LIGHT FINANCE REVIEWS: Definition, Positive And Negative Aspect Of Light Finance

Light Finance Reviews.

Light Finance is a short-term loan, installment loan, and personal loan broker that operates online. Therefore, we are looking at light finance reviews, loans, and whether they are legit or not. So, watch out for it!

Light Finance

As previously said, Light Finance is a short-term loan, installment loan, and personal loan broker that operates online. Moreover, they eliminate the need to seek many different unsecured loan providers by partnering with some of the largest direct lenders; instead, they handle all of the hard work for you by scanning a panel of more than 50 direct lenders and brokers in real-time to provide a speedy loan decision.

In addition, they can assist you if you require a loan for any legal reason. Looking for a new auto loan, or maybe you just need some quick cash to pay bills or an emergency loan for another reason? Whatever your needs are, Light Finance has you covered!

Things you need to know about Light Finance

When you submit an application, our clever loan sourcing engine finds hundreds of short-term loan products and connects you with a suitable direct lender/broker. If we are unable to get you a loan, we may offer you an alternative product, such as a credit card or credit reporting service.

We apologize that we do not provide payday loans or no credit check loans; nonetheless, our short-term loans are an excellent alternative to a standard payday loan (although acceptance is not guaranteed).

Light Finance is a trading name of TFLI (US) INC, an Appointed Representative of TFLI Limited, and a licensed credit broker rather than a lender.


Please keep in mind that no one from Light Finance or any of its financial partners will ever contact you.

Light Finance Reviews

The Light Finance webpage was created several years ago. This is a good indicator, in our opinion. The longer a website survives, the more likely it is to be legitimate. Sadly, the age of the website is no assurance. In certain circumstances, scammers have been discovered purchasing existing domain names and beginning their harmful practices here. As a result, visiting a website is still necessary.

Below are the reviews on light finance according to our research 

Light Finance Reviews 1

‘‘Scam business It’s an organization called TFLI, and they’ll place you in a queue, take your card details, and do everything else they can get to steal your identity and take unauthorized amounts from your bank account’’.

Light Finance Reviews 2

‘‘I went through freedom finance, and then they transferred me to light finance…

The first thing that appeared asked for my sort code and account number!

At all costs, avoid..

It’s all a ruse!

Review 3

‘‘I’ve never contacted them or anybody else for auto financing, but despite banning seven of their phone numbers from contacting and texting me, they’re still texting me. I reported harassment and cold calling to the ICO’’.

Review 4

‘‘NO!! NO!! NO!!

What a load of nonsense! I began the process with them, but then paused and said to myself, “What are you doing, Jon? You must always check Trust Pilot first!” I’m pleased I did because this website is obviously a scam. To give you an idea of how much of a sham it is, consider the following:

So, after conducting my investigation, it was evident to me that this was a website to avoid. But then I reasoned, “Why not?” So I went through the process with completely fictitious facts!

‘You have been accepted for a loan,’ I was told! How? How exactly?!!

So there you have it, If you’ve read my review, please DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE’’.

Review 5

‘‘I had just completed inputting my information when the website crashed. I requested it again, but I chose to read the reviews first. I’m hoping they didn’t collect my information the first time since I’m frightened now.

I tried several times, but they only want to bill you. I’ve never heard Samoane beg for money from them’’.

Review 6

‘‘All day, every day, this is a swindle. Takes your information and then directs you to random third-party scam sites that claim you’ve been accepted for one loan and merely ask for your credit card information. I definitely did not include my credit card information. It requested 12 p.m. I was never going to pay for that nonsense. Anyway, I got an email saying I’d signed up for some security software site that would track my activity. I promptly pressed the unsubscribe button. I wish there was a method to remove my information from this location. It was all given over to them via freedom finance. Don’t believe it’’.

Review 7

‘‘I’ve been cheated before, first by Identity Defender for £29.99 (which I was able to recover), then by Credit Perfect, which I was able to stop before they got any money, and now by “Your Defender” for £12.99, which I can’t find anywhere and so can’t stop it from being stolen. Have you heard of them? I was only looking for a £100 loan, but now my remaining cash for food and other necessities has been completely depleted, and I’m at a loss for what to do’’.

Review 8

‘‘A shady website and business. Allegedly, they assist you in locating a lender and then state that your application has been accepted by one of many or dozens of lenders; nevertheless, you must sign up and subscribe to this service. Was supposed to be a lender, but it turned out to be another broker named CreditPerfect’’.

Review 9

‘‘Be cautious and cautious! There have been numerous complaints from consumers who did not realize they were subscribing to Credit Perfect, believing it was part of their loan application, only to discover money stolen from their bank account every month!’’.

Review 10


‘‘It works like this: you get a message saying, “We have identified a lender.”

You are then asked for your bank information, after which they deduct 14p from your account for a security check.

Following that, they notify you that a monthly price of £39.99 is due.

will be deducted from your account at the end of the trial period

You have the opportunity to cancel within that time frame.

In my case, I wrote an email explaining that I was canceling.

I quickly received an email informing me that “we cannot trace an account with that email address.”

Following a search of Companies House, it was discovered that the

Affinity Technology Solutions is linked to the Identity Defender setup.

Identity Defender used to operate their company from

Manchester, 83 Ducie Street’’.

Is Light Finance Legit?

We believe Light Finance is legit because we discovered only a few symptoms of a scam. The light finance assessment yielded a trust score of 65. This rating was determined by an algorithm based on publicly available information such as WHOIS, the IP address of the server, the company’s location, and whether or not the website has been reported to spam and phishing lists. Although we consider light finance to be medium to low risk, we cannot ensure that it is not a light or bogus website. You should always conduct your own manual verification of the Light Finance website to ensure that it is legit and safe.

Positive aspects

  • Firstly, this webpage is very old.
  • Secondly, the SSL certificate is current (source: Xolphin SSL Check)
  • Thirdly, Trend Micro trusts the Light Finance website, hence, it is believed to be legit.

Negative aspects

  • Firstly, this website has a low Alexa rank, according to Alexa.
  • Secondly, the site has received unfavorable feedback.
  • Finally, this website is not search engine optimized.

Light Fight Loans

Concerning Light Finance Loans

Light Finance loans, marketed as “An Easier Way to Get a Loan,” are the flagship brand of TFLI Ltd., Which operates numerous projects in various financial industries. Aside from loan matching, they have a strong emphasis on consumer debt, with Wise Old Joe being a prominent effort. TFLI, situated in Macclesfield, was founded in 2013, the same year as North West rival Digitonomy. Light’s performance greatly outperforms that of the other group sites. With high visibility in search advertisements, it is evident that a large portion of TFLI’s ad expenditure is focused on, which has grown fast since its introduction in 2018. Their local Alexa rank is now hovering around 40k, putting them among the top 5 loan brokers in 2019.

Light finance’s eye-catching website allows you to apply for loans ranging from £100 to £10,000 with periods ranging from 3 to 60 months. Matching is said to have a 90 percent success rate. What’s odd are the figures they give you for how many quotes they’ve taken on any given day. Furthermore, this has ranged from approximately 7400 to 26,000 on different days. This figure appears to be overstated when compared to a well-established competitor like CashLady, which processes 30,000+ transactions every month. A typical APR of 49.9 percent is headlined with a complete variable range of 9.9 percent to 1698.1 percent, as is common elsewhere. In light of the finance loan privacy area, they do reveal lender information, which is a good touch.


light Finance is a short-term loan, installment loan, and personal loan broker that operates online. Moreover, they eliminate the need to seek many different unsecured loan providers by partnering with some of the largest direct lenders; instead, they handle all of the hard work for you by scanning a panel of more than 50 direct lenders and brokers in real-time to provide a speedy loan decision.

Light Finance FAQ’s

What is private finance loan?

 A private finance loan is a term to describe a loan that is given to an individual or company by a private organization or even a wealthy individual.

What is light finance?

Light Finance is an online loan broker for the short-term loan, installment loan, and personal loan market

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