BEST LETTING AGENCY: Rates Comparison For 2023

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It can be difficult to find the ideal leasing agent. The profession of estate and rental agents is ranked as the 7th most untrustworthy. Getting the best letting agency, on the other hand, is vital for a busy landlord who wants to enjoy their free time while also protecting their property investment. So, with an industry with such a terrible image, how does a landlord locate the finest letting agent? Read further to know all of that and the living room starting up a letting agency.

Choosing the best letting agent

The best living room letting agency should make your life as a landlord much easier, while a lousy letting agent could bring you a lot of extra worries.

For the best living letting agency charge, a reputable letting agent should market your property in advance, locate you the ideal tenants, and manage the rental paperwork. If you hire a management company, your agent should be able to handle any day-to-day rental concerns as well.

To choose the best living room letting agency, follow these seven steps.

#1. Decide on the services you need

First and foremost, choose what degree of service you require: tenant-finding merely or property management?

Tenant-find simply implies that the leasing agent will find tenants and handle the initial rental paperwork, but you will be responsible for managing the property. They might be able to collect your rent on your behalf.

If you choose property management, the living room letting agency will identify renters and handle any day-to-day concerns on your behalf during the rental period. They’ll, for example, arrange for any maintenance issues to be resolved and property inspections to be scheduled.

The option you choose will mostly be determined by how much time you believe you have to handle your rental property and how involved you want to be on a regular basis. Keep in mind that if you reside far away from your rental home or are frequently out of the country, dealing with concerns on your own may be tough.

#2. Research local letting agents

Once you’ve determined what you’re searching for, create a shortlist of potential letting agencies. Examine internet listings, read forum discussions, and seek advice from other area landlords.

It’s important to examine whether rental agents are well-reviewed by both tenants and landlords because a bad letting agent experience could dissuade a tenant from staying in your house, or perhaps from renting it in the first place. On the All Agents website, you can search for agent reviews by location or name.

After that, meet with the best living room letting agency on your shortlist to determine if they make a positive impression on you. Inquire about the length of time it takes for properties to rent, and whether they have any renters on their books who are seeking a property similar to yours.

#3. Compare letting agent fees

Price is, of course, a significant consideration when selecting a letting agent. Fees for renting agents in the United Kingdom vary, but expect to pay roughly 10% of the monthly rent for a tenant-finding service and around 15% for full management.

Keep in mind that letting agents will no longer be able to charge tenants fees for things like inventories and referencing as of June 2019. They may try to recoup their losses by imposing higher fees on landlords, such as a monthly subscription fee. When comparing letting agents, inquire about how they plan to handle the new rules and whether you’ll have to pay any additional letting agent costs as a result.

#4. Check memberships

It is a legal requirement that any rental agents you are considering be registered with the Property Ombudsman Service or the Property Redress Scheme.

Find out if the letting agent is a member of a professional group like ARLA Propertymark or is part of an accreditation programme like the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS). Accreditation or membership signifies that the person starting a living room letting agency has met specific criteria and must adhere to certain regulations of conduct.

#5. Review money protection schemes

Landlords and renting agents are required by law to place renters’ deposits in a government-approved tenancy deposit protection programme. Inquire about the letting agent’s strategy to ensure that they are following the requirements.

Furthermore, beginning in April 2019, all letting agencies in England that hold client funds must join a government-approved client money protection plan (CMP). On the government’s website, there is a list of approved CMP systems.

Letting agents must have a certificate certifying their CMP membership and publicly display it in their offices and on their website. The new guidelines also require agents to keep client funds in an FCA-approved bank account and to have enough professional indemnity insurance.

If you can’t see proof that the letting agents are following the rules, request their certificates.

#6. Look at marketing strategies

Make sure the renting agent is aggressive in marketing rental properties and will employ a variety of techniques to find tenants for your home or apartment.

Check out their listings on a property platform like Rightmove to check whether they market rental properties properly and if they’ve lately rented out a lot of properties in your region.

#7. Ask about your future relationship

Finally, make sure you’re satisfied with how the letting agent will treat you as a client. These are a few things to keep an eye on.

#1. Opening hours

Some renting agents are only open during weekday business hours, which may be a problem for you as a landlord as well as tenants and potential tenants. Inquire about availability at the starting living room letting agency during the evenings and weekends.

#2. Paperwork

Confirm how the starting letting agency will handle rental-related paperwork like references, credit and employment checks, and tenancy agreements with the starting letting agency. Will they, for example, allow you to see any references they obtain for prospective tenants? They are legally permitted to do so as long as they obtain the renters’ consent.

#3. Repairs and maintenance

Ask the renting agent how often they inspect the property, how tenants can contact them if they have a maintenance concern, and if they have a roster of trustworthy tradesmen they utilise if you’ve chosen a management service.

#4. Money transfers

Speak with the renting agent about how they will handle the rental funds, including the rent received and associated charges and fees: how often will they transfer amounts to your account, and will you be required to give a “float” to cover any maintenance issues?

#5. Notice periods

It’s crucial to learn how lengthy the letting agent’s notice period is so you know what to expect if you decide to terminate the arrangement. To discontinue a rental management contract, most letting agents require two months’ written notice.

Best Letting Agents

#1. Openrent

As a well-known online agent for landlords and tenants, OpenRent has been featured in numerous press publications. Some of their services include advertising on their site, other prominent websites like Zoopla, and tenancy formation. They were founded in 2012. With 428,000 properties available to rent, there are no renter fees for either party. There are 2.3 million landlords and tenants registered, with a six-day average response time!

Price: £49 (Advertising and Rent Now Package) plus additional service fees.

#2. Upad

Congratulations to The ESTAS Letting Agent Landlord Awards gold winner! Upad allows landlords to pick and select whatever services they want included in their bundle. Your property will be advertised to over 10 million potential tenants via sites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, and Prime Location when you use Upad. With over 40,000 successful rentals under its belt, the company takes pleasure in providing personalised service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll receive fast responses to your ads via their integrated dashboard, where you can manage them and schedule potential viewings.

Price: £599 for a fully managed account

#3. Purplebricks

Purplebricks pledged to provide the same high-quality online letting services via Skype or WhatsApp in the face of the virus. Those who want an in-person appraisal will be accommodated to the best of the online agency’s ability. Clients will then receive a detailed value report as well as step-by-step guidance on how to advertise their home quickly. Creating a personalised advertisement, maintaining listings, and finalising the purchase are the next steps. Landlords get the first month free, as well as Rightmove ads and a variety of packages to select from.

The price varies according to postcode and monthly rental income.

#4. Howsy

Howsy, which has been featured in Forbes and The Guardian, focuses on using smart technology to make the leasing process simple and transparent. Howsy’s agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist with everything from rent collection to maintenance. Finding tenants, contacting and referencing tenants, collecting rent, doing inspections, and repair management are just a few of the services. Tenants can book property viewings online and manage their tenancy online with no upfront costs or deposits. Restaurant discounts will be available to renters! Howsy also manages build-to-rent properties, with one satisfied landlord claiming to have met 92 percent of their rental revenue target.

Price: £89/month (fully managed within London)


Since 2008, has been a major name in online letting agents, with over 98 percent of consumers recommending the site to a friend or other professional. They’re also proud partners with the UK Association of Letting Agents, the National Landlords Association, Safe Agent, and the Property Ombudsman, giving clients access to a diverse spectrum of knowledge and specialists. You can also get a guarantee (via their platinum package) that rent will be paid on time every month (even if the renter does not). This package also includes zero excess home emergency coverage.

Price: £149 listing fee + £99 per month from collected rent (Platinum Package) + extra service expenses

#6. The Online Letting Agents

The Online starting a Letting Agency claim to operate in a different manner than their competitors. Before delivering a lead to a landlord, they obtain more information from the viewer in order to check that they are a qualified prospective tenant, saving the landlord time and effort. They also analyse internet adverts on a regular basis to guarantee that they are performing at their best. In numerous areas, The Online Letting Agents is now the highest-rated online letting agent on Trustpilot. Property, property leasing agents, property rental agents, and estate agents are examples of these categories.

5% every month (limited to £85 per month) + £299 setup fee

#7. Mashroom

No, not mushrooms. But mashroom, according to the BBC, Independent, Yahoo, MSN, and Mirror. When you sign up with this online agent, you’ll get a free 30-day listing on Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as access to a number of property management tools and managed maintenance from over 7,000 contractors. Rather than using a bundle approach, landlords purchase individual add-ons. For those who want financial assistance, additional assistance with insurance and mortgages is also available. Landlords can also sign up for Mashroom and use the site to schedule viewings. Tenants receive a £20 Amazon gift card if their property is successfully listed.

The price varies depending on the add-on chosen.

#8. Lavanda

Lavanda is a multi-award-winning technology firm based in London, United Kingdom. They expose your residential real estate portfolio to the full range of market demand, allowing you to quickly switch between rental schemes and fill vacant units with short- and medium-term visitors. Since 2015, a group of digital entrepreneurs and real estate professionals has been at the forefront of “protect” innovation. The cost of using their programme is not specified on their website, but interested parties can contact them for additional information.

#9. Portico

Portico feels like the Harrods tearoom equivalent of an online letting agency when you look at the website. They provide low-cost self-service lettings, as well as a handyman directory and management services for Airbnb properties. Customers can also take advantage of unique offers from local companies through portico spots. They have three different bundles to choose from: essential, comprehensive, and concierge). Also, you can learn more about these packages after contacting them, as their website does not specify how much they cost.

#10. Oasis Living

In classic Oasis Living fashion, we’ve saved the best for last! The internet-based agency letting aspires to accomplish just that: make renting a breeze for both landlords and tenants, to create an oasis, if you will. The software’s developers have created an easy-to-use automated system as well as inclusive packages that are less expensive than traditional letting agencies and the bulk of internet letting firms. Oasis Living makes it easier for tenants and landlords to discover one another by providing a 24-hour phone line. Flexible payment choices, a reputable handyman directory, and much more. Renting a property has become as straightforward as placing a Deliveroo order.

Price: 5% of monthly rent with additional advantages


What does fully managed property mean?

A fully managed lease means that your letting agent will handle these types of issues instead of you, which reduces stress significantly. They’ll handle the legalities. To protect yourself legally, it’s vital to have the right official documents in place.

What is a letting fee?

Letting fee: This is the agent’s fee for the time and effort they put into finding you a new tenant. It is often dependent on the length of the lease and is usually 1.1–2.2 (including GST) weeks rent.

Is purple bricks any good?

Compared to its rival online agents and online property portals, Purplebricks’ Trustpilot reputation is sparkling. On other online review websites, Purplebricks’ reputation is less glowing. On AllAgents, it has an average rating of 1.3 out of five from 238 reviews.

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