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For students or professionals looking for private and perfect Durham accommodation with a reasonable budget and at the same time bill-free, Bill Free Homes is a multi-award-winning company that specializes in providing bill-free housing for students at Durham University and New College Durham. In this review, you will find everything you need to know about Bill Free Homes in Durham, the packages they offer, and how student accommodation at Durham University works. Happy reading.

An Overview of Bill-Free Homes

Bill Free Homes is a multi-award-winning Durham City student letting agency that offers bill-free housing for Durham University and New College Durham students, as well as professional housing. It is the same for Durham. They have been renting out rooms to students in Durham since 1996. But bill-free housing has only been available since 2004.

They are a dynamic, expanding, friendly, and forward-thinking organization that is always searching for ways to better serve all client classes. As a bonus, they have more than 75 years of experience in providing high-quality housing and great service to renters and landlords.

Furthermore, to continue being among the best, they work constantly on improving their award-winning service. At the same time, they are also dedicated to being innovative. And at the forefront of new technology to do so.

Also, Bill Free Homes is a member of My Deposits and The Property Ombudsman.

How Do Bill-Free Homes Work?

Their primary objective is to make renting a student house through Bill Free Homes a straightforward process. One that is run by skilled people who have a lot of experience in the area and use the most up-to-date technology.

However, every Bill Free Homes apartment is available for rent with a range of bill-inclusive rental packages. This is to eliminate bills, budgeting, and hassle.

In other words, they value honesty and hard work, which they apply to every aspect of Bill Free Homes. In addition, because they’ve got a range of knowledge, this allows them to be able to guide and convince students, landlords, and investors. However, this is to make sure that they are in the best position to provide high-quality student accommodation for Durham students.

Furthermore, they were able to adapt and grow in the professional market naturally and with less stress. This is done by using the student’s house-letting experience and expertise in Durham. Thus, they have kept the values and behaviors that make their services productive and exceptional while renting to students. However, they can now use all of that for a bigger market.

However, with over 600 subscribers or renters under their care, you can rest assured that you are in good and safe hands.

Bill Free HoHomeackages

Bill Free Homes provides bill packages for various types of Durham lodging. This allows you to find your ideal home with the optimal bill bundle to meet your needs and budget. However, their bill packages include:

#1. Gold Package

This is by far the most common of the bill-free home packages. Meanwhile, all of the rents shown on their website are for the Gold Package.

This package includes gas, electricity, water rates, a TV license, wireless internet, and personal insurance (up to £3000).

Because of that, your rental payment should cover all of your basic expenses. This is so you can plan ahead for the whole year.

#2. Silver Package

The silver package includes water, TV, and personal insurance (up to £3000), as well as wireless internet service, so you can pay for your own electricity. The silver package plan also includes wireless internet service.

In the meantime, this bundle covers your fixed costs and essential payments (TV license and water rates). However, you must locate an efficient power contract on your own. In most cases, this package seems to work best for houses with three or fewer rooms.

#3. Bronze Package

This is the most basic package option. And it enables you to reduce a significant amount from the actual weekly rent indicated on the website. However, you’ll need to email Bill Free Homes to get specific pricing information because each house is a little different from the next.

However, the Bronze bundle includes only wireless internet that is fast and reliable. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful package for you if you are comfortable managing your own bills. It will provide you with the freedom to manage your own expenses during your tenure. On top of this package, you may have to pay for a television license, water rates, and energy.

In addition, Bill Free Homes provides internet service so as to make it consistent and reliable from day one. Generally, internet transactions might take a long time, whereas Bill Free Homes don’t want to leave you waiting.

Durham Student Accommodation

Generally, Bill Free Homes provide Durham University, New College, and Durham students with student and professional housing. At the same time, fantastic private accommodation for professionals wishing to live in Durham City and the neighborhood. Meanwhile, there is also a high level of luxury in Bill Free Homes’ student and professional housing.

On the other hand, bill-free homes, as the name implies, include all of your bills in your rent (utilities, water rates, TV license, broadband, personal insurance, as well as 24-hour emergency call-out cover). They also offer a wide range of student and professional housing options, ranging from studio apartments to 12-bedroom student houses. Similarly, student rentals in all parts of Durham City are ideal for undergraduates and postgraduates to live in.

Bill Free Homes is located at 85 New Elvet in Durham’s city center, just down the road from Elvet Riverside and Dunelm House on the way to Elvet Bridge. As a result, you can call them for anything you need, and they’ll help you figure out how to pay for things like student or professional housing in Durham.

Private student accommodation in Durham

Durham is a small city with a long history. And its university is often regarded as one of the best in the United Kingdom. Also, there are a lot of schools and universities spread across the city. Bill Free Homes student housing makes it easy to get to your daily classes and study sessions, no matter which one you go to.

Viaduct Durham

The Viaduct is a popular neighborhood for students to reside in and spend most of their time. It is blessed with a lot of useful transportation links, including buses and the railway station directly next door. While not as accessible to university amenities as other neighborhoods, the Viaduct region is great if you’re seeking a prominent student hangout.

Gilesgate, Durham

Normally, Gilesgate is one of Durham’s most populous districts and a notable student hub. Gilesgate, which is close to the Hild Bede campus, has a shopping complex as well as a number of bars and restaurants. It also provides an abundance of options for socialization without leaving out part-time jobs.

Nevilles Durham

Nevilles Cross is blessed with a plethora of wonderful buildings. And most of them feature gardens and parking. At the same time, they are close to the Business School and Hill Colleges. Also, it covers a vast region from the Cock of the North to Durham Johnston School.

Claypath, Durham

Claypath is a convenient location for Bailey College students, starting at the marketplace and moving towards The Sands neighborhood. There are many options to choose from when it comes to finding a student home, with a vast stock of both old and new residences.

Awards for Bill-Free Homes

Bill Free Homes has won numerous awards, among which are:

  • The Times’ Best Letting Agency To Work For – 2016 (Gold)
  • Property Management Of The Year (The Times) – Silver in 2015, 2016(Gold).
  • The Northern Letting Agency of the Year (The Times) – 2016 (Silver)
  • Student Letting Agency Of The Year (The Times) – Silver in 2013, Gold in 2014, Gold in 2015, and Silver in 2016.
  • Customer Service of the Year (The Times) -2016 (Silver)
  • ESTAS Gold Award (rated by tenants) -2015 (Gold),2016 (Gold), and the best in the county Durham (Gold). Rated by Landlords-2015 (Gold), 2016 (Gold).

This is to name a few among the Bill Free Homes award collection. This, which you can find when visiting their websites.

Student Accommodation at Durham University

Durham University’s student housing is well connected to the public transportation system and conveniently located near the city center. Also, the Durham World Heritage Site is one of over 600 buildings in the city center. And are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. So, there are lots of historical sites to visit, as well as plenty of venues to dine, party, and have a good time.

Likewise, allow yourself to run wild in the Station House, Water House, and Waiting Room drinking until you do not cross the line only if the Jesus Army wagon is there to drag everyone home. Ravenous patrons can decide to dine at Alishaan, 56 Restaurant, Bella Mamma, and other restaurants. However, if you plan to live in Durham and enjoy your time and create memories, you need to see Wharton Park and Durham Castle.


In most cases, finding an apartment that suits your taste and budget in the University or College is always difficult. While you might not like staying in the student halls. But with Bill Free Homes packages, you are allowed to find your ideal home with the optimal bill bundle to meet your needs and budget.

Bill Free Homes FAQs

Is private accommodation cheaper than halls?

Private halls are run for-profit and often charge a higher price than university student halls.

Where do second year Durham students live?

Claypath – second-year Durham students live in Claypath, central to the city as well as lecture halls at Old Elvet and Elvet Riverside.

When is the best time to look for student accommodation in Durham?

Most students look for shared housing in Durham from October, although there will be student accommodation available all year round. First-year and international students generally start looking in January for halls of residence

Is Durham Uni accommodation expensive?

Durham University has announced yet another price hike in its accommodation fees for the upcoming academic year. The price of a standard, single, catered room has risen from £7,422 to £7,672, while the cost of a single, catered, en-suite room has increased from £7,883 to £8,149

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Durham University has announced yet another price hike in its accommodation fees for the upcoming academic year. The price of a standard, single, catered room has risen from £7,422 to £7,672, while the cost of a single, catered, en-suite room has increased from £7,883 to £8,149

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