MOTORCYCLE BREAKDOWN COVER: Comparison and Best Options in the UK (Updated)

compare the best car and motorcycle breakdown cover in the UK

There is always coverage for almost everything, so a motorcycle breakdown won’t be left out. If you have mechanical problems on your motorcycle, breakdown insurance can help. It could keep you from becoming cold and wet by the side of the road and ensure that you and your motorcycle are back on the road as soon as possible with professional assistance. In this article, we’ll compare the best car and motorcycle breakdown covers in the UK. Now you can have peace of mind with the availability of motorcycle breakdown cover.

Best Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

The best motorcycle breakdown cover can only be the best for your situation. In general, there are two types of insurance available: personal insurance and bike insurance.

#1. Personal Insurance

If you have numerous bikes, this is ideal because it doesn’t matter which one you’re riding at the time of the breakdown. It also covers you if you’re riding pillion on someone else’s motorcycle, which is a great feature.

This form of policy is likely to cost more than car insurance. This isn’t the cheapest choice unless you spend a lot of time on other people’s bikes or own several other bikes.

#2. Vehicle Insurance

This is a policy that only covers one vehicle at a time. If you only have one bike, this is a cost-effective and practical option.

Vehicle insurance also covers the vehicle if you aren’t driving it, so if you lend it to a friend for the weekend and they get into problems, it will still be picked up.

If you have two bikes, it’s worth browsing around for different estimates. It may be less expensive to have two separate car insurance plans than it is to have one personal policy. But if you have three, four, or more bikes, personal is usually the best option.

Motorcycle Breakdown Cover in the UK

The following are some of the most common motorcycle breakdown cover options in the UK:

  • Roadside support — If you require assistance, a mechanic will come to you and do any necessary repairs on the roadside. If they are unable to resolve the issue, they will arrange for you and your bike (and any passengers, if applicable) to be transported to the nearest garage.
  • Nationwide recovery — In addition to offering roadside support, this sort of coverage will transport your bike to any UK destination of your choice if it can’t be mended on the side of the road. This is especially important if you are stranded far away from home.
  • Home start – this protects you if your bike won’t start when you’re at home or close to home, whether it’s due to a flat battery or something more sophisticated.
  • Onward journey When your bike can’t be mended right away and needs to be carried to a garage, this form of coverage allows you to continue your ride. It can be used to cover the cost of alternate modes of transportation or hotel accommodations while your bike is being repaired.

Single-trip European Motorcycle Breakdown Cover Policy

You can purchase a single-trip European motorcycle breakdown cover as a stand-alone policy, or your provider may be able to upgrade your existing UK policy to include coverage for travel overseas.

It will ensure that you can get assistance with any motorbike breakdown repair and recovery you may require while travelling around Europe – something that can be difficult otherwise due to a language barrier.

Stand-alone policies normally cover journeys to Europe for up to 90 days. There are various levels of coverage available, each with a different amount of pay for breakdown assistance.

European breakdown motorcycle cover often includes a 24/7 UK helpline, roadside assistance. As well as the transportation of your bike to a local garage and back to the UK if it can’t be repaired.

If your journey will be more than 90 days, or if you plan to travel around Europe with your bike several times throughout the year, you’ll need to purchase an annual European breakdown policy.

What are common exclusions for motorcycle breakdown cover?

While breakdown coverage will assist you if you have a mechanical problem with your motorcycle while on the road. There are several things that will not be covered. These will vary depending on the provider, but common exclusions include:

Accidents on the road – If your bike breaks down or is damaged in a traffic accident, your provider may be unable to assist you. If emergency services are on the scene, they may have difficulty reaching your bike.

Breaking down on private land – If your bike breaks down on private property, your service provider may not be able to contact you or may not be allowed onto the property. It’s also possible that you’ll be charged extra for their breakdown assistance.

Lack of basic maintenance – Your breakdown insurance provider will expect you to maintain your motorcycle properly, including performing basic maintenance. If you have a breakdown as a result of poor maintenance, such as not changing your oil, you may not get a cover.

Car and Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

A customised Car and Motorcycle Breakdown Cover is not available from all providers. The RAC, for example, offers a two-vehicle breakdown policy that allows you to choose the numberplates of both your car and your motorcycle. These, on the other hand, are on par with, if not more expensive than, personal insurance.

Personal insurance has the advantage of covering you regardless of whether you’re riding (or driving) or pillion (or passenger). So whether you sell a bike, ride a friend’s bike, or anything; if you’re in a vehicle and it breaks down, it’s covered since you’re protected, and you won’t have to keep updating your registration plates on your policy.

Below is a list all of the personal policy options from the major providers that include national rescue, which means that no matter where you are in the UK, you’ll be covered if you need towed home or to a local garage.

This policy protects you for either a car or a motorcycle, therefore it’s the best option for most of us.The AA’s cover is something we like. You’re protected for anything and get unlimited callouts for £39.99 per year. Any comparisons of car breakdown insurance

Motorcycle Breakdown Cover Compare

It’s a good idea to compare several firms and coverage levels when opting for motorcycle breakdown insurance. We’ve analysed the household-name recovery firms if you’re seeking the cheapest motorcycle breakdown policy. Our table of comparisons will show you who offers the cheapest service for their most basic roadside help plan.

 RAC AAGreen Flag Start Rescue
Roadside and home rescue as standard Yes No No
20-mile taxi from the garage as standard Yes No  No
Fault report for the garage as standard Yes Yes  Yes
Free vehicle health check when you join Yes No  No
Large uniformed patrol fleet Yes Yes No

AA breakdown cover for motorcycles (

The AA is a well-known brand name that offers dependable and adaptable breakdown cover as the self-proclaimed “fourth emergency service.” If they can’t fix it right away, AA breakdown cover provides roadside assistance and transportation to a nearby garage for you and your bike. They can also help you at home if your bike isn’t starting in the morning.

Because they are such a large organisation, you will almost always be served by an AA engineer who will arrive in a liveried van, ensuring that you are always assisted by a competent and well-qualified mechanic.

RAC breakdown cover for motorcycles

The RAC offers the same breakdown coverage for motorcycles as it does for vehicles, including assistance in the event of an accident, roadside recovery, home start, and repatriation to a local garage if necessary. They take pleasure in being able to repair a huge number of motorcycle breakdowns on the side of the road, allowing you to get back on the road as soon as possible. They have their own fleet of vans and highly skilled mechanics, similar to The AA.


If being environmentally conscious is important to you, ETA is a carbon-neutral breakdown insurance provider. They provide home start, roadside recovery, and repair services in one of two ways: personal breakdown, which covers you as a rider on any motorcycle, or vehicle breakdown, which covers only a specific motorcycle. They achieved Carbon Neutral certification by planting trees in the United Kingdom to offset their carbon emissions, which is fantastic!

Start Rescue

Start Rescue provides low-cost breakdown insurance to motorcyclists in the United Kingdom. They provide five different levels of coverage, ranging from basic roadside assistance to full coverage that includes theft and damage protection while your bike is being fixed or recovered. Instead of having their own fleet, they hire local mechanics.

Green Flag Motorcycles

Green Flag also works with a network of local mechanics to assist consumers on the road or at home. Unlike the RAC and AA, they do not dispatch their own mechanics to the roadside, instead of relying on local mechanics to assist them. This means they have access to a large number of mechanics, which they claim can cut response times in half.


Breakdown cover is an additional cost to motorcycle ownership, but unlike insurance or a helmet, it isn’t required, so it’s easy to overlook. However, the peace of mind that comes with it makes biking more enjoyable, and isn’t that what this activity is all about?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get motorcycle breakdown cover?

When it comes to breakdown coverage, whether you have a motorcycle, a van, or a vehicle, the options are the same. You have the option of insuring yourself or your vehicle.

Can I get breakdown cover for a car and a motorcycle?

It may be less expensive than buying two separate plans, depending on your needs. Compare the costs of separate and combined insurance to find which is the most cost-effective.”

Do I want personal or vehicle breakdown cover?

Purchasing a personal breakdown cover is the best solution if you drive more than one vehicle. Whichever one you choose to drive, you can do so with confidence knowing you’re completely covered, and it’ll be considerably less expensive than buying multiple vehicle breakdown policies.

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It may be less expensive than buying two separate plans, depending on your needs. Compare the costs of separate and combined insurance to find which is the most cost-effective.\"

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Purchasing a personal breakdown cover is the best solution if you drive more than one vehicle. Whichever one you choose to drive, you can do so with confidence knowing you're completely covered, and it'll be considerably less expensive than buying multiple vehicle breakdown policies.

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