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Better, faster invoices in the UK  lead to faster payment collection, and a strong, easy and simple free online app will save you time customizing, managing, and automating professional-looking invoice.

But how do you pick the best free invoice app for your company in the UK when there are hundreds of options? In this article, we will list and discuss the best online invoice apps with free plans, how to choose the best invoice app for your business, and why you should use an invoice app for your business.

What Exactly is an Invoice?

An invoice is a document that is issued to consumers or clients to obtain payment for goods or services. An invoice, as opposed to a receipt, is used when goods/services are supplied upfront with payment to follow depending on agreed terms (i.e. 30 days after the invoice is issued).

Typically, the following information is included:

  • The company’s logo
  • Cost breakdown of goods and services
  • Total payable (including or excluding VAT)
  • Account information
  • Instructions for payment (for example, ‘Pay within 30 days’)

Invoices are generally issued via email these days, and the information may be included in the email body or as a separate PDF attachment.

Why Should I Use an Invoicing App?

Invoicing is critical to receiving payment for the work you accomplish. However, manually producing and distributing invoices can be a time-consuming and unpleasant operation. Invoicing apps and software can help with this.

  • Save Time: It saves time by reducing invoicing administration and focusing on revenue generation.
  • Get Paid as Soon as Possible: Automated invoicing and reminder emails are efficient ways to avoid late payments and enhance cash flow.
  • Look Professional: Look professional by using ready-made templates that require only the addition of your company’s information and branding.
  • Gather Insights: By using reporting and integrating with accounting software, you may obtain a better picture of your company’s health and top-paying clients.

The Best Online Invoice Apps With Free Plans in the UK

Consider the following invoice software for your businesses:

#1. Bonsai

  • 30-days free trial
  • Starts at £20 per month billed or £14 per month billed annually.

It is one of the best easy and simple online invoice apps with free plans for creative freelancers in the UK who have relatively simple projects to manage, as it automates many of the duties that individuals dislike.

This easy online invoice app also has capabilities for basic time tracking and spending, which keep things simple and uncomplicated.

It’s used by more than 500,000 self-employed individuals and enterprises and undoubtedly appeals if you want a nicely designed invoicing application which automates many of your activities without any work necessary on your part.

#2. Freshbooks

  • 30-day free trial
  • Starts at £11 per month or £9.90 per month paid annually

Freshbooks is one of the best invoice apps with free plans for business owners of all kinds, including those who subcontract work or have staff to manage. If you’re searching for a more comprehensive invoicing suite with accounting tools, costs, project management, and more.

If you wish to access more features and add team members, the subscription cost will rise, and this can quickly add up. Freshbooks, on the other hand, are worth considering if you want something that can expand your business.

#3. QuickBooks

  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Starting at £8 per month

Quickbooks is another suite for handling all elements of your business finances, with different options for sole proprietors and company directors. So you get invoicing, sales, profit and loss data, and real-time bank feeds to track your money automatically.

The self-employed option allows you to prepare your self-assessment, while the Simple Start package includes VAT checking and submission to HMRC, as well as construction industry taxes.

#4. Zero

  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Starting at £12 per month

Xero, the third of the major business management software centred on invoicing and financial administration, appears to be the most popular recommendation for and by accountants.  

You get everything in one spot, including invoicing, contacts, and accounts, with bank feeds for daily reconciliation, automated invoicing and reporting, and HMRC-compatible submissions, much like with Quickbooks and Freshbooks.

#5. Hectic

  • Unlimited clients on the Free Essentials Plan
  • Paid plans start at £10 per month.

Hectic Essentials, an online invoice app plan designed for freelancers and businesses in the UK is one of the best easy, simple, indefinitely free, has no client limit, and includes invoices, subscriptions, online payments, and more.

Contacts, project management, proposals and contracts, and time monitoring are also included in the free plan, as are apps for iOS and Android smartphones. The Pro premium level includes collaborators to your account, with team members requiring a higher level of subscription.

#6. FreeAgent

  • Free trial period of 30 days
  • Free with Natwest, RBS, Ulster Bank NI, and Mettle business accounts.
  • Paid plans start at £19 per month.

FreeAgent was a smaller, UK-based alternative to the more comprehensive invoicing and financial management suites that was acquired by NatWest Group in 2018. It is now one of the best free available invoice apps if you have a business account with one of the banks listed above.

However, it has enough features and functionality to make it worthwhile to use even if you are a paying subscriber. Customizable templates, online payments, repeating bills, and automatic reminders for late payers are all part of the invoicing process that makes the free online app easy and simple to use.

#8. Wave

  • Free with a fee for online payments

Wave Invoice app, like Hectic, offers free online accounts with limitless income and cost tracking, as well as invoicing; however, you may also add an infinite number of partners, collaborators, or accountants. You can even run many businesses from the same account.

You can also track your income and cash flow using easy accounting tools, which include expenses. The fact that you may give others access to your free account in the invoice app without needing to start paying is probably what makes Waves easy and simple to use.

#9. Invoice Zoho

  • Free

Most financial suites evolved from invoicing tools and apps to include an increasing number of features, whereas Zoho started with CRM and now includes everything from online workplaces and detailed project management to customer service tools and sales and marketing applications.

Within that, Zoho Invoice is provided for free, allowing you to make estimates, manage time and expenses, and create customised invoices, including recurring billings and automated payment reminders.

You may also integrate Zoho Sign digital signatures to avoid forgery or tampering, track mileage and convert expenses to invoices, track projects and time, and include more team members in various allocated roles.  

What Factors Contribute to the Best Free Invoice App?

When it comes to the best free invoice apps, there is no one perfect solution. This is because each firm is unique—a freelance SEO consultant, for example, requires different features than a business coach.

#1. The worth of the Free Plan

Not every free plan is worthwhile. Some “free” programs are lead magnets designed to entice you to join up for a paying plan.

#2. Invoices can be Customised

Branding is what distinguishes your company. Adding brand colours and logos to your invoice further ensures that your invoice is legitimate.

#3. Tools for Reporting

It is critical to understand where your money is going to manage a successful business. Sought invoicing systems with extensive reporting capabilities, so you can know where you are.

#4. Billing regularly

Whether you run a subscription-based business or use retainers, the ability to charge automatically can save you a lot of work. Whenever possible, look for tools that include this feature.

If you just send one or two invoices each month, you may not require all of the bells and whistles of a full platform.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all online payments necessitate the use of a payment gateway—a service that accepts card and bank payments. So, while the invoicing software is free to use, all of the apps require payment processing and transaction fees to collect payments. These fees are deducted automatically from any amount you receive.

How to Select the Best Free Invoice App for Your Company

It’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about the specifics of your organisation and compare your requirements to what each of the off-the-shelf invoice software vendors has to offer. They do not have the same functionality, so make sure you verify.

Initial considerations should include:

#1. Your Invoice Volume Requirements

If you run a large company, you may need to process a huge volume of invoices and will need a system that can handle this. Similarly, you may have a lower total turnover but handle a large volume of lower-value invoices, necessitating the use of a scalable solution. Finally, you may have a high volume of high-value invoices yet produce fewer of them. If these are big projects requiring data from many parts of your firm, you’ll need to make sure your invoice software can handle them.

#2. Speed of Invoice Response

Some businesses have a lightning-fast invoicing process and may require personnel to complete a job or deliver an invoice on the spot to a customer. Others may want to gather charged items at the end of the month and so must collect data throughout a period. Consider how long it takes your company to create each invoice.

#3. Functionality Required

How many employees will require access to invoicing software to perform their duties? Do you require them to generate several invoice formats? Will templates be useful, or will the majority of invoices be easy and quick to generate? Consider the functionality available in addition to the jobs your team is presently accomplishing.

#4. Your Budget

Some invoice processing software is more complex and provides more features and flexibility than others, thus the price will vary. If you need to retain a tight budget, it may be good to divide the features you want into ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’ and carefully analyse the impact of choosing a cheaper solution.

What You Need to Know About Invoicing In The UK

Invoicing standards for UK-based enterprises operating in the UK market must be professional and individualised, with all relevant information such as business name, contact information, and VAT number included. VAT-registered firms must include VAT charges on invoices and file VAT returns with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Other Requirements For Invoices In The UK

When invoicing in the UK, you should include the following items:

  • Business Title
  • Contact information (address, phone number, and email address)
  • A distinct invoice number
  • The invoicing date
  • Name and address of the customer
  • Description of the goods or services offered
  • Each item’s quantity and price
  • Total amount owed
  • Payment terms and deadlines

Where Can I Create Invoices for My Company?

Create professional invoices in minutes with Canva’s free invoice generator. With our industry-specific templates, you may improve your brand and billing procedure.

How Can I Make a Bill for my Small Business?

Recap of invoice-creation tips

  • Include a distinct invoice number.
  • Determine the client and provider.
  • List all of the products and services, together with their costs, and include any necessary taxes.
  • Tell them when payment is due and how to pay.
  • If you have any questions, please include your contact information.

Can I Send an Invoice Even if I am not a Registered Business?

There are no rules for private invoices. In general, an invoice produced by a private individual, rather than in the framework of a trade or professional activity, is not required to conform with requirements. You do not need to contact the tax authorities in advance as a private individual to issue a private invoice.

What Does an Invoice Look Like in the United Kingdom?

Name (or business name) and address. Your VAT identification number. A unique invoice number that follows on from the previous invoice number (if you spoil or cancel a serially numbered invoice, you must save it to demonstrate to a VAT officer at your next VAT inspection).

What is the Most Efficient Way to Send an Invoice Online?

Email is the most common and fastest way to send an invoice to someone. If you created the invoice with invoicing software, you can share the URL immediately from the platform. If your client does not use email or invoicing software, you must print the invoice and mail it.

Who is Required to Submit an E-invoice?

All firms must issue e-invoices following the GSTN’s e-invoice structure. There are mandatory and non-mandatory fields in the schema. All taxpayers must complete mandatory fields.


It can be difficult to select the best invoicing software or accounting software for your company. Some provide a free plan, while others require a monthly subscription. Some of them even include invoice templates. Whatever your requirements are, an app on our list will be an excellent invoicing software option that can assist with payment processing.

There are numerous invoice apps available on the internet. Before selecting an app to operate your business, do your homework. You can also ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations.


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