Hedgehog Insurance Reviews 2023 | How it Operates

Hedgehog Insurance Reviews

When it comes to finding an affordable insurance company in the UK with a strong range of benefits, Hedgehog is a good brand to consider. 

Customers praise the company’s accessibility and affordability, while Defaqto gave Hedgehog five stars for its features. 

Mulsanne Insurance Company Limited underwrites hedgehog policies. And they are the world’s tenth-biggest corporation by revenue, despite not being one of the largest UK car insurance firms.

Reading this article will educate you on many things about Hedgehog insurance and how it operates.

About Hedgehog Insurance Company

Hedgehog Insurance Company, founded in 2018, is a company that provides insurance to hedgehogs.

Hedgehog Insurance is a vehicle insurance firm based in Cardiff, Wales, that only sells policies online.

Its founders aimed to aid higher-risk drivers, such as those with points on their license or a driving conviction, who were compelled to pay higher premiums.

Because Hedgehog is solely online, it can provide discounts to such consumers and receive lower-cost insurance.

Who is the owner of Hedgehog Insurance?

The Mulsanne is a portion of it. In 2010, Mulsanne Insurance Company Limited was founded.

Mulsanne Insurance Company Limited, a multinational corporation in the UK, is one of the world’s largest revenue firms and consistently ranks among the top ten worldwide corporations in the United Kingdom.

Hedgehog is an online-only insurance company that may pass along any cost savings to customers as they lower automobile insurance prices.

Is Hedgehog an insurance company?

Hedgehog is an automobile insurance company that is licensed to sell insurance by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Customer support and claims processing for policyholders are handled by Hedgehog Insurance in Cardiff, Wales.

Car insurance policies for hedgehogs

Hedgehog is an automobile insurance company that offers three different levels of coverage:

  • comprehensive
  • Third parties, fire, 
  • Theft

Remember that Hedgehog Insurance offers temporary car insurance, multi-vehicle coverage, and discounts when clients insure multiple cars on the same insurance policy registered at the same address.

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What Does Hedgehog’s Standard auto insurance Cover?

I include the following features as standard with Hedgehog Insurance comprehensive automobile insurance:

  • Coverage for driving in another country for up to 90 days
  • Accidental damage
  • Coverage for misfuel
  • Replacement of a new vehicle
  • Cover for the windscreen
  • Unintentional injury
  • Health-care costs
  • Covers for car seats
  • covers audio and navigational devices, personal items, and lock replacement.

Note it may cover policyholders with Hedgehog comprehensive insurance to drive other vehicles if they meet specific requirements.

What does Hedgehog Comprehensive vehicle insurance cover?

Comprehensive car insurance takes care of the following:

Coverage for a breakdown

Breakdown coverage is an optional addition that can be added or removed from the insurance policy, depending on the discretion of the driver. There are four tiers of coverage available:

Recovering the basics 

This level of coverage includes roadside assistance, other modes of transportation, and overnight accommodations if necessary.

National resurgence 

This coverage level includes everything from the basic recovery coverage level to nationwide recovery services.

Assistance in the home

This coverage level includes everything in the basic recovery coverage level, plus home help in case of a breakdown in Europe. 

This insurance level includes everything stated under the home assistance cover option, plus the Pre-Departure coverage option, which covers international travel.

Courtesy vehicle

There is no option for a car rental. On the other hand, Hedgehog insurance includes a courtesy car for a minimum of 14 days as standard. 

There is, however, a way to improve this coverage by extending the time frame to 21 days. Notably, courtesy cars are only available when a Hedgehog-approved UK repairer fixes the vehicle.

Unintentional injury

The Personal Injury coverage given by Hedgehog Insurance allows for the following in the event of an accident in the covered vehicle that leads to death or disablement within 3 months, whether permanent or temporary:

  • £2,500 in the event of death as a result of the accident
  • £1,500 for permanently losing any limb above the wrist or ankle.
  • £1,500 for total and irreversible vision loss in one or both eyes.

Cover for the windscreen.

Hedgehog Insurance provides windscreen cover and a value of £500 to cover the cost of repairs for broken windows or windscreen glass (excluding sunroof or paranormal glass) if the damage to the windscreen would cause the vehicle to fail an M.O.T. test.

If you need to report a glass breakage, contact Hedgehog’s partner Autoglass directly or visit their website. Autoglass is the UK’s leading car glass repair company, open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hedgehog only offers automotive legal insurance with a greater than 50% possibility of winning the case and obtaining a favourable result.

If this is possible, a contribution of £100,000 would be offered to cover the following costs:

  • Legal assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days.
  • Insurance to pay the costs of resolving certain sorts of disputes.

What are the other optional extras included by Hedgehog auto insurance?

Customers can also choose from a variety of supplementary extras with Hedgehog Insurance:

  • Coverage for a breakdown
  • Legal assistance
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Cover for the windscreen
  • Improved key cover
  • Personal accident 

When it comes to breakdown coverage, policyholders have the option of choosing between basic, national, home help, or European coverage.

What is the cost of Hedgehog auto insurance?

Below are some examples of vehicle insurance quotes from Hedgehog:

Drivers’ age – A monthly fee

  • £104,21 for an 18-year-old
  • £42,98 for a 40-year-old
  • £3169 for a 60-year-old

The cost of Hedgehog insurance car coverage varies greatly depending on several criteria, including:

  • The age of the driver
  • The day they were issued their driver’s license
  • The type of vehicle
  • Repair costs should be expected if the car is damaged
  • The car’s performance, safety, and security
  • The driver’s address and how congested the streets are in the area
  • Who is the car’s driver? (any additional driver on the policy)
  • Accident and claim history of the driver (number of injuries, No Claim Bonus etc.)
  • Taxes on insurance.

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How do you make a claim on your Hedgehog car insurance policy?

Depending on the nature of your claim, you should call a different number.

Call the specialist Hedgehog claim team, a UK-based call centre available 24/7 at 0330 058 7330, to register a regular claim or a car accident with Hedgehog.

To claim glass damage, call Hedgehog’s partner Autoglass at 0344 248 2164 or visit the Autoglass website.

To make a breakdown claim, call 0333 043 8665 (standard cover) or 0333 016 4150. (Premier cover). Then 0333 344 2564 for legal assistance.

Remember, always prepare ahead of time to make a claim on your auto insurance:

The fact that you have a policy number proves that you have made a claim.

How do you cancel your Hedgehog car insurance?

Because car insurance is a legal obligation, Hedgehog will automatically renew your policy after the policy period without your permission. 

Hedgehog, on the other hand, must send you a renewal notification 7 to 21 days before your contract expires. 

As a result, you will have 14 days – the cooling-off period – to cancel your insurance at a reduced rate.

You can cancel optional extras or your entire Hedgehog auto insurance policy through your customer interface. 

When you click the cancel option, you’ll be given a list of the cancellation fees you’ll have to pay and any remaining balance.

You will not receive a premium refund unless you cancel within the cooling-off period.

You’ll need to prepare several documents, including:

your policy number (located in the upper right corner of your documents); your bank account information; and, if there are any cancellation fees, your payment method.

Hedgehog Insurance login

Hedgehog insurance login is very easy and simple. Just click https://www.hedgehoginsurance.com/login, and you’re in.

Hedgehog Insurance Company Website


How do I get in touch with my hedgehog insurance company?

Customer care can be reached at help@hedgehoginsurance.com or chat with us online if you have an urgent question. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., excluding holidays.

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Hedgehog Insurance Customer’s Reviews

Here are what Hedgehog insurance users have to say about their services:

Hello, your internet service is adequate, but I would want to speak with someone. When I apply for something significant, such as vehicle insurance, I become apprehensive since I have to negotiate with a live person. Regards,  – Miss Talat Salehivaziri

It’s quite simple to use. There have been no issues for me. -Samantha Garside

So far, the most straightforward car insurance provider I’ve dealt with. Excellent service at a reasonable price! – Mr. Craig

Quick and effective. – Mrs. Lan Lee

This is my second year with this firm. Renewal pricing is fantastic. Unlike most other companies I’ve dealt with in the past, Hedgehog offered me a cheaper renewal pricing without requiring me to obtain a new quote. – Ms. Michelle Stevens

Thank you for making it so simple to use and comprehend. – Miss Sonia Malcolm

It’s simple enough.– Mr. Casey Oreilly

Easy to use and user-pleasant website, I know everything I need to regarding the insurance given. Very quick and easy transaction, with all documentation and payments in one spot for peace of mind. Very nicely done. – Mr. Richard Broad

Nice and easy service to use. Mr Bartlomiej Powalacz

Thank you for providing me with the information I needed. – Mrs. Anita Carver

Other Customers’ Reviews include:

Car insurance was arranged in 5-10 minutes and was simple to explore and comprehend. – Mr. Fander Henriques

I’m not sure what to say. My renewal quote from my current insurance company was half the price. It took 10 minutes to purchase the coverage and another 10 minutes to receive an email stating that no evidence of NCD was required. –Mr. Ryan Huskinson

That is a great quote, and it’s simple to put together. – Hayley Knight

Purchase is simple, and only a small deposit. – Anonymous

It’s a nice and simple way to buy insurance. – Mr. Luis Ferreira

Hedgehog has made my life a lot easier. Simple to use (through the internet) and reasonable pricing compared to other companies. I haven’t had a claim yet, so I can’t comment on how good the support will be. – Anonymous


Hedgehog is an online auto insurance provider with reasonable rates and useful features. Thus, it can be an excellent option to explore if you prefer to contact customer service via online chat rather than over the phone.



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