satisfaction rating. And this best car breakdown cover provider which has sold over 15 million policies to UK drivers over the last 25 years of service. All your personal and financial information is secured and protected online using state-of-the-art technology.

#2. AA

This breakdown cover provider offers fast recovery times usually averaging around the 40-minute mark. At the same time, it provides cashback deals on vehicle-only breakdown cover plans. Likewise, multiple versions of their breakdown cover policies are available (premium packages, etc.) at an average price of £169 per year. Furthermore, Contracts are always annual and last 12 months with a one-off payment or monthly payment policy. And you can always add another personal cover person or driver to your plan for an extra £10 per year.

However, policies offered by one of the most well-known breakdown cover providers in the UK offer customer and support call lines open 24/7. Also, thousands of discount opportunities in up to 1,300 restaurants, pubs, and service stations. While onward travel means the recovery team will take you to any single destination in the UK. AA also offers access to a free dedicated recovery app you can plug into your car to help determine the fault of your vehicle.

#3. RAC Insurance

RAC offers 12-month policies with a one-off payment offer fast callout times, usually reaching your vehicle in need in around half an hour. This is at an average price of £170 per year. Their policy also allows upgrades to personal cover plans if you need European breakdown cover. In addition, each policy covers you if you break down at home, or on the roadside, and can tow you to wherever you were going. And  as well have multiple versions of their breakdown cover policies available all time (premium packages, etc.)

Furthermore, with RAC, Policies can be brought on a per-vehicle basis, or per named driver. And also offer plenty of moneyback and cashback discounts depending on when you take out the policy. Policies offered are by one of the most well-known breakdown cover providers in the UK. Where you can include up to five family members on a single policy not to mention including up to three unique vehicles per policy.

#4. AutoAid

All automated policies include home breakdown starts as standard to a limit of £65 per call-out. And a personal cover allowing you to drive any eligible vehicle you own or are insured on. Also, this policy allows you free cover to add your partner or spouse as long as you can prove the relationship. Likewise, they provide affordable policies that have the backing of hundreds of positive breakdown cover reviews from drivers and households across the country. 

Similarly, they offer European breakdown cover available on a separate dedicated policy and fast average callout times of around 40 minutes. All these at an average price of £60 per year.

#5. Emergency Assist Limited

This breakdown cover provider doesn’t offer any form of personal coverage plan. However, plans include roadside assistance, national recovery, onward travel, and home start features. Also, you can add any driver to your policy, regardless of age or driving experience. The company holds over 5,000 positive customer reviews from drivers across the UK.

In the meantime, Emergency Assist Ltd. covers you no matter where you are their policy covers the entire UK. While also offers a free towing feature for caravans and trailers and as well allows you to use up to six callouts per membership term (annually) at £33 per vehicle.

#6. GEM Motoring Assist

GEM only offers personal cover plans you can add per person to your policy and no individual vehicle plans are available. However, all policies include Roadside assistance, national recovery, onward travel, as well as home start features, and the cover offered is backed by a five-star Defaqto rating.

In addition, as an award-winning service provider voted the ‘Best Breakdown Cover Gold’ in Auto Express’s 2018 survey and best breakdown cover 2019. They offer access to 24/7 breakdown and customer support call centers. And you gain exclusive discounts, offers, and premium reductions using the club membership scheme. Their price stands at an average of £96.66 per person.


This provider at an average price of £29.99 per year offers dedicated policies available for those under the 50s and over 50s. Also, all repairs claimed to come with a three-year warranty, even if your policy has expired. Likewise, fully comprehensive and third-party policies are available, all of which are in order to suit your needs.

However, this provider only uses Uk-based call centers open 24 hours a day and offers European driving cover as an extra for 60 days. At the same time, a range of optional policy extras is available, including legal cost cover, courtesy car cover, audio equipment cover, stereo cover, and windscreen cover.

#8. Diamond

This is a car insurance provider tailored and designed with women drivers in mind. Offers bespoke optional extras offered, such as child seat cover, and handbag cover while you can add your partner to your policy as a named driver. However, you can pay for your policy annually or monthly at an average price of £44.95 per year. And also get a free 90-day European driving cover available as a standard feature.

In addition, this company is an expert in handling claims and queries quickly and efficiently. Provide named drivers with the opportunity to earn their no-claims discounts on your policy

Furthermore, they offer access to a 24-hour emergency claims line which is there whenever you need them. At the same time, you can add standard optional extras to your policy, including breakdown cover, personal injury cover, hire car cover, and motor legal protection

#9. Elephant

This is another breakdown cover provider that offers plenty of optional extras to add to your policy, including courtesy car cover, sports equipment cover, and stereo cover up to £1,250 or 15% of the value of your car. Also, named drivers can earn their own no-claims discount while all policies include 90-days of European driving cover for free

In addition, personal injury cover protects you up to a limit of £5,000 as well as windscreen cracks and chip repairs are included in your policy as standard. You can contact or make a claim anytime using the 24-hour emergency line. In addition, breakdown cover, hire vehicle cover, key care cover, motor protection, and personal injury cover are all included as bespoke extras if you want them. All of these at an average price of£44.95 per year.

#10. Eversure

This breakdown cover provider offers full-service cover for any car up to 16 years old for £57.50/yr, via.  Furthermore, This policy gives full-service cover in any car you or your partner drive, or are passengers in. It also gives misfuelling cover. However, Eversure doesn’t have its own recovery fleet that notifies local recovery operators.

Compare Multi-Car Breakdown Cover

Let’s say you have more than one car or you are living with a family with multiple cars at one address; multi-car cover may be a cost-effective solution to your breakdown insurance. However, the table below shows a comparison of breakdown cover from the selected insurance providers to help you understand the differences in service, coverage, optional extras, and reliability.

RAC AAGreen Flag
Rescue Anywhere
Rescue at the roadside and home
 Home Rescue is an optional extra

Rescue Plus & Recovery Plus only
Garage Support
A fault report to let the garage know what’s wrong
        ✔ x
Alternative Transport
So you aren’t left stranded at the garage

Onward Travel is an optional extra
 Recovery Plus package only


How many times can I claim on my multi-car breakdown cover?

The number of callouts you have depends on the level of cover you choose: with Standard, you have a limit of 5 callouts a year. With Advanced and Unlimited, you have unlimited callouts – as long as it’s not for a recurring problem.

Can I pay monthly for multi-car breakdown cover?

Yes, you can pay monthly for multi-car breakdown cover, rather than making a one-off annual payment. All you need to do is select the right option for you when buying your breakdown cover.

Who is the best roadside assistance UK?

1. RAC – 90% Topping the table of our four breakdown providers is the RAC, which posts an impressive set of scores in most areas you assessed the firm on.

Is car breakdown cover worth it?

It may seem counterintuitive, but paying for breakdown cover can save you money in the long term. With a breakdown cover, you wouldn’t have to pay for a mechanic to try to fix your car or for a tow to a garage, but, without cover, getting this emergency assistance could end up being very expensive.

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1. RAC – 90% Topping the table of our four breakdown providers is the RAC, which posts an impressive set of scores in most areas you assessed the firm on.

" } } , { "@type": "Question", "name": "Is car breakdown cover worth it?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "

It may seem counterintuitive, but paying for breakdown cover can save you money in the long term. With a breakdown cover, you wouldn't have to pay for a mechanic to try to fix your car or for a tow to a garage, but, without cover, getting this emergency assistance could end up being very expensive.

" } } ] }
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