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Mobile phones are not just phones anymore, or handhelds, as they are formally called. They’re more personal than anything we regard as a personal belonging. They’ve progressively become our cameras, notepads, alarm clocks, business places, music players, taxi finders, etc. As a matter of fact, they’ve become a part of our daily lives. However, being without a phone or internet connection for days might be a nightmare. So, if your phone isn’t working, everything else comes to a halt. As a result, there is a need for mobile insurance. Choosing mobile insurance companies or a company to protect your phone is a wise move. And thus, in this article, we will explore what you need to know about mobile insurance, especially for UK citizens, how to buy and make a claim on mobile phone insurance, and what it covers.

Mobile Insurance UK

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and we now rely on them for almost everything. As a result, if your phone is lost or damaged, you may feel helpless without it. Investing in mobile phone insurance is one way to safeguard yourself.

According to Mintel research, nearly a quarter (24%) of smartphone owners in the UK have had their screen shattered at least once. As a result, having mobile insurance might provide you with a sense of security. If something unfortunate happens to your phone, your mobile phone insurance will cover it. You can rest easy knowing that repairing or replacing it will not cost you a tonne of money.

Thus, mobile insurance is an insurance policy that covers the expense of your mobile phone In the event that your mobile phone is stolen, destroyed, or broken. However, Is it necessary, and are these policies good value for money?

Is Mobile Insurance Necessary?

There are a variety of reasons why mobile phone insurance may appear to be a good idea. For example, if the following occurs:

  • Have a history of phone losses, thefts, or breakages?
  • It is likely that you have an expensive smartphone and/or are tied to a long-term agreement.
  • You couldn’t afford to replace the phone, and you didn’t want to risk downgrading to a less expensive model either.
  • Your cell phone is essential to your daily life, and if it were lost, stolen, or damaged, you would require an immediate replacement (keep in mind that you’d need to choose an insurance policy that provides a rapid replacement service; not all of them do, unfortunately).

However, while all of these points may be correct, mobile phone insurance is not always the best solution. For instance:

  • It is frequently prohibitively pricey.
  • There are more cost-effective alternatives available as well.
  • Many insurance contracts contain exclusions that make it difficult to make a claim under them. Examples include the fact that, while most insurance policies cover the cost of replacing apps and music, they do not provide any protection against the loss of data.

What Does Mobile Insurance Cover?

Mobile phone insurance in the UK, at its most basic level, protects you in the event that your phone is:

  •  Lost
  •  Stolen
  •  Damaged.

Some policies also provide coverage for the following items:

  • Unauthorized telephone calls
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Headphone sockets
  • Cellphone accessories 
  • protection both abroad and in the UK
  • Apps, games, music, and other useful material are available.
  • Malicious damage
  • Broken buttons

However, policies differ greatly in terms of the coverage they provide and the ‘exclusions’ (things that aren’t covered).

What Does Mobile Insurance Not Cover?

Here are some of the most common exclusions seen in insurance policies:


Suppose you drive off with your cell phone on the roof of your car. If you didn’t take reasonable care, your insurance company might not pay your claim. In the same way, you won’t be covered if you deliberately caused the damage 

#2. Theft while unattended

There is a good chance that you won’t get any money back because you left your phone on the seat of your car or on a table in a cafe.

Check your policy or ask your insurance company for more information.

#3. Delays in reporting a lost or stolen phone

Make sure you report your phone as soon as possible

 if it goes missing.

If you wait more than 24 hours (or even 12 hours for some insurers) before reporting it to them and/or the police, some insurers will refuse to cover you, either for the phone or for unauthorized calls and downloads.

#4. Damage caused by water

Check that your coverage covers you for water damage if you’re likely to drop your phone in the toilet or leave it in your trousers while they’re being washed—some don’t.

You may find that you aren’t protected because you haven’t taken reasonable care.

#5. No SIM card or a SIM card that isn’t the original

If you don’t have the original SIM card in your phone—possibly because you switched providers and inserted a new SIM card, or because you’re temporarily using a different device—you might not be covered.

#6. It’s possible that you won’t get a new phone as a replacement.

If your phone is broken or damaged, some insurers will attempt to repair it or offer you a refurbished phone rather than replacing it.

If that’s the issue, you should expect to be without a phone while it is undergoing repair.

This can take anywhere from four to seven days.

#7. Teenagers

If you—or the child you’re buying it for—are under the age of 16, you might have trouble finding coverage (or 18 in some cases).

How Much Does Mobile Phone Insurance Cost?

Mobile phone insurance in the UK isn’t always inexpensive, and the price is dependent on factors such as the phone’s brand, model, and coverage level.

Rather than merely looking for the cheapest deal, make sure you choose an insurance policy that gives you the coverage you require. It’s usually a good idea to shop around for phone insurance. The way you pay (annual or monthly payments) and any other features you add to your coverage might also influence the price.

However, there are other options for lowering the cost of your phone insurance and finding a low-cost mobile phone insurance policy that matches your needs.

Get a multi-gadget discount

 Some mobile insurance companies in the UK may give you a discount if you buy gadget insurance for many devices at the same time. As a way to save money on mobile insurance, you could consider insuring all of your family’s phones under one policy.

Make an annual payment

Many mobile insurance companies in the UK will offer you a discount if you pay for your coverage in full rather than in monthly installments. It’s a good idea to acquire cheap mobile phone insurance if you can afford it.

Decide on a higher excess

 Accepting a higher excess if you need to make a claim can help you save money on phone insurance. However, keep in mind that the excess will reduce any claim you make. As a result, you must ensure that you can afford it.

How To Claim On Your Mobile Insurance

If your phone is missing or stolen, call your local police station as soon as you detect it and write down the incident number.

You should also contact your service provider to have your service terminated and to prevent unauthorized use of your phone. Then you should report the claim to your insurance company:

Let your insurer know you need to submit a claim on your mobile device by calling their claims number (found on your insurance documentation).

Describe what happened to your phone. Although you may be asked to fill out a claims form, some insurers can accept your information over the phone.

Fill out any papers and send any supporting documents your insurer has requested.

Information To Submit When Filing A Claim On Mobile Insurance

What information should you submit when filing a claim?

If your phone is brand new, you may be asked to submit a receipt of purchase to prove that it is registered in your name.

It’s possible that you’ll be asked to send images to confirm that:

  • You own the phone, as evidenced by a photograph of you holding it.
  • Your phone has sustained some damage.
  • You may also be required to provide payment for your insurance excess, which may be deducted automatically from the cost of your claim.

Check your policy documentation for a complete list of what your insurer requires from you if you file a mobile insurance claim.

How Can Your Mobile Insurance Claim Be Resolved?

Your insurer will investigate the claim on your mobile insurance and inform you of the options for resolving it, which include:

  • Repair \sReplacement
  • Bank transfer or cheque

This procedure takes two working days on average, but if your phone needs to be fixed, it could take weeks to get it back to you.

Before your insurer settles your mobile insurance claim, you may be asked to pay the outstanding balance of your premium. If you pay in monthly instalments, you’ll have to pay off the remaining balance before your insurance provider will repair or replace your phone.

Mobile Insurance Companies

According to research, the companies listed below are the top mobile phone insurance Companies in the UK, offering the finest coverage and pricing to assist you in safeguarding your cell phones from unforeseen circumstances.

#1. Switched on Insurance

Switched On was consistently the cheapest insurance for quick accidental damage, theft, and loss protection, from the iPhone 13 (128GB) to the Google Pixel 5. Prices for Apple’s newest device start at £5 per month (accidental damage and mechanical breakdown cover only). When you add theft and loss coverage, your monthly price drops to £5.75, making it the cheapest of all the mobile insurance companies we looked at.

While the excess varies from £50 to £150 depending on the item being protected, there is an additional £50 excess for any claims made within the first 31 days. Switched On won’t insure anything older than 36 months, but you can have up to ten gadgets on one policy.

#2. Mobile Phone Insurance Direct

Although Mobile Phone Insurance Direct isn’t the cheapest, its policies more than make up for it. Its cheapest iPhone 13 (128GB) insurance policy is £6 per month and covers accidental damage, mechanical breakdown, and theft. It also includes loss protection for £6.49 each month.

Mobile Phone Insurance Direct stands out since it covers you overseas for 365 days a year, which is ideal if you travel frequently. In comparison to its competitors, it also has a reduced range of excess to pay when filing a claim. You’ll spend between £40 and £75 depending on the device. However, claims for accidental damage or theft/loss made during the first 30 days of your policy will cost you an extra £40 or £60.

#3. So-sure

While So-Sure is one of the cheapest comprehensive covers for an iPhone 13 (128GB), it may not be the ideal solution if you frequently lose your phone.

You’ll pay £6.09 every month for accidental damage, theft, and loss. Excess ranges from £50-£150 and can be calculated by sending So, Sure, a photograph of your phone—which means another camera or shooting in front of a mirror!

When insuring a Google Pixel 5 (£5.99/month) or a 128GB Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (£7.99), So-Sure is the second-cheapest insurer.

There is only one handset per policy, so there is no discount for ‘bundling’ numerous devices.

Customers can only file two theft or loss claims each year. Some mobile insurance companies do not put any limits on the number of claims you can make in a year.

#4. Cover My

Keeping your iPhone 13 (128GB) safe against theft and loss costs £5.34 each month, and accidental damage costs an extra 77p. Like Switched On, the excess varies from £50 to £150 based on the coverage, with an additional £50 if you claim within 30 days of purchase. Plus, claims are unlimited.

Unlike Switched On, Cover My does not cover devices older than 12 months.

Cover My offers 90 days of protection against Switched On’s 120 days.

#5. Love it Cover it

Love It Cover it policies start at £6.29 per month for the latest iPhone. That includes accidental damage and theft. You pay £7.29 per month if you add loss protection.

Love It cover it works with AXA, a well-known insurance company. Using your phone when traveling gives you year-round coverage, wherever you are in the world.

Many mobile insurance companies in the UK only cover phones within a specified age range. In this case, it’s a 36-month-old phone.

Bundling up to ten phones on the same policy saves you 10%, and paying annually gets you a free month of cover.

The excess on the latest iPhones can be as high as £175, although it starts at £60.

#6. Cover cloud

For your iPhone 13 (128GB), Policy Cloud doesn’t offer the cheapest comprehensive cover around, but it doesn’t limit your annual claim numbers, and it covers you when you’re abroad.

Accidental damage, loss, and theft protection cost £7.26 per month to buy mobile phone insurance. If you don’t need loss protection, your monthly rates drop to £6.56. Cover Cloud performs equally well on non-iPhone devices as it does on iPhones.

The excess varies based on the device, and coverage is instant if your phone is 60 days old or newer. Any older, and you’ll have to wait two weeks. Finally, Cover Cloud protects 12-month-old handsets.

#7. Trusted insurances

Trusted offers quick cover and unlimited claims, but it gives limited coverage when bringing your phone abroad.

Accidental damage, loss, and theft insurance is £8 per month, with a £50 excess if you make a claim within 31 days of signing up.

Tried and true: Trusted covers phones up to 36 months old. However, its price is similar to iPhones for non-Apple phones.

#8. Swipe insurance

#9. Protect your bubble

How To Buy Mobile Phone Insurance

A mobile phone contract will almost always include the option to buy insurance coverage from the company that is providing the service. You are under no obligation to buy mobile phone insurance, and you must choose whether it is the best decision for you.

Other Ways include:

Getting Home Insurance

Ordinarily, adding your phone as a property outside your home insurance policy is the most cost-effective solution. This will be significantly less expensive than other methods of insuring your phone, and it will also cover your other belongings. However, it’s critical to double-check the excess on your home insurance policy, as it may be as much as £100 or even higher. It’s also important to know that including your phone in your house insurance coverage may result in increased premiums. If you don’t file any claims on your house insurance policy, you will almost always receive a discount. This implies that if you file a claim for your phone, the cost of your house insurance may rise as a result.

Gadgets Only Insurance

You can buy a mobile phone-specific insurance policy. This is sometimes known as gadget insurance, and there are a variety of coverage options in it. This is generally the most cost-effective option to protect your phone, and you can find that the insurance covers everything you need. Make sure you read through your insurer’s policy terms and conditions properly.

You have a 14-day cooling-off period after you buy mobile phone insurance and decide you don’t want it. This means you have up to 30 days to cancel your insurance and receive a full refund.


The article above covers everything you need to know about mobile phone insurance. It’s simple; you know yourself and your phone, and you know how cautious you are as a person. Ask for inquiries, survey different UK mobile phone insurance companies, and decide for yourself whether this is crucial for you to buy and whether it’s worth taking based on the results of your check.


Can I buy phone insurance after purchase?

Yes, many insurance providers will allow you to insure a used cellphone. In some cases, however, you may need to go through some additional steps. For instance, AppleCare+ customers can insure their iPhones within 60 days of purchase.

What is covered under mobile insurance?

Mobile insurance offers coverage for various kinds of damage to the mobile. … Replacing or repairing the lost or damaged phone within 48 hours of reporting the incident. Protection against accidental damage. Coverage against liquid damage of the mobile.

How do I claim mobile insurance?

Mobile Insurance Claim Process:

In order to file a claim, you must provide the insurance provider with the purchase invoice or bill for your smartphone, along with its serial number. Also, you must file an FIR (first instance report) for the missing phone within the first 24 hours following its theft or loss.

Does AppleCare replace lost phones?

iPhone Theft and Loss Claims

If it’s AppleCare+ that covers your phone Theft and Loss, you can file a claim for an iPhone replacement. Use the Find My iPhone app or go to to mark your iPhone as lost. Do not remove your device from your account until approval is given.

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Mobile insurance offers coverage for various kinds of damage to the mobile. ... Replacing or repairing the lost or damaged phone within 48 hours of reporting the incident. Protection against accidental damage. Coverage against liquid damage of the mobile.

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Mobile Insurance Claim Process:

In order to file a claim, you must provide the insurance provider with the purchase invoice or bill for your smartphone, along with its serial number. Also, you must file an FIR (first instance report) for the missing phone within the first 24 hours following its theft or loss.

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iPhone Theft and Loss Claims

If it's AppleCare+ that covers your phone Theft and Loss, you can file a claim for an iPhone replacement. Use the Find My iPhone app or go to to mark your iPhone as lost. Do not remove your device from your account until approval is given.

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