Collingwood Insurance Reviews 2023 | How it Works, Quote, and Coverage

collingwood car insurance reviews
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As a new driver looking for a specialised car insurance policy, Collingwood car insurance can be an excellent option for you.

Collingwood Insurance is one of the top insurance companies in UK that provides top-notch and high standard insurance policies.

This car insurance option specializes in learner driver insurance and insurance for young drivers.

Not only do they provide a high-standard car insurance policy, but they took a further step to ensure a flexible policy that accommodates learners.

To learn more about car insurance, read this article.

This article contains Collingwood car insurance reviews. In this review, you will learn how Collingwood insurance policy works, its coverage, and its pros and cons.

About Collingwood Car Insurance

Collingwood car insurance is ideal for learners and new drivers seeking specialized vehicle insurance.

This is because of their positive customer reviews and plans tailored to the needs of a learner driver.

This insurance option was named a Customer Service Champion and Highly Commended for Best Specialist Insurance Provider at the Insurance Choice Awards 2019.

In fact, this is one unique feature that distinguishes it from other insurance platforms.

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How Collingwood Insurance Works

Collingwood Insurance offers different insurance options. They have learned about driver coverage, car coverage, and lots more.

Aside from that, Collingwood also specializes in the following products:

  • Insurance for new drivers is available on an annual basis.
  • Learner Driver Insurance for a Limited Time
  • Insurance for Young Drivers
  • Professionals
  • Insurance for Vans
  • Insurance for taxis
  • Plus Collingwood (for convictions, driving bans, etc.)
  • Over the age of 50

Collingwood Learner Drivers’ Insurance

Collingwood’s learner driver policies provide several useful features. You can choose Third Party, Third Party Fire, and Theft, or Fully Comprehensive coverage. Any of them can meet your provisional insurance requirements.

Third-party insurance only covers harm or loss to other individuals or property. Comprehensive coverage is required if you wish to protect your car in the event of damage or theft.

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Collingwood Learner Driver Policy Types

There are different types of Collingwood Learner Policies. They include:

Annual Learner Policy:

Collingwood will pay you a pro rata reimbursement for the remaining insurance you didn’t use if you take out an annual learner policy and pass. You can pay monthly or annually, and there are no cancellation fees.

Short Term Learner Policy:

Get coverage for as little as 28 days, with the option to top up for as little as 7 days if you need to extend your coverage.

Collingwood learner driver insurance Coverage

Collingwood Learner Insurance covers:

Policy Options:

With policy options, drivers can choose between an annual learner policy and a short-term learner policy. You can also cancel and get a refund as soon as you’ve passed.

Note both offer flexibility in terms of coverage length without the excessive change fees found on many other plans.

Instant coverage:

With this option, you may gain coverage right away, which is ideal for inexperienced drivers who can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

Quotes can be saved, or you can “buy now” to purchase your cover once everything is in order. Also, through your online account, you can read or download your documents right now.

Lots of Information

Collingwood offers a comprehensive collection of FAQs on its website to answer the many questions you’ll undoubtedly have.

For parents

Collingwood’s “separate named driver learner policy” is a supplement to your vehicle insurance policy if your child is learning in your car.

This implies that if your child has an accident and needs to file a claim, it will not reduce your insurance’s no-claims bonus.

Other Extras available options

Aside from the above-listed coverages, Collingwood insurance has other options available. They include:

  • AA Breakdown Cover: Roadside Assistance and Roadside Assistance and Relay are two levels of coverage.
  • Personal Accident and Accidental Death Benefit: Pays a benefit to the insured in the case of a loss, death, or bodily harm caused by a road traffic accident while driving or traveling in the covered vehicle.
  • Claims Assist Service: If you need to pursue your legal rights after a non-fault road traffic collision, the Claims Assist Service can help. Benefits include filing a claim for death or personal injury, recovering uninsured damages, and receiving legal guidance.
  • Excess Protection Coverage: protects the policyholder and named driver by allowing them to collect some or all of the excess if it is not recovered from a responsible third party.
  • Key Cover: Up to £500 towards the replacement of a car key or replacement locks with a Key Cover.

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Collingwood Learner Insurance Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees vary depending on the type of policy you have. According to Collingwood’s business terms, below are their standard car insurance fees:

Collingwood Administration Fees

  • New Business and Renewal Insurance services processing Fee : £68.50
  • Card processing fee: £-
  • Mid-term adjustment administration fee: £25
  • Hard copy of policy documentation: £25
  • Cancellation fee: £30

Collingwood Insurance’s policy on cancellation

Understanding the following terms will help you learn how Collingwood Insurance’s policy on cancellation works:

1. Cancellation of the Annual Learner Policy:

You’ll get a pro-rata reimbursement if you cancel your annual learner coverage. This considers the days on the cover and the £68.50 non-refundable intermediary fee included in the pricing. Any days that were not used were repaid.

2. Short-Term Learner Cancellation:

If you cancel a short-term learner policy with a length of fewer than 30 days, you will not receive a refund.

Also, if you have a policy that is longer than 30 days, you can cancel within 14 days after receiving your policy documents and get a refund.

If your coverage does not begin during this 14-day period, you will receive a full refund of your money.

Further, you can cancel your policy after the 14-day cancellation period, but you will not receive a refund. The charge for the middleman is nonrefundable.

How to Get Collingwood Insurance Quote?

You may either go directly to Collingwood’s website or use a comparison service like our partner QuoteZone to receive a price.

What is the Cost of Getting Collingwood Learner Insurance?

The cost of Collingwood Learner Insurance differs by policy. The table below explains it better:

Your Cost for Learner CoverShort TermAnnual
4 weeks£114.78£86.31
8 weeks£206.06£104.12
12 weeks£235.96£121.92
16 weeks£308.07£139.73
20 weeks£363.54£157.54
24 weeks£396.82£175.35

From the table above, the cost of getting a short-term learned policy and that of an annual policy were calculated at the same number of weeks.

We included Insurance Premium Tax and the non-refundable Intermediary Service Fees in the computation.

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Other Information to Note:

  • You can’t add optional add-ons like breakdown cover after the policy has been purchased, so make sure you include them upfront.
  • While Collingwood transmits new policies to the DVLA daily, the DVLA may take a few days to upload the information, so don’t worry if your insurance doesn’t appear on the MID right away. Check your Certificate of Insurance online to be sure you’re protected to drive lawfully.
  • At any point, the Collingwood learner driver policy does not provide coverage for driving on a highway.
  • Your excess may increase if you don’t report any occurrences resulting in automobile damage within 24 hours.


The desire of every potential insurer is to get an insurance policy that bests suits him. Giving you the best is Collingwood car insurance’s core value.

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