Family Breakdown Cover: Understanding How It Works

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Family breakdown insurance allows you to cover numerous people who live together on the same insurance policy. Even if they’re temporarily living away from home, spouses, family members, housemates, and children could be included. In this article, we will talk more about family car breakdown cover in comparison in the UK.

Family Breakdown Cover

As a general rule in the UK, a family breakdown policy will cover many people living at the same address, such as family members or friends, rather than requiring each person to purchase a separate breakdown insurance policy. This can save money, time, and aggravation in some cases.

How does family breakdown cover work?

Although plans vary amongst breakdown insurance companies, you can usually insure a number of people (often up to five) who all live at the same address, even if the policies differ. You don’t have to be driving when your car breaks down; you can be a passenger in a broken-down car and still have your breakdown covered.

What is included in the family breakdown cover?

Both the features and the level of coverage offered by family breakdown insurance policies vary from company to company. Generally speaking, the following is what you can expect:

#1. Roadside assistance in your area

In the event that your car or a car you’re traveling in breaks down, you’ll receive roadside help and transportation to a nearby garage for any repairs that cannot be handled at the roadside.

#2. National Roadside assistance.

If your car or the car you’re riding in breaks down somewhere, you have the option of deciding where the vehicle will be towed for repair if the mechanic is unable to fix it on the roadside.

#3. Home breakdown.

If your car or the car you’re traveling in breaks down or won’t start outside of your home and you’re near it, you’ll get help with repairs.

#4. Onward travel.

Your journey will go on even if your car or the vehicle you’re traveling in can’t be repaired right away. A new car or public transportation ticket may be available to you. Depending on the circumstances, you may be covered for a night’s lodging.

What is not included in the family breakdown cover?

Understand any possible exclusions that may invalidate your family breakdown insurance. If the following conditions are met, the insurance company may refuse to cover the claim:

The car is not properly maintained. Cars need regular maintenance, such as oil and tire checks, in order to function properly.

The car breaks down on private land. It’s possible that the recovery truck won’t be able to get to the land where you’re stuck.

The car breaks down after a collision. Recovery may be hampered while first responders deal with an accident. It is possible for some policies to exclude breakdown recovery after a car accident.

What are the different types of family breakdown insurance?

 It’s important to know what kinds of breakdown insurance are available. You have a few choices when it comes to family breakdown insurance:

#1. Coverage for common breakdowns.

This is typically a yearly subscription that you pay for. Your call-out and recovery costs will be covered by the level of breakdown insurance you purchase.

#2. Insurance Style.

You are responsible for paying for the towing or recovery of your vehicle and then claiming reimbursement from your insurance company.

Can a family breakdown policy save me money?

Whether or not you save money by purchasing family breakup insurance depends on your personal situation and the number of people you wish to include in the policy. ” With a family breakdown policy, some insurers may offer you a significant discount. Other times, it may be more cost-effective to purchase separate policies for each individual living at the same address.

Family Car Breakdown Cover

More than two individuals can be covered under a policy’s family coverage, although the exact maximum depends on the specific insurer. Each listed driver has access to all of the policy’s advantages. However, this is great for families with numerous drivers and vehicles. You have the option of customizing this cover and including options such as a home start.

The best option for someone who just uses one automobile is Vehicle Cover, which covers a specific vehicle regardless of who is driving it. Even for families who share one vehicle, it’s an excellent choice because you can design the policy to include features such as home start and onward travel.

As a result, if you select a nationwide recovery policy for your vehicle, it will receive an attempted roadside fix, as well as a tow to a place of your choice. Extras like a rental car and lodging charges may add a small amount to the cost of your insurance, but they could prove to be a valuable addition.

What is a Personal Breakdown Cover?

The personal breakdown cover is as easy to understand as it appears. As a result, you’re protected no matter what kind of vehicle you drive instead of only the one you own. This implies that you have a wide range of alternatives when it comes to insurance, including family coverage and passenger coverage. 

In spite of the higher annual premiums for personal breakdown cover, many of our customers think that the added security and greater advantages far surpass the minor premiums they pay for vehicle breakdown cover.

What Are the Advantages of Purchasing Personal Breakdown Insurance?

Before deciding which policy to purchase, everyone should be aware of a few additional benefits unique to personal breakdown cover. The most important ones are listed below:

#1. Coverage for the whole family

Personal breakdown cover isn’t just for you; you may add up to three other individuals to your policy, allowing you to cover your entire family. With family cover, you can ensure that everyone is insured in whatever car they drive, regardless of how many cars you have in your household.

#2. Cover for Passengers

This excellent advantage is included in the majority of our personal breakdown cover choices. You’ll still be protected if you’re a passenger in your own or someone else’s car when it breaks down. This is a huge aid in situations where you would otherwise be absolutely powerless.

Family Breakdown Cover Comparison

A family policy will provide the same amount of coverage for everyone, so think carefully about how much coverage you need. Choose from the following options:

#1. Roadside assistance

If your automobile cannot be repaired on the roadside, you can get to a nearby garage with the help of roadside assistance.

#2. Vehicle recovery 

If your car can’t be mended on the side of the road, then this service includes towing it to a destination of your choosing.

#3. Onward travel coverage

Insurance policies that include “onward travel” coverage pay for the expense of a rental automobile so that you can continue your journey in the event your vehicle cannot be repaired immediately.

#4. Home start

If your car breaks down while you’re at home, this policy will take care of you.

This table displays the various coverage options that each company provides. Compare as many quotations as possible to locate insurance at the lowest price. 

How to find the best breakdown policy for your family

Consider how many people you’d like to safeguard and what kind of security measures you’ll need to put in place. Five members of the same household may be covered by a single breakdown policy, provided that everyone lives at the same address.

Family Breakdown Cover UK

Below are the various kinds of family breakdown covers found in the UK. Let us take a look at them one after another.

#1. Allianz Assistance


  • European Breakdown Cover is one of five roadside assistance packages that you can choose from. 
  • Since 1978, we’ve had a lot of experience getting people back on the road. 
  • 24-hour breakdown assistance and car recovery are included in the price of the car. 
  • Up to five call-outs a year. 
  • Before having your car towed away, try to get it fixed. You should be able to do an hour of work on the roadside on all cover levels. 

#2. Cover My Breakdown


  • As long as you have a cover for your car, no matter who drives it. Cover for you, so that no matter what kind of car you’re driving, you know you won’t be stuck if you break down. 
  • Will make sure you and your passengers can still get where you need to go with another mode of transportation, like a rental car. 
  • In case you need help with your car at any time, a network of skilled mechanics is ready to help you at any time. 
  • There are no call-out fees and a 24-hour UK-based call center if you get stuck

#3. RAC Rescue

Members of the RAC have access to a wide range of motoring products and services, from familiar and much-needed roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown to the most up-to-date legal and technical advice and the most up-to-date travel information.

#4. The AA


  • The AA is there for you around the clock if you have a problem more than 1/4 mile from home.
  • If we can’t fix your car on the roadside, then we’ll take it to a nearby garage.
  • unrestricted call outs
  • With our Accident Assist service, we’ll be there to help you if you get into an accident.
  • Add extra levels of insurance to your policy so you can get a package that fits your needs, as well!

#5. QDOS Breakdown


  • As soon as you have a problem with your computer, QDOS Breakdown will be there for you at all times.
  • The fastest time that other people thought about getting help (36 minutes).
  • As a rule, the price of insurance starts at £11.99.
  • UK and EU policies for the whole year and for individual trips across Europe are available, as well as policies for single trips.
  • We have some of the best prices in the industry for all our different kinds of goods.
  • Covering more risks than most standard breakdown policies, such as accident recovery and running out of fuel or using the wrong fuel, this policy is more comprehensive than many.
  • This is a simple and easy-to-use e-commerce website made by you.

#6. Rescue My Car


  • Rescue My Car Breakdown Cover starts at just £16 a month and comes with unlimited call-outs on all of its policies.
  • Our in-house contact center team is there for you around the clock, every day of the year.
  • If your car breaks down, we also have a network of more than 4000 independent breakdown recovery operators across the country, which can help us get to you faster because our agents know more about the area where you live.
  • 5 Star-rated Home and National breakdown cover is one of the best on the market. It’s one of the best deals available.

Family Breakdown Cover FAQs

What is family cover on breakdown cover?

A family breakdown policy will cover many people living at the same address, such as family members or friends, rather than requiring each person to purchase a separate breakdown insurance policy.

Which breakdown cover is best in UK?

Below are the various kinds of family breakdown cover found in the UK. Let us take a look at them one after another.

  • #1. Allianz Assistance 
  • #2. Cover My Breakdown
  • #3. RAC Rescue
  • #4. The AA
  • #5. QDOS Breakdown
  • #1. Allianz Assistance 
  • #2. Cover My Breakdown
  • #3. RAC Rescue
  • #4. The AA
  • #5. QDOS Breakdown
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