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What comes to mind when you hear the word; ‘Ford’? Do you just think of cars? If it’s just cars you have in your head after hearing that, you could be dead wrong. Now that you know that Ford runs an insurance scheme, read further to see what it entails.

The interesting part is that, regardless of what powers your car, it made these insurance plans with you in mind.

About Ford Insurance

Ford Insurance is an Agency that holds itself accountable for overseeing the insurance needs of the residents of the United Kingdom.

Upon its inception in 1910, the staff strength has tripled and by every means possible, it has spread its tentacles from just personal insurance needs to other parts of insurance that you may likely have an interest in.

With over 107 years of expertise in the insurance niche, Ford Insurance has gone out of the ordinary to satisfy its clients with its ideal quotes.

Currently, it is operational in almost all cities within the UK and beyond its shores.

At Ford Insurance, the staff members of the commercial lines have gone through a series of professional training sessions to arm them with the capacity to provide the most intriguing risk management technique that you can think of.

What Types of Insurance Schemes Does Ford Offer?

Indeed, there is a plethora of auto insurance plans you can find handy at Ford Insurance Agency. All you need to do isensure thate you go through their quotes and pick one that fits your individual needs.

Let’s see what some of them are.

Personal Insurance

What else does an individual desire in the products and services of a reliable organization if not the ultimate serenity accompanying the knowledge that you’ve made the right choice?

This and more is what the seasoned experts at Ford promise you but that is only achievable if you show synergy.

Under personal insurance, there are various plans that you can find useful. Here, take a look!

Vehicle Insurance

The choice of the best accident protection inclusion can be herculean, no doubt. But, at Ford, the entire process of securing insurance coverage is as swift as the lightning.

This insurance plan covers; Auto, Motorcycle, ATV, Recreational Vehicle (RV), Boat, Watercraft, Other Recreational Vehicles and, Collector Auto.

This insurance coverage includes but is not limited to the following;

  • Obligation Coverage: This includes guard costs and legal decisions made by outsiders.
  • Crash coverage: The policy covers damage to your car caused by a collision with another vehicle or stationary objects – oof!
  • Clinical instalment inclusion: This proposes to cover clinical expenses associated with an accident, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Individual injury protection (PIP) coverage: This covers the costs of doctor visits and missed payments because of an accident.


When it comes to securing your properties with Ford, you can be confident you’re in the best hands.

Property insurance covers costs from incidents such as fire, robbery, and extreme weather damage.

This insurance coverage includes; your valuables, flood, condo, renters, and homeowners.

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Life Insurance

The whole rationale behind life insurance is maximum protection for the people you love.

This coverage provides an avenue for you to fix up your affines in the cash’s stead value you would have received while assisting them with paying off their debts or other expenses.

This plan keeps you at rest knowing they will be well taken care of after your demise or if you’re financially incapacitated.

Health Insurance

By now, the parlance; ‘health is wealth’ shouldn’t sound so new to you. While the health system is evolving, there is a need for every individual to level up.

However, finding your way through the health insurance quotes can be quite tiring. Well, the team at Ford Insurance Company is there to assist you with writing health insurance policies, dental, eyes, short- and long-term disability plans, etc.

Business Insurance

For businesses and entrepreneurs, Ford Insurance Agency has a wide range of inclusions.

Explore this link to learn more about the different inclusion the Ford team may provide.

Additional Insurance

You’re amazed at how you can also get additional insurance coverage plans. Right?!

Under this insurance, you will find coverages for umbrella, annuities, disabilities, etc.

To know more, you can email

What are the Benefits of Ford Insurance for Cars?

Contrary to your thoughts that ford insurance for vehicles is the same as any other vehicle insurance you can get anywhere, this kind of insurance is solely for your car.

Kindly go through the list below to see the benefits of buying a car insurance plan with Ford.

  • Expert repairs at a Ford Accident Repair Center
  • Guaranteed number of repairs for as long as you remain the owner of your Ford vehicle
  • No fake Ford spare parts and manufacturer-specified glass
  • courtesy car while yours is undergoing repair
  • Round-the-clock customer service help
  • Named Drivers buy a Ford Insurance No Claims Bonus which can be used on any vehicle policy
  • As long as 90 days to drive around in the UK
  • Covers car from unintentional harm, fire and robbery of the battery and charging gears

Ford Company: Insurance Carriers

Did you know Ford has almost 20 insurance carriers?

The reason you have this quality of companies come together is because the intention is to give you an ideal insurance plan.

See the insurance carriers of the Ford Insurance Agency in the list below.

  • The Hartford
  • Travelers
  • CNA Financial
  • Zurich
  • Foremost Insurance Group
  • Patriot Insurance Company
  • Anthem
  • Progressive
  • Acadia Insurance
  • Memic
  • Utica National Insurance Group
  • Aetna

How Do I Make a Claim at Ford Insurance?

If you need to file a claim that requires a matter of urgency, you can either contact your account officer who kick-starts the process and keeps you updated on subsequent steps to take.

Or, you can call the company on 03337777324.

Policy Validation | What Does It Mean?

Before you choose a coverage plan at Ford Insurance Company, they ensure that what you choose is what’s best for you and so, provide you with the support that you need when you need it.

One way to get it right is by contacting you to approve some of your co-ordinates and they expect you will provide them with all information they will need.

It is expedient to remember it is you who has to double-check that you’ve answered all questions rightly before buying a coverage strategy.

Does my Policy Automatically Renew? | Ford Insurance Reviews

Unless you tell us otherwise, Ford Insurance Agency configures all of its techniques to renew automatically. You have the option to cancel scheduled recharging during the duration of the agreement.

If at any point you get a renewal mail and don’t intend to continue, you can contact the Renewals Department to help you with that.

Also, you can also take a peek at your records and charge preferences in MyAccount.

Do I Need to Own a Green Card to Drive in the UK?

Maybe, before now you could have but recently, the UK government has cleared the air that you do not need one to drive in;

  • Countries in the European Union
  • Countries in the European Economic Area
  • Andorra
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Serbia
  • Switzerland

How Much Does Ford Car Insurance Cost?

There is a varying cost for insuring the various models of cars that Ford has but some other factors also affect the cost of the car insurance. They are; location, age, and driving history.

But, it is advisable to compare quotes from the various insurance companies in the UK to find the best rate.

Final Thoughts

I’m pretty sure you can buy whatever policy you think is best for you from Ford Insurance, as all there is to it has been laid bare in this article.

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