10 Best Car Insurance For Young Drivers In THE Uk

Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Young drivers in the United Kingdom with less experience are far more likely than experienced drivers to be involved in an accident and file a claim. The insurance rate reflects this increased likelihood. As a result, we will be discussing the 10 Best Car Insurance For Young Drivers in the United Kingdom.

It’s always a good idea to be covered, whether you’re looking for car insurance or pet insurance. In the United Kingdom and the United States, having an active car insurance policy is required by law. All drivers in the United Kingdom are required to have at least third-party insurance. If the policyholder causes an accident, this covers damage to the other vehicle.

The situation is a little more complicated in the United States. Each state has its own minimum auto insurance requirements, with five different types of coverage that may be required by law.

Young drivers are automatically placed in a higher risk category for being involved in an accident due to their age and inexperience.

Furthermore, many young people can only afford to drive old vehicles with less reliable safety features. As a result of these factors, insurers anticipate that young drivers will be more likely to cause property damage and personal injury.

Car insurance companies frequently impose high car insurance premiums on young drivers in order to avoid high claim payouts with no return on investment. Quotes for young drivers can be up to three times that of an older driver.

When a driver reaches the age of 25, their premiums are significantly reduced, and they become eligible for additional benefits. As a result, finding an affordable car insurance policy for new drivers can be difficult.

What is Car Insurance For Young Drivers?

A “young driver” is someone between the ages of 17 and 25, who has a provisional or full UK driving license. In an effort to help young drivers get behind the wheel without breaking the bank, many insurance companies offer customized policies. These usually entail the installation of black boxes that record data such as your speed, how quickly you brake and turn, the time of day you drive, and the distance you travel.

However, because of their age and lack of experience, many young drivers are thought to be at a higher risk of accidents and, as a result, are more expensive to insure.

One out of every four 18 to 24-year-olds has a car accident within two years of passing their driving test, according to Green Pass Training.

This means that whether you drive cautiously or not, your rates will almost certainly be high because they are influenced by the actions of other drivers.

What Factors Influence Car Insurance Costs for Young Drivers?

Here are factors that can affect the cost of your car insurance as a young driver in the UK:

  • Your postcode
  • Where you park
  • Your job
  • Mileage
  • Modifications

Your postcode

Living in a densely populated area increases your chances of being involved in an accident simply because there are more vehicles on the road.

If you live in a high-crime area, the increased risk to your car may be reflected in your premium costs, as vandalism and theft may be more common.

In true British fashion, the weather may also throw a wrench in the works… If you live on the coast or near a river that is prone to flooding, the cost of potential water damage will be factored into your insurance payments.

Where you park

You could park your car in a garage overnight, but there are still some risks involved.

Insurance companies may view garage parking as a risk because there’s a chance you’ll damage your car on entry or exit.

While parking your car on a driveway reduces the likelihood of being hit by a passing motorist, it still allows criminal access from the street.

However, there are some simple things that could deter thieves. Using a motion-sensor light to illuminate the driveway and laying down noisy gravel as a driveway surface are both effective deterrents.

Neither of these will directly affect the cost of your insurance, but they may prevent you from having to file a claim in the future by lowering the likelihood of your car being damaged or stolen.

Your job

Occupations with high-stress levels are considered “higher risk,” so while a senior position may indicate responsibility, some insurance providers may charge high-powered professionals a higher insurance premium.

You can expect to pay more for car insurance if your job requires a lot of driving.

Salespeople and delivery drivers who spend more time on the road are more likely to be involved in an accident, and their insurance premiums will be higher to cover this increased risk.


The more you drive your car, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident – this is a fundamental principle for car insurers.

However, some insurers may charge drivers who travel fewer miles more than the average driver because they may be perceived as accident-prone and lacking in confidence.

If you don’t know how many miles you drive in a year, check your previous MOT or service certificates, which will show it.

It may be worthwhile to investigate low mileage or pay-as-you-drive insurance, as these may be less expensive depending on how much you drive.


Modifications to your vehicle’s performance or appearance can have a significant impact on the cost of your car insurance.

Expensive speakers and in-car entertainment systems attract potential thieves and are likely to raise costs.

However, not all changes will result in a price increase. Because immobilisers make your car more secure and rear sensors reduce the likelihood of a prang while parking, you can expect to save money on your insurance by installing them.

Remember to notify your insurance company of any changes to avoid problems when filing a future claim.

How to find the best and cheapest car insurance for young drivers in the Uk

  • Look around. You could easily save hundreds of dollars per year by comparing and finding the best deal through our Partner Confused.
  • Choose your vehicle with caution. The value of your vehicle has a significant impact on how much insurers will charge you. As a result, it is recommended that young drivers drive a low-cost vehicle during their first years on the road. Modifications can also cause premiums to skyrocket, so they should be avoided by young drivers looking to save money on insurance.
  • Pass Plus training must be completed. Pass Plus covers aspects of driving that aren’t covered in the driving test, such as highway driving and night driving. Many insurance companies provide lower premiums to young drivers who have completed this training.
  • Sign up for a multi-car policy. Households that insure more than one vehicle with the same insurer typically receive a discount.
  • Create a named driver. Adding a more experienced driver as a named driver to your policy can often reduce the cost of your premium.
  • Increase your surplus. If you are willing to pay more when filing a claim, your insurer may be willing to lower your premium.
  • Consider purchasing black box insurance.

How to compare Young Driver’s Car Insurance?

As in most high-priced markets, several insurers compete for the attention of potential customers. For many people, the sheer number of car insurance companies is not only perplexing but also unhelpful.

This is where price comparison websites like Confused.com or Gocompare.com can assist you in finding the best deal for you. After you enter your information, you will receive quotes from insurers who are all competing for your business.

When it comes to comparison websites, however, there may be some limitations. Although they may be less expensive than the competition, many insurance companies may not provide the necessary levels of coverage.

Best Car Insurance For Young Drivers In The Uk

The best auto insurance companies for young drivers are listed below:

  • Directline DrivePlus insurance 
  • Co-op Young Driver insurance 
  • Churchill DriveSure insurance
  • Marmalade Young Driver insurance 
  • Tesco Bank insurance 
  • Admiral LittleBox insurance
  • RAC insurance
  • Drive Wiser insurance
  • Hastings SmartMiles insurance
  • 1st Central

#1. Directline DrivePlus insurance 

Direct Line DrivePlus Black Box Insurance provides comprehensive coverage by utilizing telematics technology to assist in getting young drivers on the road for a lower cost.

Its DrivePlus insurance includes:

  • There is no need for a black box because the app is downloadable. Simply bring your phone with you on every trip, and the app will work in the background.
  • Discount at renewal for safe driving.

The DrivePlus app can also track your phone usage while driving. Even if you answer the phone hands-free, this feature records all phone calls and physical phone use while driving.

#2. Co-op Young Driver insurance 

Co-op Young Driver Insurance has no curfews, but if you drive between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., your safe driving score may suffer. Depending on your driving record, it may also offer you car insurance with no black box as early as your second renewal. There is also no charge for installing the black box.

You can earn discounts on your premium by driving safely and maintaining a high driving score, and Co-op also has theft tracking within their black boxes, so your car can be easily located if it is stolen.

#3. Churchill DriveSure insurance

Churchill DriveSure Insurance provides telematics insurance to help young drivers get on the road.

Its DriveSure policy includes:

  • The DriveSure app — works in the background to record details on your journey. Just simply take your phone with you wherever you go.
  • Upfront discounts at renewal for good driving, as well as a discount in your first year providing you, ’ve passed your driving test.
  • No curfews but you may be penalised for driving late at night.
  • You can also add optional extras like accidental damage to your policy.

#4. Marmalade Young Driver insurance 

Marmalade Young Driver Insurance, also known as black box insurance, claims to save young drivers up to £700. There are no nighttime restrictions or curfews, so you can drive whenever you want. They will also send you a free, self-fitting black box.

It also states that their safest drivers will receive an additional discount at renewal, and they have both an app and a dashboard to track your driving score.

#5. Tesco Bank insurance 

Tesco Bank Box Insurance is available to young drivers aged 17 to 29.

Its black box insurance includes:

  • Full comprehensive cover for young drivers.
  • Opt-in for a particular amount of miles: these range from 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 depending on how much driving you do.
  • An online portal feature which allows you to get feedback on your driving.
  • Guaranteed discount for Clubcard members.
  • The black box also works as a theft tracking device should your car be stolen.

#6. Admiral LittleBox insurance

Admiral LittleBox Insurance offers theft-tracking technology, allowing you to track the location of your stolen vehicle. LittleBox has no curfews, but driving after 10 p.m. may result in a lower driving score. It also allows you to set your maximum mileage, which must be greater than 1,900 miles per year.

Admiral also provides discounted insurance at renewal for the best drivers who have demonstrated safe driving.

#7. RAC insurance

RAC Black Box Car Insurance has no curfews, so you can drive whenever you want and set your own mileage limit. They provide free installation on their matchbox-sized black box that fits behind your dashboard, and if your car is vandalized, you will lose your no claims discount.

If you’ve misplaced your car in a parking lot, for example, the app can assist you in locating it. Drivers can also take advantage of the RAC’s uninsured driver guarantee. When purchasing black box insurance, it also includes a free year of RAC Breakdown cover.

#8. Drive Wiser insurance

There is no mileage limit and no curfew with Driver Wiser Black Box Insurance. It includes an online personal driver dashboard where you can track your progress, as well as weekly driving updates via email. It will also notify you when your driving behaviour violates the law, and it will offer you a discount at renewal based on the driving data they collect over the course of a year.

#9. Hastings SmartMiles insurance

Hastings Direct SmartMiles Insurance includes black box installation and theft tracking technology, so your car can be easily located if it is stolen. Your box will also collect information about your driving style and assign you a score out of 100. When you purchase a SmartMiles insurance policy, you also receive comprehensive coverage.

Some other features of their black box insurance include:

  • Contents cover up to £300.
  • Windscreen repair and replacement.
  • Online dashboard and mobile app to track and monitor your driving score.
  • Vandalism and uninsured driver cover, protecting your no claims discount.
  • The courtesy car should you be involved in an accident or your car is being fixed at a garage.

#10. 1st Central

One of the best insurance companies for young drivers is 1st Central. A young driver who uses their services can get a free courtesy car when using approved repairers, lost keys coverage, and coverage for damage caused by an uninsured driver.

There’s also the chance to earn a no-claims bonus and drive other cars in case of an emergency. If the policyholder needs to file a claim, customer service representatives can assist them in doing so quickly and efficiently.


When looking for the Best Car Insurance For Young Drivers, it’s critical to consider all of your options. While comparison sites can provide a good idea of what different insurers have to offer, they do not include every insurance company.

As a result, it’s a good idea to visit the insurers’ websites and request quotes directly from them.

Consult your friends and family. They may be able to recommend a reputable insurance provider who can assist you if you need to file a claim.

Check an independent review site for online user reviews of all the insurance companies you are considering.

FAQs about Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Why is car insurance for young drivers so expensive?

Insurance companies consider your age to be one of the most important factors in determining your risk. Young drivers are more expensive to insure because they are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident — drivers under the age of 25 account for approximately 25% of all claims.

Can i get car insurance for young drivers under £1000?

Taking out a telematics policy could save more than three-quarters of drivers under the age of 21 money on car insurance.

How much car insurance for young drivers?

According to the Consumer Intelligence car insurance price index for March 2020, the average premium for a young driver under the age of 25 is £1,795. This compares to an overall average annual premium of £829 and a premium of only £402 for those over the age of 50.

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Taking out a telematics policy could save more than three-quarters of drivers under the age of 21 money on car insurance.

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According to the Consumer Intelligence car insurance price index for March 2020, the average premium for a young driver under the age of 25 is £1,795. This compares to an overall average annual premium of £829 and a premium of only £402 for those over the age of 50.

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