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bell car insurance

One of the best things that can happen to you is being able to find an insurance organization that can go the extra mile for you in protecting what’s most important to you. That’s exactly what you get at Bell Car Insurance.

Regardless of what type of insurance you want, rest assured you will get the best in terms of coverage and service, even when the worst happens.

About Bell Car Insurance?

Bell Insurance is one of Admiral Group PLC’s insurance brands, and EUI Limited owns it. It operates under the business name; Bell, as it is a sister company to, Diamond, and Admiral.

The Admiral Group is one of the major private vehicle insurers in the UK, with headquarters in Cardiff, Wales, CF10 2EH (0333 220 2062).

Car insurance for first-time drivers, cautious drivers, and inexperienced drivers are a speciality of the organization. According to research, its telematics ‘black box’ auto insurance protects clients from paying for other people’s reckless driving.

This distinct selling factor distinguishes it from every other car insurer you can find on the market. Bell Car Insurance claims that the plug-and-drive technology it has, allows careful drivers to pay a lower car insurance premium.

Why Choose Bell Car Insurance?

Unlike some other telematics policies, the Bell car insurance safe driving program only requires the device to be installed for the first three months of coverage.

After this period, if they deem you a safe driver, you will receive a discount.

You can begin your policy right away and begin driving right away. The Bell Plug and Drive device is then mailed to you, and you can plug it in as soon as you receive it.

What are the Benefits of Bell Car Insurance?

Bell Car Insurance is apparently one of the few insurance companies that caters to inexperienced drivers.

Although pessimists would argue that installing a black box recorder in your car reflects the surveillance state.

On the other hand, so many young drivers who understand how the exchange works will see it as a fair deal.

See the benefits of Bell car insurance below.

  • Simply plug in and go
  • Keeps your driving skills up to date
  • There are no fines for driving
  • There is no monthly mileage cap

How do I Cancel my Bell Car Insurance Policy?

If you want to cancel your policy, you can do so between the time of buying it and 14 days after the start of a new policy.

But, EUI Limited will charge an intermediary fee to cover the costs of setting up and canceling your policy.

EUI Limited will charge an intermediary fee to cover the costs of setting up and canceling your policy.

How do I Make a Claim?

There’s something we think you’ll find interesting about Bell car insurance. It is a fact that you can reach the claims team on; 03332202041 and they’ll be glad to assist

You can also submit a claim via the Internet. It’s straightforward and practical.

To begin your claim right away, log into My Account and select Claims, and one of our specialized claim handlers will contact you.

How Much Does Bell Car Insurance Cost?

How much you spend on insuring your car with Bell depends on what service you are looking forward to receiving from the organization.

There is a separate agreement you have with EUI Limited that covers every insurance service provided directly to you as well as other services you get from other insurers.

These costs are, therefore, listed below just so you know what exactly you’re paying for.

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Cancellation Within 14 Days

If you cancel your policy between the time of purchase and 14 days after the start of a new policy, you will pay an intermediary fee to cover the cost of setting up and canceling your policy.

The above will also apply even if you cancel before the coverage begins. Hence, the payment schedule is below.

LittleBox/Safe Driver (Vehicle)£125
Plug & Drive £75

It is expedient to note that the sum of £50 will be refunded you if you return the unit within 30 days of cancellation.

Cancellation After 14 Days

If your policy covers multiple products, Bell car insurance will pick one with the highest cancellation charge from the prices in the list below.

However, if you buy/bought any motor policy upgrades, you will pay an extra £5.00.

Vehicle £55.00
LittleBox/ Safe Driver£155
Vehicle (Plug & Drive)£105

Voided Policy

If Bell Car Insurance declares your insurance policy void because of misrepresentation or fraud, EUI Limited will impose an intermediary fee to cover the costs of establishing your policy and verifying the avoidance.

So, for the insurance that was declared void, you will pay the sum of £80.

Other Policy Changes

EUI Limited will assess an intermediate charge to cover this service if your policy is reissued because of modifications to your policy or for any other reason.

  • Changes to any motor policy details made online: £9.50
  • Any changes to the terms of your automobile insurance policy: £25.00
  • Any property policy information that needs to be changed: £19.50
  • Vehicle registration change: £5.50
  • Hardware fee for LittleBox/Safe Driver: £100.00
  • Vehicle replacement (LittleBox Plug & Drive): £25.00
  • Vehicle replacement (LittleBox Hard Install): £65

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Administration Charges

  • Fee for debt collection: £15
  • Debt Recovery Services Recommendation: £30
  • Instalment of Direct Debit that has been underpaid or denied: £7.50

How Much Does Bell Car Insurance Receive as Commission?

EUI Limited gets a certain commission from insurers who underwrite your policy, of which Bell Car Insurance is one of them.

This fee is included in your premium and takes care of the cost of arranging and running your policy and handling your claim.

EUI Limited is compensated by the insurers for optional add-on products you may have purchased in addition to your insurance (e.g. Motor Legal Protection, Breakdown Cover or Home Emergency Cover). The commission you receive is changeable and is factored into your premium.

Final Thoughts

With Bell car insurance and its coverage policies, you can drive your car whenever and wherever you want. This is because there are no mileage or time restrictions other than your specified annual mileage.


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