Aviva Pet Insurance Reviews 2023 | Coverage, Pricing and Claim

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Choosing the right pet insurance in the UK can be confusing at first glance, whether as a pet lover or not.

With so many pet insurance options in the country, it can be tough to decipher which one is worth completing to improve your bottom line.

As a way of helping out, we went on a quest to scout out the best pet insurance companies that can provide all the necessary pet insurance benefits any pet insurer can long for.

Like Admiral Pet Insurance, Aviva Pet Insurance is another insurance policy that stood out on our list. You may ask, Why?

I will tell you!

Aviva pet insurance is one of the best UK-leading pet insurance companies that provide great and comprehensive pet coverage at affordable prices.

Read on to learn about Aviva Pet’s insurance policy coverage, pricing, and why choosing to over other pet insurance companies won’t be a bad idea.

About Aviva Pet Insurance 2023

Aviva Pet Insurance is a pet insurance company based in the United Kingdom.

Aviva is the UK’s largest general insurer, with roots dating back to 1696. The organization operates in over 100 countries and provides a wide range of financial products, including insurance, pensions, investments, and pet insurance.

However, they have now joined Animal Friends to provide pet insurance services. Animal Friends was created in 1998 and is currently one of the major pet insurers in the United Kingdom.

They offer low prices, comprehensive coverage, and positive evaluations on Trustpilot and Defaqto.

They further specialize in pet insurance for dogs, cats, and horses and can be reached via their website’s contact form and phone lines.

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Aviva’s Pet Insurance Coverage in a Nutshell

Aviva offers three types of pet insurance for cats and dogs: silver, gold, and platinum, each with differing levels of coverage.

The new pet insurance policy provides peace of mind and protection for the six million dog and nine million cat owners in the United Kingdom.

It comes in three levels of coverage: Silver, Gold, and Platinum allowing owners to pick the best policy for their needs.

This category of policies covers the following eventualities:

  • Fees for veterinary services
  • Liability to a third party
  • Costs of cremation and burial
  • Problems with behaviour
  • Overseas travel insurance
  • Illness or an accident causes death.

All plans also include 24-hour bereavement counselling, 24-hour pet legal guidance, and out-of-home healthcare.

Furthermore, policyholders can use a pet minder service to get a nationally qualified Dog Minder to look after their dog for a few hours or even a few weeks while they are away.

Silver Coverage

The Silver policy provides coverage for:

  • Fees for veterinarians
  • Pets that have been ill when travelling
  • Liability to a third party
  • Costs of cremation and burial
  • Problems with behavior.

Gold Policy Coverage

In addition to the Silver coverage, the Gold policy includes:

  • The expense of recovering stolen or stray pets includes local advertising and an appropriate incentive.
  • Should the policyholder be admitted to the hospital, kennel expenses will be charged.
  • If customers have to cancel or cut short a vacation owing to a pet-related sickness, they will receive a £1,000 refund.
  • Death because of illness or an accident.

Platinum Coverage

The Platinum coverage is Aviva’s premium pet insurance policy, with higher limits for death from disease, death from accident, recovery fees, and theft than the Gold policy.

In addition, there are new cancellation and veterinary fee limits:

  • For holiday cancellations, you might receive up to £2,000 in compensation.
  • Veterinary fees might cost up to £6,500 per year.

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What are the Aviva Pet Insurance Coverage Advantages?

They include the following advantages in all policies:

  • £200 each for behavioural issues and clinical diet expenses
  • Then, £100 for cremation fees
  • £1 million in third-party liability (dogs only)
  • And six months of coverage overseas during the policy period.

The cheapest level of coverage is Silver, which includes £1,500 in vet fees but no further benefits.

Gold includes vet fees of

  • £3,500 per year
  • £500 for death because of illness or accident
  • Then, £250 for advertising costs in the event of theft or straying
  • £250 in reward costs and £500 for your pet’s loss
  • £500 for boarding fees
  • And £1,000 for pet-related expenses resulting from vacation cancellation or curtailment.

Platinum coverage includes

  • £6,500 in annual vet fees
  • £1,000 for death because of illness or accident
  • Then, £750 for advertising in the event of theft or straying
  • £250 in reward fees and £1,000 for your pet’s loss
  • £1,000 for boarding fees
  • And finally, £2,000 for pet-related expenses arising from vacation cancellation or curtailment.

Aviva pet insurance covers any dental care required by an accident but not routine operations or dentistry.

Pets can be insured from the age of eight weeks, but Aviva will not insure dogs or cats past the age of nine for new plans.

Aviva Insurance is underwritten by who?

Aviva Insurance Limited underwrites this policy, which is negotiated and administered by Insurance Factory Limited.

What Doesn’t Aviva Pet Insurance Cover?

  1. Any claim for a pet who is not included on the insurance schedule.
  2. Any claim for an occurrence that occurs outside the territorial limits of the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and PETS Member Countries (Non-EU countries as defined by DEFRA are not covered).
  3. Any claim against you, your agents, workers, or family members for malicious or wilful injury or gross carelessness to your pet.
  4. Any accusation of animal health, quarantine, or importation law violations in the United Kingdom.
  5. Any claim if you have temporarily or permanently sold or given away your pet.
  6. Any claims arising from any policy provision for which the premium has not been paid.
  7. Any consequence, direct or indirect, of any foregoing, or anything connected with any of the foregoing, whether caused by any other cause or even if unrelated to any of the foregoing.

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Why Should You Consider Aviva Pet Insurance?

There are many reasons you should consider Aviva Pet Insurance when it comes to choosing pet insurance in the UK. Some reasons include:

They can take care of your dog for life

Going to the vet isn’t something most dogs look forward to. Most people, however, will have to do so for a variety of reasons, the most common of which are their ears, teeth, or arthritis.

They might get hurt or ingest something they shouldn’t. While vet visits can also be stressful for owners, Aviva pet insurance can provide you peace of mind with the payment.

You’re sure of your Pet’s safety.

Pets get themselves into a lot of trouble because of their natural curiosity. The company’s policy can cover treatment for an injury, such as a fall, a car accident, or a run-in with another pet.

They’ll also be covered if they contract a disease or develop a condition they didn’t have before you purchased your coverage.

What is the cost of Aviva pet insurance?

The cost of an Aviva pet insurance policy is determined by several criteria, including your pet’s age, any existing medical concerns, and the number of animals you want to insure.

You will get a discount of 10% if you purchase a policy online will receive a discount of up to 10% (albeit there is a minimum premium).

And if you insure two or more animals, you will receive a 10% multi-pet discount. Another interesting thing is that you can pay every month, incurring no additional fees.

Isn’t that interesting? Sure, it is!

What is the Procedure for logging into the Aviva client portal?

You can log in by clicking the Login link on the homepage or by going to this URL: Login to Aviva Pet Insurance. You’re good to go once you log in.

How can you make Aviva Pet Insurance claim?

There are several reasons you should report a claim on your pet insurance policy:

  • You had or will have to pay a lot of money to the vet or take recurrent medicines.
  • You are looking for your pet;
  • Your pet was involved in or caused an accident.

To make a claim, you can submit an email to customerqueries@insurancefactory.co.uk

Alternatively, you can call Aviva pet insurance contact number – 03332340631 or post your claim file to:

Aviva Pet Insurance
Claims Department
The Connect Centre
Kingston Crescent

Can Aviva Pet Insurance be Cancelled?

Yes, of course.

You can cancel your Aviva pet insurance either by phone call or by posting your Aviva pet insurance cancellation letter to the address mentioned above.

Final Thought

Whether it’s a cat or dog insurance policy you need, Aviva pet insurance can be your plug this 2023.

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