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comfort insurance reviews

Thinking of a good defensive game plan? Comfort Insurance policy is one.

With Comfort Insurance, you can secure your life and property from theft, damages, or any unforeseen circumstances.

Due to its legality doubts in the minds of people, we decided to make some reviews on Comfort Insurance to ascertain what people think about it.

This article contains Comfort Insurance reviews that’ll help you know if it is worthwhile or not. Do really take your time to get all of it below.

About Motorhome Comfort Insurance

Motorhome insurance is one of the top-notch insurance policies Comfort Insurance Company offers.

This insurance option is to ensure that your motorhome on the road is safe.

Currently, the company partners with Aviva to provide a high level of cover at a considerable price – over 10% of the Aviva motorhome insurance policyholders paid £220 or less for their annual premium.

Understanding that every person and every motorhome is unique, the company aims to offer a whole range of products that will suit you.

This is one of the reasons they’re the leading motorhome insurers in the UK.

What Does Motorhome Insurance Cover?

Just like every other insurance policy, motorhome insurance has its coverage. These are things that distinguish it from others.

Motorhome Replacement:

Comfort Insurance Company replaces the same specification of your motorhome within 3 years if it is stolen or damaged.

Unlimited window and windscreen:

Replaces or repairs your motorhome’s specialist windscreen and windows, whether you’re at home, traveling in the UK, or further afield in Europe.

Car Hire:

The policy offers you a rental car for 24 hours in the event of your vehicle being damaged and immobilized in an accident.

Accident Recovery:

Covers you for the protection and removal of your vehicle to the nearest suitable repairers in the event of an accident.

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What Motorhome Insurance doesn’t cover

Your motorhome insurance coverage may or may not protect you in certain situations. These are some of them:

  • Depreciation, wear and tear, and loss of use
  • When the keys are left in the ignition and the car is stolen, there is a risk of loss or damage.
  • Any accident or damage caused by a driver who does not have the proper license.
  • Tyre damage caused by braking, punctures, cuts, or bursts
  • Domestic animals, moths, vermin, or infestations can cause damage to your vehicle.

Why do you need a motorhome insurance quote?

Here are some of the reasons Comfort Motorhome Insurance is one of the country’s leading specialist motorhome insurance brokers:

  • They have more than 30 years of experience in providing motorhome insurance in the United Kingdom.
  • Their hard work has been recognized, as they have been named What Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year for ten of the last eleven years.
  • Under number 300281, they are completely authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • They are experts on the subject of insurance.
  • Because they place such a high value on it, motorhome insurance customer service is excellent.

How much does it cost to insure a Motorhome?

Comfort motorhome insurance is available for as little as £220, but the cost will vary based on the value of your vehicle and a number of other considerations.

So, if you want to learn how much it might cost to insure your RV, you can get an estimate online. Also, keep in mind that you are insured regardless of how you use your RV.

The employer can make agreements if you use it full-time. They may also arrange coverage if you wish to remodel your RV or build one from the ground up.

How do you get a quote for motorhome insurance?

It’s simple to get a quotation online; all you have to do is choose your vehicle type and supply a few facts, such as its make, mileage, and normal parking location.

After that, you’ll need to provide some personal information, and you’ll have your RV insurance quotation in seconds!

If you’d prefer to speak with a member of their knowledgeable, pleasant team, contact 0208 9840 666, and someone will assist you in creating a quote that is personalized to your needs. That’s all there is to it.

Click here to get a Quote

How do you file a claim on your Motorhome insurance?

Don’t worry if disaster strikes and you need to file a claim on your RV insurance. Simply dial 0800 0280 038 to reach the Comfort claims helpline.

The motorhome insurance claims helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring that you receive the help you require.

You can also have a personal incident manager assigned to you who will be available to assist you.

Note that they will need your vehicle registration number to locate the specifics of your motorhome insurance policy.

What is Campervan insurance?

Campervan insurance is tailored to the needs of campervan owners. This form of coverage, like normal auto insurance, comes in a variety of levels.

Accidental damage, vandalism, theft, fire, flood, and other forms of insured risks are all covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.

At Comfort Insurance, we cover three different types of campervans. We also offer coverage for three different car types.

Here are the categories and styles that we can safeguard.

What are the Different types of Campervan Insurance?

Comfort Insurance offers three types of campervan insurance. These are:

  • Conversions by professionals

This is for vehicle owners who have had a comprehensive, expert update performed on their vehicle by a specialist company.

This sort of campervan cover is made to order and can be customized to match your specific needs.

Autohaus, Camperking, East Neuk, and Vanworx are among the companies that are recognized as professional campervan converters.

  • Insurance for classic campervans

Campervans made before 1992 are covered by classic campervan coverage. Typical insurance contains a year’s worth of fully comprehensive coverage, which protects you from fire, theft, accidental damage, vandalism, and any third-party claims.

It also covers legal costs up to £100,000 and personal belongings up to £1,000, with the option to add ‘agreed value’.

This service is available on all van types, including fixed-roof and high-top campervans.

  • Self-build

If you’ve recently begun a self-build campervan project, you’re probably excited about everything your new vehicle has to offer.

You’ll need specialty insurance, whether you constructed it from the ground up or reinvented a normal vehicle.

What is covered by campervan insurance?

The more comprehensive your policy, like regular home and auto insurance, the better the amount of coverage for your campervan.

When looking for campervan insurance, it’s critical to understand what it entails and what’s it doesn’t. This will ensure that you have the right amount of protection for your needs.

If you get comprehensive campervan insurance coverage, you will be covered for the following:

  • Damage caused by chance
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Any harm or injury you cause to a third party

Campervan insurance also includes all the extras that other insurance companies may overlook in their ordinary policy, such as

  • Personal belongings and effects
  • Awnings
  • Generators
  • Navigational and audio equipment
  • Breakage of windows and windscreens
  • Explosions of gas
  • If your keys or transmitter are stolen, you can get replacement locks.

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What isn’t covered by campervan insurance?

There are specific situations in which your campervan insurance will not protect you. When getting a campervan insurance quote, make sure to double-check that a specific scenario will be covered.

When it comes to filing a claim, this means you won’t face an unexpected and unpleasant surprise.

The following are some of the exclusions from Comfort campervan policies:

  • Depreciation, wear and tear, and loss of use
  • When the keys are left in the ignition and the car is stolen, there is a risk of loss or damage.
  • Any accident or damage caused by a driver who does not have the proper license.
  • Tyre damage caused by braking, punctures, cuts, or bursts
  • Domestic animals, moths, vermin, or infestation damage to the car
  • These are just a few of the campervan insurance exclusions. Please refer to your insurance paperwork for a complete list.

How much does it cost to insure a camper van?

If you’re seeking affordable campervan insurance, getting a quote from Campervan Insurance is a good idea.

The cost of insurance is determined by a number of criteria and assumptions, including the vehicle’s make, model, and age, as well as the age of the primary driver, the amount of time they’ve had their license, and any previous driving offenses.

Costs may vary depending on all of these aspects, so you could get a quotation for as little as £220 or as much as £1,000, depending on your situation and the worth of your campervan.

What additional factors have an impact on insurance premiums?

First, if you own a campervan that is uncommon or distinctive in some way, such as a classic VW Samba, or if you need VW T5 campervan insurance, we can help.

Also, If your campervan is your only mode of transportation and the vehicle you use whenever you’re on the road, the amount you pay may be affected.

If you leave your campervan for weeks at a time and only use it at specific times of the year, you should be able to save money, especially if it’s kept in a garage.

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Requirements for campervan conversion insurance

There are times when you won’t be able to receive a campervan insurance quote right away.

This is because, while certain insurance underwriters provide Campervan Insurance plans, you must provide some information before your quote request can be processed.

This primarily applies to campervan conversions with an engine displacement of 3500 cc or above, bespoke campervan conversions performed by a professional converter, imported Japanese campervans, and self-built/home-built campervans.

The following are some of the requirements:

  • Photographs of your automobile. Four images of your vehicle’s inside and four photos of its outside.
  • A copy of your gas certificate or a copy of your habitation certificate
  • You’ll also need to register your vehicle as a motorcaravan or a van with side windows.
  • If you are unable to register your campervan conversion with the DVLA as a motorcaravan or a van with side windows, we may still consider you for self-build cover.

What are the advantages of Comfort Insurance’s campervan insurance?

The protection you may get when you choose Comfort Insurance for your campervan cover is one of the primary advantages.

Also, personal items, awnings, generators, audio and navigational equipment, child seats, window and windscreen breakage, gas explosions, legal bills, and much more.

In addition, if your keys or transmitter are taken, they will replace your locks.

Other providers may consider these luxuries, but Comfort Insurance considers them necessities for keeping your campervan safe on the road.

How to File a Claim for a Campervan Insurance Policy

This is, for many, the most significant aspect—even more so than the price.

You want to be certain that if something goes wrong, you can submit a claim quickly and easily, regardless of how much you pay for your insurance coverage.

If something goes wrong, you’re covered with a Campervan Insurance policy. So, whether your claim is for an accident, fire, theft, or another type of damage, you may start the process by calling the Comfort claims line at 0800 0280 038 or the claims reporting number listed on your insurance.

You’ll speak with a personal incident manager, who will request as much information as possible from you.

If your campervan has been taken, you should contact the authorities right away. They’ll give you a crime reference number, which you can offer to the insurance company to help speed up the claim process.

Is campervan insurance the same as motorhome insurance?

In a nutshell, no. It’s critical to remember that, despite their many similarities, motorhomes and campervans are not the same thing. There are two major distinctions:

In comparison to motorhomes, campervans are often smaller and more compact. Campervans do not have a separate driving cab from the living space, whereas motorhomes do.

Families who need a van that can comfortably sleep everyone or travelers who spend a lot of time on the road and require more space than a campervan can provide may consider a motorhome.

There are four different types of motorhomes:

  • A-class
  • American RV-style
  • Coach-built
  • Race trucks

Having understood the two major insurance policies Comfort Insurance has, let’s wrap it up by taking a look at some Comfort Insurance reviews from its insurers.

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Comfort Insurance Reviews

Here are what some Comfort insurance customers have to say:

Great service, Chloe was very kind and informative with my options .. a good price for my motorhome. Joy Cawthrone

I have just taken out Motorhome insurance via Chloe who was very professional and helpful. An excellent ambassador for Comfort Insurance. The very competitive premium and added benefits made the decision an easy one.–Ian

Easy to renew, Chloe was quick and efficient checked everything and job done. Been the best price for me 3 yes running.–Dean Leggott

As a new motor homeowner, I found them helpful and professional advice given by Elaine, to be just what we needed. The quote was also excellent and was carefully explained by her.- Jeremy Nobbs


With Comfort Insurance, you can provide financial cover should the unthinkable happen. This will enable you to be secure in the knowledge that your loved one could receive a cash lump sum if the unexpected happens in your absence.

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