AUTONET VAN INSURANCE: Reviews, Services, And Contact Number.

Autonet van insurance review and phone number

`Insurance was founded in 1998 in Stoke-on-Trent, England, and it was the first chapter in what has since become a very successful insurance narrative. According to Autonet’s website, they have a multi-million-pound revenue and are the UK’s largest independent insurance broker, specializing in business van coverage and products. The company expanded its competence as an insurance broker in 2010 by launching a van insurance pricing comparison portal for self-employed and business customers. Let’s look at the Autonet van insurance review and phone number.

AutoNet also offers HGV, quad-cycle, business, home, travel, pet, and fleet insurance, in addition to van and auto insurance. They also promise to provide consumers with excess protector insurance, which protects the customer’s excess in the event of a claim. Their automobile insurance policies include alternatives for breakdown and legal expense coverage. They can also provide insurance for a limited period of time.

They provide three levels of coverage for automobile insurance:

  • Third-party Participant
  • Theft and Third-Party Fire
  • Comprehensive

Autonet Van Insurance Services

Autonet Insurance Services, situated in Staffordshire, claims to be the UK’s largest independent broker for van insurance, dealing with over 30 of the most popular, reputable, and leading insurance companies, according to its website. Every year, they handle more than 1.2 million calls.

In 2014, they won two awards from the insurance business. Autonet Insurance Services was 2014’s Independent Broker of the Year and got an award for Personal Lines Broker. It was also a finalist in the 2015 UK Broker of the Year category at the British Insurance Awards. Autonet claims to be a multi-award-winning firm, with their philosophy of providing professional and exceptional customer service at the heart of everything they do and the basis for their continuous success.

Autonet Insurance Services is a division of Autonet Insurance Group Ltd. The registered office of Autonet Insurance Group is at Nile Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, UK ST6 2BA. The business is also based in the United Kingdom (3642372). The Financial Conduct Authority has given Autonet Insurance Services permission to operate (firm reference number 308213). The Financial Services Register contains information about it.

Autonet Van Insurance Review

Autonet van Insurance customers review On platforms like Trustpilot, Autonet has a score of 4.2 out of 5 stars. It has both good and bad reviews, see what people are saying here.

Autonet Van Insurance Pros and Drawbacks


  • Works with well-known insurance brands
  • Immediate car cover
  • A choice of available additions to enhance cover
  • Cover for a range of budgets


Your no-claims bonus may still be compromised even if you are not at fault.

Autonet Van Insurance Phone Number

The phone number for customer service as well as sales inquiries for Autonet van Insurance is 03303 438 615.

03303 438 615 is the phone number for Autonet Insurance.

On the car insurance part of Autonet’s website, you will find two customer support phone numbers. There is also a prominent premium rate 0844 number: 08444 930 179. Avoid making any calls to this number, as phone calls to 0844 numbers are charged at 7 pence per minute plus an access charge as defined by your mobile phone operator. Avoid calling their 0844 sales number, which is 0844 4930 178.

Instead, you should utilize the request a callback method or call the local rate number listed on their website: 03303 438 615.

Another viable option is to call their local rate customer service number, which is 03303 438 628. If you have a complaint about your Autonet Car Insurance, call this number. This telephone line is manned between 8 am and 8 pm Monday to Thursday, 8 – 7 on a Friday and also 9 – 5.30 on a Saturday. On Sundays, all Autonet customer service lines are closed.

Autonet Van Insurance Contact Number

Phone Number for Autonet Insurance Claims – 0800 9537 537
The only Autonet Insurance phone number that is free is their 24-hour claims line, which you can call to report an accident. It’s a non-emergency number. Before dialling this number, make an effort to acquire the following information for both yourself and the other party:

  • Addresses and names
  • Car registration numbers, make, and model
  • Your policy number and documents
  • Their insurance numbers and their provider’s name

Cover for a Breakdown

In collaboration with Axa Assistance, Autonet Insurance offers breakdown coverage. The Autonet Insurance website provides a very basic description of the breakdown cover options. Here is a summary of these choices,:

  • £50.95 for roadside assistance
  • £59.95 for roadside assistance and recovery
  • £65.96 for Roadside Assistance + Homestart
  • Breakdown Cover for Europe – £89.95
  • 03303 438 628 – Windscreen Cover

The Autonet Insurance Windscreen Cover phone number is 03303 438 628. If you are unsure, contact your mobile phone operator. Calls to this number should cost the same as calls to a local rate number. Windscreen damage, including cracks and chips caused by stones or vandalism, is covered by Autonet Insurance’s windscreen policy.

Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance – 0330 3438 512

This form of insurance is available for only £40.95. Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance may be reached by calling Autonet Insurance at 0330 3438 512.


Autonet may provide a variety of alternatives and add-ons, ranging from short-term coverage to complete insurance. The majority of customer feedback is positive, with a handful mentioning a terrible experience with prices climbing after an initial quote. According to the company, its agents are “experienced,” which appears to be reflected in consumer comments.

If you’ve read this review and concluded that Autonet car insurance isn’t right for you, you can shop around for other car insurance options.


Is van insurance the same as car insurance?

When getting insurance, you must know if you have a van or a car because van insurance and automobile insurance are two separate sorts of policies. Car insurance will not cover a van, as well as van insurance with not cover a car.

Can you insure a van in a company name?

You’ll need to seek a quote for company van insurance if your vehicle is registered in the name of your limited company and used solely for business reasons. This also means that your van insurance will be in the name of the firm. Employees are frequently required to drive their vehicles while on the job by their employers.

Can I transfer my car insurance to a van?

It’s possible to transfer your No Claims Discount (NCD) from an auto to a van, however, it depends on the provider. Your new van insurance company may require proof of your NCD, as specified on your most recent car policy documentation. In most cases, insurance companies will only accept proof that is less than two years old.

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