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Ticker insurance
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Ticker is a telematics-only insurance company. Its vehicle insurance, intended for young and novice drivers, rewards good drivers with cheaper insurance costs.

Its target market is individuals who adhere to traffic laws; the better your driving, the higher the discount.

This article gives more detailed information about Ticker Insurance and how it works. Carefully read through!

About Ticker Insurance

Ticker is a new insurance start-up funded by Gary Lineker and Mark Blundell, a former Formula One racer. In March of this year, the Telematics insurer went live.

How Do Ticker Insurance Policies Work?

Telematics, commonly known as a black box, is a vehicle tracking system that insurers install in cars to watch how you drive.

Many insurers require you to have the black box placed in your vehicle. However, Ticker allows you to do so yourself. Here, you’ll drive with the box affixed to your windscreen.

When you sign up for a Ticker policy, you’ll get a little round box with an accelerometer, GPS, and a battery that should last at least your policy year.

It’s simple to apply to your car because it’s peel and stick. Then download the app, pair it with your phone, and you’re ready.

The information you send to Ticker via the app will determine your renewal quote. A parent can sign up for insurance and insure their child as a named driver.

Ticker thinks that individuals who desire the box will drive well, offering a lower upfront payment.

The information is only gathered at the end of the year to calculate a renewal price, avoiding any unexpected price increases throughout the year. Driving beyond the speed limit is not enforced or reported.

However, you’ll almost certainly need to look for insurance elsewhere. Ticker also does not leave a blemish on your insurance record.

Telematics isn’t without flaws, as concerns about faulty readings are rising. Ticker claims to keep things simple by always delivering the best pricing.

They also don’t impose curfews or price increases, and there aren’t any unexpected cancellations, as some black box users have experienced.

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What kinds of automobile insurance does Ticker provide?

Ticker solely offers new driver auto insurance, which includes the following benefits as standard:

  • No curfew means you can drive whenever you want.
  • Coverage for ordinary audio equipment is limitless
  • Coverage if you’re hit by an uninsured vehicle
  • And coverage for lost or stolen keys is included.

All of your paperwork and driving statistics are accessible through the app. Ticker claims that customer help is equally accessible, with support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Checking your driving numbers is simple, with a dial on the app delivering at-a-glance information.

The goal of the drivers is to stay in the gold driver segment. Drivers who regularly enter the red zone will be asked to exit.

Always maintain your cellphone connected to your black box and never remove the black box from the car that is insured to stay within insurance limits.

Other Options

You can also boost your policy with the following options:

  • RAC Roadside and Recovery  
  • RAC Roadside, Recovery and At Home including replacement car
  • Protect your no-claims discount.
  • RAC Legal Cover for anything uninsured, like loss of earnings

What does the black box in the Ticker check?

The box adheres to your windshield and records travel time, GPS location, acceleration, and G-force information.

This is communicated to your phone through Bluetooth and then to us via the Ticker app. The Ticker app also shows you how you’re driving and how much gas you’ve used.

About the Ticker app

A ticker is a combination of a box and an app. When your Ticker Box connects to your phone through Bluetooth, it captures data about your driving and sends it to you.

The data is sent to us via the Ticker app, which uses very little of your data plan. Everything you need to know about your insurance is in one place with the Ticker app.

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What can you find in the Ticker app?

When using the Ticker app, the following are some features that can help you enjoy it:

Stats on your driving

Ticker calculates your renewal fee with the help of your driving data. It’s also beneficial to view it to get a sense of how you’re driving.

Your Ticker app’s Dashboard page features a dial that goes from gold to dark red.

You’ll be in the gold somewhere if you’re performing well. You’re driving too aggressively if you enter the red zone.

If you stay in the red, you won’t get the telematics benefits you desired when you first insured with us, and we may have to ask you to get insurance elsewhere. It’s worth playing the game because good driving affects your renewal.

Your app’s dashboard also displays the number of kilometres you’ve travelled and whether you’re approaching your declared mileage.

The Ticker app’s dashboard is seen on a phone screen.

Help after a crash or starting a claim

Had a crash is an important button on the dashboard of your Ticker app.

You must remember to press that button if you need help immediately after a car accident or other catastrophe.

It will connect you to our claims team, who can assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remember, if somebody is harmed, the first thing you should do is dial 999. Dashboard for the Ticker App A crash button was available for reporting an occurrence.

Details of your policy

You’ll find all your insurance information on the Policy tab of the Ticker app. All of your paperwork, as well as your policy number and the start and end dates of your policy year.

We’ll always add new features, so keep an eye on this page for useful tools.

Ticker Insurance Policy Options

Here are Ticker insurance policy options that made it standout from other insurance policy in UK.

Ticker Insurance for Van drivers

This Ticker insurance policy is basically for van drivers. It provides van drivers with:

  • Like-for-like replacement van
  • Self-install connected device
  • A renewal based on their driving styles.
  • 5 defaqto-rated van insurance

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Ticker Insurance Electric Cars Policy

This policy provides you with a cover that’s as smart as your car, backed by the security of a fully comprehensive policy. With this option, you’ll have access to:

  • Self-install Ticker device that takes seconds to set up.
  • Cables, charge points and batteries
  • Policy management using the Ticker app
  • Then renewal is based on your driving style.
  • Track your driving and mileage.

Ticker Insurance Policy that connects young and New drivers

With this Ticker-connected policy, you can become new driver once you’ve had your license for less than five years. This policy:

  • Handle your policy in the app or by chat
  • Provides you with regular driving feeback to help you improve
  • Charges no curfew or price hikes – ever
  • Offers you a renewal that rewards your good driving


With Ticker insurance, you can get connected insurance for your first years of driving, van insurance, and electric insurance.

How to set up your Ticker box

To get Ticker box, following the steps:

  1. Download the Ticker app and log in.
  2. Tap Start setup.
  3. Watch the video, then follow the instructions to: Stick your box on your windscreen. Pair your box with your phone.



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