Aviva Landlord Insurance Reviews

Aviva landlord insurance

Aviva landlord insurance will cover the cost of rebuilding or replacing your property if it is damaged. So that you and your tenants can return to normalcy as soon as possible. Aviva landlord insurance includes arranging and paying for your tenant’s housing.

If they are unable to stay due to property damage, they will reimburse you for any lost rent – until they repair or replace your property.

If you’ve heard of Aviva insurance companies and want to learn more about them and what kind of feedback they get, then you have found the right article for it.

Aviva landlord insurance

Landlord insurance when viewed at first may appear similar to home insurance, home owner-occupiers often arrange them. Landlord home insurance involves typically two cover areas, contents and building insurance.

Whereas building insurance covers a property’s structural representation and fabrics, from the roof to the foundations. Content insurance means that, as a landlord, tenant, homeowner, or occupier, all of the items inside your home, other than the walls and ceiling, are covered.

This means that if any of those items are stolen or damaged as a result of a flood, earthquake, theft, or other accidental damages and or covered perils, your policy provider will repair or replace them.

How Aviva insurance works.

The cost of rebuilding or repairing your damaged properties is covered by Aviva landlord insurance. Assume your rented building was destroyed, damaged, or slightly affected by a flood, for example. Their policy would cover the cost of repairing, rebuilding or replacing damaged properties or buildings.

Note that, for a specific thing to be covered by your policy depends on whether you got your cover for contents or building.If the cover you got is for content, then means, that when the structural part of the property is damaged, maybe a leaking roof, your policy will not cover it.

If also, your cover is for building, that means that when maybe the TV set in your apartment(rented) or any other item you may have in your house are damaged.

Your policy will not cover the cost of repayment or replacement. But, it is also a very possible action, to get your cover for both the building and the content. Whether as a first-time landlord who is looking for buy-to-let property investment,

You still need to secure your investment, when your tenants decide to move because your property is uninhabitable, If your insurance cover is from Aviva, they will cover the cost of arrangement and pay for new accommodation for them.

What Aviva landlord insurance covers

There are a lot of offers and benefits that come with getting your insurance policy from Aviva.

One of them is protection against damage or loss from the following;

  • Fire
  • Storm
  • Flood
  • Theft
  • Subsidence

Additional cover

Outside protection against damage caused by the above listed, Aviva landlord insurance offers to protect you against some of the risks and costs associated with renting out a property. This may include;

  • Loss of rent to cover
  • Alternative accommodation expenses

#1 Cover for your mortar and bricks:

This means that the structural features of your house are covered when if they get destroyed or stolen. This cover includes also permanent fixtures and fitting, like built-in wardrobes and a fitted kitchen.

#2 Contents cover:

Contents insurance is the cover for the items you have put on your property, Curtains, foam, hangers, and so on. The company will cover the cost of repairing or replacing any items on your property that are damaged. You will receive an unlimited amount of content cover, which will protect you against any damage to your property, such as theft, flood, or accidental damage. This does not imply that your tenant’s belongings are also covered; they must obtain tenant insurance to cover their content.

#3 Cost of replacement:

They will cover the cost of replacing your home’s locks and keys if they are lost or stolen. The cost of replacing locks or keys is covered up to £1,000. This cover is intended for alarm systems, exterior doors, and other home safes.

#4 Liability protection:

As the owner of a rented property, you may be held liable in some circumstances. You are liable if your tenant or their visitors are injured. Perhaps the damage to their property as well. Even if it is not your legal right, such cases may arise, and some tenants or people may be like that in nature. When you purchase a policy from AVIVA, you will receive premium coverage.

Why you need landlord insurance

It is not a legally required situation, but landlord insurance could be very useful to have on hand in case an issue arises, such as damage that requires you to pay for the cost of repair or replacement.

My Aviva

MyAviva is a simple way to view and manage all of your Aviva insurance, savings, and investment policies in one place, whether you’re at home or on the go. It is extremely safe to use, simple, and secure, and it works on all devices. It is compatible with both a laptop and a mobile phone. My Aviva is only available to current Aviva insurance customers.

So, once you’ve started your Aviva insurance journey, one of the first things you should do is set up your ‘My Aviva’ account. It allows you to keep track of ongoing activities and also informs you about new products available at Aviva. You can also access all your policies and make adjustments where and when necessary.

Also, You can update your contact information any time of the day, and any day of the week, where ever you are.

How much does Aviva landlord insurance cost?

There are few things that can change and make the cost of your Aviva landlord insurance premium

Either cheaper or costlier, including:

  • The sum insured: If you are requesting a high amount for the coverage of your properties, then you are most likely to pay for protection.
  • The building. How old your property is in addition to what it is made from can cause damage.
  • The location. Some risks such as flooding, storms or theft, are more often in certain areas, and insurance providers will take this to note when working out the total cost of your premium.
  • Security. Having security measures in places such as an alarm system and extra locks or deadbolts can prevent or delay thieves from entering and therefore reduce the cost of your cover.

Aviva landlord insurance reviews

Obtaining insurance from Aviva insurance may be interesting, and they are worth the hype. Loss of rent is one of the many things that their insurance policy covers. Determining the lower cost of your policy premium, the location of your property, and so on. It is critical not to neglect comparison shopping when selecting an insurance company and policy.


No matter what you do, not everybody will be satisfied. But what is more important is that You create more satisfaction than disappointment. In 2002, Aviva Insurance gave the name. Getting insurance from them could be interesting, and they are worth the hype. Among a lot of things that their policy covers, loss of rent happens to be one of them. Determining the cheaper cost of your policy premium, where your property is located, and so on. It is important to not always fail to go for comparison before settling for an insurance company and policy.

FAQs about Aviva Landlord Insurance

Does aviva insurance do landlord insurance

Among all the services Aviva offer, landlord insurance is one of them.

How much does aviva landlord insurance cost

The cost depends on the premium. It costs £1,000 to cover for lost or stolen locks by Aviva.

How good is aviva landlord insurance

As they say, no one and not even a company is perfect, but Aviva insurance is rated one of the best insurance companies in the UK.

Is Aviva insurance cost cheaper

The cost of your policy may be altered by some features thereby making it high, Aviva insurance Is cheap to get.

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The cost of your policy may be altered by some features thereby making it high, Aviva insurance Is cheap to get.

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