how to start a business with no money

Do you wish to know how to start a business with no money or experience, bad credit and no ideas, either online or on-site? I got you. When starting a business, we all think that picking a business idea is the hardest part, but what about lack of funding? How would you even put your business ideas into motion without capital? 

If you wish to know how you can get this done and set your business up in a short period, then read on because this guide will be covering how you can effectively start a business with no money, idea, experience or bad credit, either offline or online. Let’s dive in. 

Few Actions you need to take before the Startup Process

For your new business to stand firmly, even without sufficient funding, there are some factors that you need to practice before starting your new business. They include:

#1. Preserve your Job

The joy that comes with being an entrepreneur is tremendous but that does not mean that you should quit your job to carry on with your business idea. How about you do both till the startup is strong enough to fund your livelihood? It is not advisable to put all eggs in one basket, so it is best to manage both till you let one go. 

#2. Tap Into Free Resources

To be fully grounded in the business you are about to start, you need free, quality business advice. There are low- and no-cost resources that can help you with the basics. You can also get free advice from a mentor because tapping into the knowledge of a business expert individual will set you up on the right foot. 

#3. Create Networks

This is where you will need to find a community of like-minded business people and join them. Through these communities, you will find quality advice and, from people’s experience, you will have a better idea of what to do in any situation. Remember that tapping into their knowledge can be achieved without spending a dime. 

Having known these steps, let’s now analyse how to start how to start a business with no money, idea, experience and bad credit, either offline or online below. 

6 Creative Ways to Start a Business With No Money in 2023

The following steps are vital points that would help you start your business without spending any cash. Let’s analyse them below. 

#1. Specify your Business Idea 

This is the first step to follow when starting a business. To make this process easier, you should try picking a business idea based on your unique talent or skill. You can also reflect on some skills that people have commended you on in the past and try to make a business idea out of them. When you choose a business that you are familiar with, then it will be easier for you to find your way around. Don’t try to follow the crowd, make something unique on your own. Let’s look at some business ideas you can start with no money

  • Sell your services: Since money is out of the equation, you can try selling your skills and knowledge. You can offer services like freelance writing, social media marketing, and virtual assistance, among others. In any case, if you don’t have a strong set of skills, you can invest in cleaning jobs, house or pet sitting, dog walking, and car washing, among others. 
  • Sell handcrafted goods: You can also choose to sell any handcrafted goods you are good at. It can be artwork, crafts, skin care products or even jewellery. 
  • Selling digital products: This is another form of online business you can start with no money. It is when you can create and see with just an internet connection. You can market ebooks, and online courses or use templates that people would find value in.  
  • Drop shipping: This type of business is the least stressful. Simply choose a drop shipping supplier and then market and advertise their products in your online store. Once an order is placed, your e-commerce platform will forward the order to the supplier, and they will package and send it back to the customer. 

#2. Carry Out Market Research

It is also necessary that you carry out a thorough investigation and carry out research on the business idea you choose to settle with. Carrying out this market research will help you understand the overall market landscape and how your business might operate. You can also discover who your competitors are to figure out a more unique strategy to sell your products. Lastly, find out who your ideal customers are, what their pain points are, and how your products will solve their problems. 

#3. Write a Business Plan

Having a business plan is very essential because, since you are not working with enough finances, you need to then keep track of your business to enable you to know the best move to take at all times. Your business plan should include a company overview, market analysis, sales and marketing strategy, operational plan, products and services, and financial plan. Need help writing yours? You can reach out here to get the best business plan for your new startup.

#4. Test your Idea

Since you wish to experience growth and get enough profits over a short period, it is advisable to test your product or services. You can carry out a crowdfunding campaign, and when the customer likes your products, they will come back for more, and from there you will be able to detect their satisfaction with your products. You can also use online platforms to carry out these activities. 

#5. Launch a Website 

Tap into the online world and spread your existence to customers. This organic marketing option is necessary for your business to grow. You can launch a website where you can create blog posts and advertise your products in between them, or even use social media pages to drive traffic to your website and online shops. Using both channels and the right marketing strategies will always make a difference. 

#6. Look for Alternative Funding Options 

At some point in your business’s journey, you may require some funding if you wish to grow. When this happens, you will need to consider some funding options. To get these funds, you can invest in crowdfunding, take loans from friends and family, take small business loans from banks, use capital investors and request small business grants. 

What is the Easiest Business to Start with no Money?

Starting a business with zero funding is highly possible, but this will limit you to some businesses. Some businesses you can start with no cash include blogging, affiliate marketing, social media influencer, podcaster, Ebook author and YouTubers among others. 

Is it Possible to Start a Business with no Money?

Yes, it is possible to start a business with no money or even with a little that you won’t even notice that it’s gone. In this position, you can usually make the best out of an online business. While at it you should be ready to apply ingenuity, hard work, and resourcefulness. Being steady at this will enhance positive results in no time. 

What is the Cheapest Business you can start?

There are some inexpensive businesses you can start and still experience high returns within a short period of time. They are not limited to skilled labour, micro-entrepreneurship, virtual assistance, business consulting and in-home services. 

Which Business is Best for Beginners?

It’s possible that you can start your entrepreneurial dreams with zero ideas or experience. Some businesses that anyone can run without zero experience include photography, tuition classes, home cleaning, food truck business, hobby classes, child care service, freelancers, and dog walking among others.  

Which is the Easiest Business to start?

There are some businesses that require zero to no stress from the planning of the idea to handling the business itself. They are not limited to being an author, designing and selling print-on-demand t-shirts, venturing into drop shipping, selling a service, starting a charity organisation and creating digital products or online courses.

What Unique Business can I Start?

As an entrepreneur, there are some unique businesses that are less rampant and less competitive that you can try out. They include owning a food truck business, engaging in dog walking and pet-sitting businesses, virtual teaching or selling membership to an online course, and being a virtual interior designer. There are other unique businesses you can either do online or offline. 

What are 10 Small Businesses?

The ten small businesses you can venture into include:

  1. Cleaning service
  2. Freelance writing business
  3. Amazon kindle publishing 
  4. Daycare
  5. Pet grooming
  6. Aerial photography
  7. Build and sell themes online.
  8. Blogging
  9. Handmade crafts
  10. Caregiver

What is the Fastest Growing Business?

The fastest-growing business that can earn you a profitable income in today’s world is running convenient-oriented dining services like owning a food truck business or managing food delivery.

What Business Will Grow in 2023?

Out of the numerous kinds of businesses in existence today, there are some businesses that have more tendency of growing and they include wedding businesses, digital events, animal care and services, food delivery, tutoring online and home health care. This does not mean that they are limited to this list, you have other varieties to mention.

Final Thoughts

The truth is that there are so many ways to start a business with no money, an idea, experience, and bad credit, either offline or online. You only need to have the right entrepreneurial mindset that would push you to test new things till you experience growth. Once you explore the options above, then you are good to go. Aside from these, you can also consider applying for grants, that would not require a payback. 


What is the most basic business?

According to recent research and statistics, a sole proprietorship is the easiest and most basic type of business to establish and run by anyone. With a one-man business, you’re entitled to all profits and responsible for all activities that go on in your business. 

How can I make money while I sleep?

There are some businesses that do not require 24/7 supervision before you can make sales. All you need to do is to set them up, do a few reviews, and then sleep. These businesses include webinars; creating ebooks and putting them up for sale online; drop shipping; blogging; affiliate marketing; and a host of others.

How do I get startup ideas?

You can get and develop your startup ideas very easily. All you need to do is pick a business idea from the list we have provided above and then develop it. You can develop it by taking a market survey, designing your mockup, modelling your business, carrying out competitive analysis, and then developing your product. 

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