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DCL Insurance is the UK’s leading hire and reward insurance company for Minicab, Taxi, and Chauffeur Drivers.

DCL Insurance, founded in 1999, was the first broker to specialize solely in insurance policies for chauffeur drivers. When word got out about the good value insurance that DCL Insurance was providing to the chauffeur industry, and in response to a demand from the minicab industry, the company decided to expand into a minicab and taxi insurance.

DCL Insurance offers the best private hire and public hire insurance to chauffeurs, minicab drivers, and taxi drivers across the country at extremely competitive rates.

In this article, I would be giving you facts about DCL Insurance, then tell you if it is worth it. Keep reading.

Dcl insurance definition

DCL Insurance is the UK’s leading hire and reward insurance provider for chauffeurs, minicab drivers, and taxi drivers.

The Chartered Insurance Institute awarded the company the prestigious Chartered Insurance Broker status as the first broker in the UK specializing in minicab and chauffeur insurance (CII).

Only the best insurance brokers in the UK are granted Chartered status, so when you get a Dcl taxi insurance quote, you know you’re dealing with seasoned pros.

All Chartered Insurance Brokers sign the CII’s Code of Ethics, committing to the highest professional standards in their business dealings. You may also like to read about Tesco travel insurance.

Important of chauffeurs insurance

Chauffeur insurance is intended to cover high-end vehicles that are used to provide a high level of service. Luxury vehicles covered by this type of policy are typically designed by high-end manufacturers to provide maximum space and comfort.

Because chauffeured cars are typically prestigious, expensive, and high-performance, they fall into higher insurance groups. This is frequently offset by the fact that most chauffeurs are cautious, experienced drivers.

Chauffeur insurance allows you to get back on the road as soon as possible while also protecting your business.

Why DCL Insurance is the best

Running an executive hire vehicle as an owner-driver can be expensive, and DCL Insurance understands that the day-to-day running costs of your vehicle can be costly—that’s why having competitive and comprehensive chauffeur insurance is critical to your business.

If you need to replace a high-value executive vehicle without adequate coverage, the cost could have a significant impact on your company’s finances. The guarantee of a fully licensed replacement vehicle is one of the factors that entice many taxi and chauffeur services to insure their vehicles with a specialist chauffeur insurer.

Wedding car hire, corporate travel, airport pickups, and other chauffeured businesses frequently use executive vehicles such as Mercedes, BMWs, Bentleys, and others, emphasizing the importance of having the right insurance policy.

What does DCL Insurance cover?

DCL car insurance is specifically designed for high-value vehicles and the level of service that they provide. So, what exactly is it about?

  • Coverage for high-end prestige vehicles
  • Optional public liability insurance
  • Protection against no-claims bonuses
  • Drivers with confirmed chauffeur and executive driving experience are eligible for discounts.

Is Dcl minicab insurance a good investment

When it comes to driving a high-value executive vehicle, having comprehensive insurance coverage becomes even more important.

Your chauffeur Dcl insurance private hire will not be fully protected against any potential collisions or accidents on the road unless you have a chauffeur or executive hire insurance. Once a policy is in place, drivers and their passengers can rest assured that they and their passengers are safe while making pick-ups and drop-offs.

Dcl taxi insurance quote

DCL Insurance, as an expert chauffeur insurance broker, provides a professional and efficient chauffeur insurance service to executive car hire companies throughout the UK.

With the company the UK claims management centre open 24/7 and knowledgeable claim handlers, you’ll always be able to find help quickly and easily if you need to make a claim.

Call DCL insurance company phone number today at 020 8669 4466 for more information or to get a chauffeur insurance quote. Also, check out how to get Brentacre insurance quote.

What to look out for in your DCL Insurance cover

Driving any vehicle on the road without motor insurance is clearly illegal. However, keep in mind that because your executive car is essentially a commercial vehicle, standard auto insurance is unlikely to provide the coverage you require.

Furthermore, your car is likely to be a high-end, expensive vehicle that would command a high premium if insured under a standard auto policy. Chauffeur insurance, on the other hand, may consider the fact that, as a professional chauffeur, you are likely to be a cautious driver, which can help to offset the risk associated with higher-value vehicles.

With these factors in mind, a chauffeur insurance policy could be critical in protecting your vehicle and your business.

Meanwhile, there are additional risks associated with working as a chauffeur, so it is worth considering additional coverage. These are some examples:

  • Breakdown coveer: insurance designed to help you get back on the road or minimize disruption to your guests’ travels if your vehicle breaks down.
  • Multiple vehicle coverage: If you have two to five vehicles, it may be more time and cost-effective to cover them all under one policy with a single renewal date.

Dcl insurance accident report

As with any insurance, it is critical not only to choose the right chauffeur insurance policy but also the right level of coverage – because under-insurance could leave you facing unexpected expenses if you need to make a claim.

The first step is to consider what could go wrong and what the financial consequences would be in each case.

The next step is to choose the chauffeur insurance that best meets your needs, both in terms of protecting against the major risks you face and paying out enough in the event of a claim to ensure you are not out of pocket.

When reporting an incident to Dcl insurance, it is advantageous to collect and provide as much information as possible, including:

  • An extensive account of the incident, including the location, number of vehicles and persons involved, and the incident circumstances.
  • Third-party information includes: full name, address, contact telephone number, and vehicle registration number.
  • Details of the witness, including his full name, address, and contact telephone number,
  • All vehicles and/or property involved have photographic evidence of damage.

You can make the claims here

Dcl insurance cost

Dcl insurance typically charges the following fees to cover the administration of their insurance (please keep in mind that these may vary depending on the circumstances):

  • Arranging new policies – up to GBP 150 per policy
  • *Mid-term adjustments – GBP 50
  • *Mid-term cancellations – GBP 50
  • Renewals – up to GBP 150 per policy
  • Rejected cheques bank fee – GBP 15
  • Late payment charges – GBP 50
  • Keysurance policies – GBP 23

Generally, insurance policy costs could include:

  • The type and level of coverage you obtain – in general, the more coverage you obtain, the more it will cost.
  • The type of work you do and where you do it – work deemed higher risk by insurers will cost more to cover.
  • Your driving experience, age, and claims history – higher risk drivers typically pay higher premiums.

Please use this form to request a quote from the Dcl insurance customer service.

Dcl insurance customer service

If you are unsure about the type and level of DCL insurance breakdown cover you require, DCL motor insurance is always available to assist.

So, why not go to Dcl insurance login to look at their specialist chauffeur insurance or contact them to discuss your chauffeur insurance needs and receive a quote.

Dcl insurance policy

It is your responsibility to provide insurers with complete and accurate information when you purchase your insurance policy, throughout the life of your policy, and when you renew your insurance.

It is critical that all statements on proposal forms, statements of fact, claim forms, and other documents are complete and accurate.

Dcl insurance cancellation policy

If the agreed premium is not paid in instalments or by direct debit, DCL Insurance reserves the right to cancel the policy on your behalf, with or without the return of the valid cover note or certificate of motor insurance. Before such actions are taken, you will be notified in writing seven (7) days in advance via a recorded delivery letter sent to your last known address. Learn more about the Dcl insurance policy here.


Not all drivers are chauffeurs. Every chauffeur is an excellent driver. A chauffeur possesses a unique combination of personal and professional qualities that make them well-suited to cater to their demanding clientele.

Their vehicle, as well as their personal appearance, will be outstanding. A chauffeur does far more than simply turn the steering wheel in the proper direction. A chauffeur’s people skills are just as important as their driving abilities. The journey is just as significant as the destination.


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