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best app for invoicing
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Receiving payment is fantastic, but sending bills may be a chore. You must itemise charges, add taxes, track who paid, and pursue nonpaying clients. It takes time and is most likely not why you started your business in the first place. This is where an invoicing app may help.

Invoicing software or an app simplifies the billing process significantly. You may build client profiles, payment options, expenses, and even your logo with the press of a few buttons. To help you avoid analysis paralysis, here are our 5+ picks for the best invoicing app in the UK.

Should I Use an Invoicing App?

There are a plethora of one-time “invoice generators” available—tools that allow you to enter some information and it generates an invoice—but I don’t suggest them.

Short-term quickness is traded for a general lack of customizability, tracking, and long-term convenience in invoicing apps or software. They also don’t provide a payment gateway, so you’ll have to use a third-party payment gateway on top of it. Furthermore, many of the solutions listed below are so straightforward and easy to use that there’s no reason you should have to accept those trade-offs—even if your invoicing requirements are infrequent.

When it comes to the finest free invoicing tools, there is no one perfect solution. This is due to the fact that each firm is unique—a freelance SEO consultant, for example, requires different features than a business coach.

To identify the finest platforms, sign up for a free trial of each featured below and experiment with it by making and customising a few invoices, adding new clients, diving into the report options, and trying any automation capabilities.

Top Invoicing App Features

The majority of invoicing apps contain fundamental software functions including the ability to issue invoices and receive payments. There are numerous other capabilities that the best invoicing software provides to help you track payments, contact clients, and manage inventory and finances.

#1. Inventory Tracking

Although accurate stock counts are essential for firms that sell tangible goods, they can also be a valuable feature for service-based organisations. Most companies that utilise invoicing software keep track of their inventory in a separate programme. You can consolidate a little if you use invoicing software that includes inventory tracking.

#2. Client Portal

Although most invoicing software allows you to send invoices to your clients, a client portal can be even more useful than an email. A client portal allows your clients to log into the programme to see the status of projects and estimates, as well as past, current, or upcoming invoices.

#3. Time Tracking

Time tracking software are used by service-based enterprises to keep track of billable and nonbillable hours for invoicing. When time tracking is available as a function in your invoicing software, it can be extremely beneficial. You can rapidly convert billable hours to the amount owed by your client and submit the invoice. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to work in different applications.

#4. Mobile App

If you frequently work away from your desk, having a mobile app for invoicing can be a useful tool. You can effortlessly send invoices and payment reminders from your phone or tablet from anywhere you have an internet connection. If you prefer push notifications, certain invoicing mobile apps will notify you when a payment is received so you don’t have to constantly check your payment apps or email.

#5. Analytics

Invoicing software with prebuilt or custom reports can be a game changer for firms. Analytics allows you to collect data that can aid you in making future business decisions. You may notice that the majority of your clients pay their invoices via mobile phone or that they rarely check payment reminders.

#6. Integrations

The ability to interact with other platforms is one of the most crucial invoicing software characteristics. If you choose basic invoicing software, be sure it is compatible with the software you already use. At the very least, your invoicing software should be compatible with accounting software and payment processors. It’s particularly advantageous if it interacts with customer relationship management (CRM) software, marketing tools, and time tracking software.

As a business owner, determining the best invoicing app might be complicated. Do you have any regular bills? Do you require an option with an infinite number of invoices? Or do you merely require periodic payment reminders?

Some apps provide a free plan or version, while others require a paid version or a monthly membership to issue invoices. However, regardless of where you stand, issuing bills does not have to be difficult. The top invoicing apps for company owners are listed below.

#1. Xero

We’ll start with a solid all-arounder for individuals looking for a self-employed invoice app or something more complete. Xero’s all-in-one accounting software is accessible for both Android and iOS smartphones, with the ability to build numerous layouts and enter your business logo, payment terms, and any legal fine print. It interfaces with over 800 third-party apps, like GoCardless, and allows you to add a Pay Now button to your invoices for easy payment. Xero also tracks payments and generates customised reports in addition to these invoicing and payment tools. This saves all business money in one convenient location.

#2. Billed

The Invoiced programme and associated app, as the name implies, specialise in making customised invoices. However, it is more than just one of the finest invoice applications; it also has a full range of accounting tools. The cloud-based software is appropriate for small enterprises as well as mid-range and enterprise-level businesses, with opportunity for expansion. It has four modules: recurring billing, customer portals, payment plans, and invoice-to-cash functionality.

#3. FreeAgent

FreeAgent is tailored to the demands of small businesses, with the potential to scale up your invoicing skills as your company grows. At the highest level of service, it can accommodate an unlimited number of clients, users, and invoices. Payment reminders and automated bank feeds are among the features of this small company invoice app. It’s also user-friendly for beginners: when making invoices, you can choose from a variety of templates.

#4. Kashflow

This accounting software in the United Kingdom makes it simple to generate automatic invoices and be paid. One of the primary features that distinguishes Kashflow from other self-employed invoice software is the ability to connect directly to HMRC. This feature is especially helpful for anyone who is required to file a self-assessment tax return each year. However, unlike some of the other apps on our list, Kashflow is not free. Its entry-level plan starts at £8 per month.

#5. Zoho Invoice

Zoho offers a variety of business services to help customers with anything from sales and marketing to financing. This Zoho Invoice is a standalone invoicing platform that provides configurable invoicing and payment choices. It’s an excellent invoicing software for business owners who want to simplify and automate standard invoicing. It also aids in customer connection activities due to its powerful automation features.

Zoho users can set up automated payments and recurring invoices. The benefits of automation, however, extend beyond simply issuing invoices. Process scenarios that result in email, in-app notifications, and field updates can be created. Users can also use automation for other instances such as purchase reductions or late fees.

#6. Wave Invoicing

Because Wave Accounting’s software is free, you can use it without providing a credit card number or other payment information. It can help you manage your bookkeeping, accounting, and invoicing procedures with a few integrations.

Wave’s receipt scanning and capture capability allows you to track an unlimited amount of receipts. You may also send an unlimited number of personalised invoices to your customers and keep track of an infinite number of expenses.

How To Choose The Best Invoicing App

It should come as no surprise that small business owners frequently consider service or software pricing to be the most essential consideration in their decision. While free invoicing software is appealing, and some is worth investigating, a premium plan for an invoicing app will provide significantly more value. Choosing the best invoicing app for your company boils down to what you can afford, what you need, and what would be good to have.

#1. Budget-conscious Businesses

To save money, new firms and small business owners on a tight budget may wish to consider free invoicing software. If that’s the case, you’ll have to pay with your time. To make free invoicing software work for you, you may need to complete additional manual chores. If this describes you, search for invoicing software that includes the following features:

  • Free plans: Free plans may limit your ability to customise it or the amount of invoices you may send. This may be best suited to a solopreneur.
  • Free trials: Many software vendors offer free trials of their full product for a limited time. This trial time will help you narrow down your search by showing you what you need and what you can live without.
  • Unlimited invoices: If your invoicing software allows you to send unlimited invoices for free, you may have to accept that the company’s branding will appear on your bills.
  • Integrations: Because free invoicing software typically has limits or a lack of capabilities, you should look for one that includes the integrations you require. You should be able to connect to payment processors and accounting software at the very least.

#2. Powerful Invoicing Software

If you determine you have enough money for a paid plan, look for invoicing software with tiered pricing. The lower-priced plan may include the functionality you require right now, and you can always upgrade when your firm expands and you discover you require more specialised tools:

  • Automation: Automate the conversion of estimates or billable hours into bills. It’s especially useful for companies who provide subscription services or have long-term clients that demand recurrent billing. This is a time-saving function that is available in most premium plans, even some entry-level options.
  • Tracking: Depending on the programme or plan you use, you can keep track of your spending, receipts, inventory, and vendors. If you don’t currently have inventory monitoring software, this is one of those capabilities that may be worth paying for.
  • Customization: Customization capabilities allow you to go beyond standard invoicing templates. You may customise the invoice by adding your own branding, changing the colours, or designing it with more or fewer features.
  • Processing discounts: If you select invoicing software that includes payment processing, you may be able to access lower prices with a higher-tier plan. This might be a significant cost savings for organisations who plan high-volume invoicing.

#3. All-in-One Business Apps

A full business suite of tools may be preferable for small firms that rely on many software applications to monitor customer information, market to clients, track stock levels, purchase from vendors, and make invoices.

Even if they lack a critical functionality, unified business solutions are likely to provide an adequate integration. These in-house apps or features are typically found as add-ons to the main software:

  • Invoicing
  • CRM
  • Project management
  • Time tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Human resources (HR)
  • Marketing
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Reporting
  • Messaging
  • Expenses

Choosing one of these all-in-one alternatives will, of course, be costly. However, the costs are countered by the ability to eliminate additional applications that you were using. Furthermore, the extra features provide value.

#4. A la Carte Options

A business solution that allows you to choose the features you need or desire is an alternative to adopting an all-in-one platform that incorporates invoicing and other company administration functions. It works similarly to a unified business app in that you can pay for the basic service and then pay for only the things you require or desire.

Which is the Best Invoice App for iPhone?

This is all dependent on your invoicing requirements. FreshBooks, on the other hand, provides an easy-to-use app with everything you need. It includes all of the capabilities you need to organise and track invoices. You can also generate estimates, manage time, and make your invoicing simple. It’s one of the greatest options for invoicing software.

Which is the Best Android Invoice App?

FreshBooks is an excellent pick for an Android invoice app. You may sync data to the cloud and add your corporate logo to all invoices. You can also benefit from the app’s ability to integrate with other third-party apps.

How Can Small Businesses Create Invoices?

Small businesses have various alternatives for creating invoices. You can either use a free template or an invoicing app. It also offers a variety of other accounting tools from which you might profit.

How Do Small Businesses Keep Track of Invoices?

Using a software programme to keep track of invoices is the best and most efficient way to do it. It simplifies invoice management and allows you to keep track of reoccurring invoices.

Is Invoicing Software Secure?

The best invoicing software programmes, like other forms of software, include multiple degrees of protection. When selecting this type of software, look for security features such as two-factor authentication (2FA) or multifactor authentication (MFA), documentation demonstrating frequent security updates and patches, intrusion detection, user activity monitoring, data encryption, and privacy protection.


It can be difficult to select the best invoicing app or accounting software for your company. Some provide a free plan, while others require a monthly subscription. Some of them even include invoice templates. Whatever your requirements are, an app on our list will be an excellent invoicing software option that can assist with payment processing.


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