Cheapest and Best Young Driver Car Insurance UK

young driver car insurance uk
young driver car insurance uk

Don’t get scammed. Fake insurers that offer car insurance sometimes target young drivers because of their naivety and some of the young drivers are carried away by the excitement that they think to go about their car insurance all by themselves. Car Insurance For Young Drivers

It is undoubted that car insurance for young people is usually more expensive than normal car insurance for anybody.

Most of these young people are truly inexperienced and naive, so insurers consider that and they add some premiums to their car insurance policy.

The premiums are there for cases where the young inexperienced driver causes damage or accident on the road. It could be that they disobey traffic regulations and run into danger or they did not know how to control some stuff on the highway.

The excitement that young person feels when they have gotten a ride for themselves as a gift from their relations, friends, and loved ones can be second to none.

In order to not make an obvious mistake when it is time to get their car insurance, we have made this article to help young people get it right with their car insurance policy.

What is young driver car insurance uk?

You may have heard about the terms “teenage drivers insurance” or “young drivers car insurance,” there’s typically no type of car insurance policy that is specific to teenagers.

It does not matter whether a driver is a 16-year-old or a 96-year-old, they will need to meet their different state’s minimum requirements for road liability insurance. If it happens that the car is being financed, the policy will likely demand that you add collision insurance and comprehensive coverage as well.

Being a teenager can be very expensive. The need for clothes, food, beauty products, school functions, and many other things, can all add up. Do you know about another big expense? Car insurance.

It is not a special young driver car insurance uk; it is simply a take out from the main car insurance that anybody and everybody can take out anytime.

So being or wanting to become a driver at a young age, you need to have your car insurance policy coverage at hand so you can be sure of protection while you drive on the road.

Is car insurance of any importance to young drivers?

If you have a young person or you are a young person, you can attest to how reckless young people can be sometimes. It may not only nbe on the highway, it may be in the home, school, church, any organization, gathering or just anywhere.

Sometimes they tend to be really curious about things, incidents, or just about anything. So if you have any young person or you are a young person, it is very much expected that they will take up that sense of curiosity or recklessness in a high way.

So, what other way is best to prevent them or you from the many dangers on the highway if not to get a cover?

If there is literally anyone who needs driver’s insurance or car insurance more, then it is the young drives, whether teenage or teen adult.

The cover against damages to cars, third party’s or your personal car may require extra expenses from your pocket. You will realize that what you need is a cover against the expenses rather than for the expenses themselves.

Cost of young driver car insurance UK

Young drivers are considered by policy providers as riskier to insure. The main cost of car insurance generally is based on risk. Young drivers are considered as high-risk drivers and are more likely to have an accident and or need to claims over and again. Making claims over and over costs insurance companies their money.

So, the riskier you are to insure, the more expensive your car insurance will be. This statement is directed at young drivers as they are the most expensive to insure. Unfortunately, for young drivers, age plays a huge role in the perception of risk especially when it is on the highway.

The average annual cost of a car insurance policy is around 24.5% more for those in their 20’s than it is for those in their 30’s, and just under 50% more than for the 40s.

The reason for that is that a younger person is inexperienced and considered more likely to cause commotion on the highway, while an older person is weaker and may not be able to handle some issues that may come up on the highway due to old age stress and all those.

In the UK, young drivers, those aged 17–24 years old, are seen as the most risky. Young drivers make up around 7% of all UK license holders.

Best young driver car insurance UK

The first thing you need to do before taking out car insurance for a young person which may be yourself or any other person is to compare insurance policies from different policy providers so as to find the one that is more suitable for you.

If you are to compare the prices and policy offers from different insurance companies for young drivers, below are some of the companies that provide offers for young drivers:

  • USAA young driver car insurance UK
  • Erie young driver car insurance UK
  • Amica young driver car insurance UK
  • Co-op Young Driver Insurance
  • Marmalade Young Driver Insurance

USAA young driver car insurance uk

Although it is a military-only insurer, USAA also provides offer for teens and young drivers and offers them several ways to save on their auto insurance while also providing some of the best customer service in the industry.

They provide young drivers with other types of auto insurance like comprehensive, collision, roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, etc.

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Erie car insurance for young drivers

The insurance company offers cheap young driver car insurance uk at $2,248 per year for 17-year-old drivers and they offer up to 8 discounts.

Erie has made a name for itself by offering affordable insurance to teens and young drivers, a group that can face much higher rates for car insurance.

The insurance company also offers two exclusive programs known as Rate Lock and Auto Plus. While Rate Lock helps young drivers guarantee their rates, the Auto Plus bundle includes several popular benefits, such as waived or diminishing deductibles, increased policy limits, and transportation expense reimbursement.

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Amica car insurance for young drivers

The Amica insurance company offers cheap young driver car insurance uk. They allow 17-year-old young drivers to pay $6,156 per year on average.

Amica does not skimp on the savings, offering a number of discounts that include a generous accident forgiveness policy for teen or young drivers. Definitely, one of the best companies for young drivers to get their car insurance.

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Co-op Young Driver Insurance

Co-op car insurance for young driver has no curfews, but if you drive between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., your safe driving score may suffer. Depending on your driving record, it may also offer you car insurance with no black box as early as your second renewal. There is also no charge for installing the black box.

You can earn discounts on your premium by driving safely and maintaining a high driving score, and Co-op also has theft tracking within their black boxes, so your car can be easily located if it is stolen.

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Marmalade Young Driver Insurance

Marmalade young driver car insurance uk, also known as black box insurance, claims to save young drivers up to £700. There are no nighttime restrictions or curfews, so you can drive whenever you want. They will also send you a free, self-fitting black box.

It also states that their safest drivers will receive an additional discount at renewal, and they have both an app and a dashboard to track their driving score.

How can you compare Young Driver’s Car Insurance?

As in most high-priced markets, several insurers compete for the attention of potential customers. For many people, the sheer number of car insurance companies is not only perplexing but also unhelpful.

This is where price comparison websites like or can assist you in finding the best deal for you. After you enter your information, you will receive quotes from insurers who are all competing for your business.

When it comes to comparison websites, however, there may be some limitations. Although they may be less expensive than the competition, many insurance companies may not provide the necessary levels of coverage.


Young drivers are technically more expensive to insure because they are statistically more likely to have an accident or cause trouble on the highway. Around 25% of all claims are made by drivers under the age of 25.

Policy providers also look at a lot of other things when working out how much you should pay for your car insurance policy, 

Policy providers consider things like the kind of job the drivers does, kind of car, age, security rate of the environment and many other things. Being able to get the above mentioned in good and reasonable state, then policy seekers can be able to get cheaper car insurance.

That can be effective even for the general and not only young drivers. Therefore, choosing the best car insurance for young drivers, it is very important to pay attention to the terms and conditions that the policy providers you have chosen will provide for you on their services.

FAQs about young driver car insurance UK

Can young drivers get cheap car insurance

Yes. Young drivers can be able to get their car insurance policy on cheaper rates by simply adding more experienced driver(s) to their policy.

Is it worth getting car insurance for young drivers

Yes. Car insurance is really worth getting especially for young drivers who are more prone to risks on the highway.To protect them from the dangers on the road.

Can a 16 year old get car insurance

A 16 year old teen can get car insurance and be rest assured that they can hit the road anytime they wish to without fear of causing damage or accident.

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