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The ideal car insurance companies on the market provide more than just excellent coverage and low rates. They also have an easy-to-use claims process, as well as an excellent customer service experience. Sabre insurance fits into this category.

This Insurance company is a successful UK-based insurer that sells car insurance primarily through brokers but also directly to the public under the brands Insure 2 Drive, Go Girl, and Drive Smart.

Sabre is one of the most successful insurers in the UK, offering excellent customer service to brokers and customers.

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Who are Sabre Insurance?

Sabre Insurance is a viable UK-based insurer selling car insurance mainly through brokers but also actively to the public under Insure 2 Drive, Go Girl, and Drive Smart. Sabre Insurance Group plc shares have been listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company is one of the most successful insurers in the UK, offering excellent customer service to brokers and customers.

The Group has a diverse book of business and a broad underwriting footprint, with a preference for higher average premiums. Sabre’s Board of Directors believes that the Group’s experience and dataset support the Group’s ability to price across the risk spectrum.

The company’s vision is to maintain its focus on the UK private motor insurance market, to continue to provide quotes across the entire risk spectrum to brokers and direct customers, and to ensure that the Group continues to deliver market-leading underwriting performance, as well as controlled and attractive growth over the long term.

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What does car insurance mean

Auto insurance is a contract you enter into with an insurance company like Marmalade Car Insurance that protects you against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. The insurance company agrees to pay your losses as outlined in your policy in exchange for you paying a premium.

Auto insurance protects you against the following risks:

  • Property – for example, damage to or theft of your car
  • Liability – Liability refers to your legal obligation to others in the event of bodily harm or property damage.
  • Medical – Medical expenses include the cost of treating injuries, rehabilitation, and, in some cases, lost wages and funeral expenses.

How does sabre insurance work?

To start, you (and all drivers you wish to include in the policy) must be a UK residents with a valid driver’s license. Sabre insurance companies will look at your driving record to determine eligibility and rates. However, rates will differ depending on whether you want to purchase a new insurance policy or renew an existing one.

Other Eligibility Factors to Consider:

Most insurance companies, for example, will require an inspection if you modify your vehicle to improve its performance or appearance.

If you intend to modify your vehicle, contact Sabre Insurance first! They will notify you if the changes you intend to make have an impact on your policy.

How much does Sabre car insurance cost?

Here are the most important factors that insurance companies consider when calculating your car insurance premium:

Your vehicles: Your insurance premium may be affected by your vehicle’s make, model, and year. This determines the car’s cost and value, as well as its safety features and repair costs.

If you use your car for business: If you use your car for business purposes (other than commuting), you may need commercial car insurance. Your company may necessitate a higher liability limit.

Your residential area: Premiums are typically higher in and around major metropolitan areas.

The coverage you select The more comprehensive the coverage, the more expensive it will be to insure your vehicle.

Is sabre insurance any good

Sabre Insurance was founded in 1982 as an underwriting agency and succeeded by Sabre Insurance Company in 1991.

Following a series of mergers with Commercial Union and Norwich Union, General Accident plc purchased Sabre in 1996 and sold it to the BDML Group in 2002. In 2005, the BDML Group sold its broking subsidiary, BDML Connect, to Capita and renamed itself Binomial Group Limited.

Sabre Insurance’s investors sold 45.5 million shares in 2018, with Barclays Bank serving as the offering’s sole global coordinator and bookrunner.

The group’s directors proposed distributing £50 million in dividends in 2019, which is equal to 100% of Sabre’s adjusted profit after tax.

Who is covered by sabre insurance?

Your auto insurance policy will cover you and any other family members on your policy, whether you are driving your own car or someone else’s (with their permission). Your policy also covers you if someone who is not on your policy drives your car with your permission.

Personal car insurance will also not cover you if you use your car to transport others via a ride-sharing service. However, some auto insurers are now providing supplemental insurance products (at an additional cost) that extend coverage to vehicle owners who provide ride-sharing services.

Who underwrites sabre insurance?

Sabre Insurance’s Underwriting Department oversees the underwriting and administration of all policies at the new business, mid-term adjustment, and renewal stages.

Brokers receive business via electronic data interchange. On policies included in the daily exception reports, underwriters perform premium and risk validation checks.

They collaborate closely with other departments such as Electronic Trading, Agency, and Claims. They also handle technical phone referrals from brokers. On a typical day, an underwriter may receive up to 50 phone calls from brokers.

Sabre insurance policy wording

Sabre Insurance strives to give back to its communities through its employees and customers. It educates and raises awareness about human trafficking issues, encourages employees to volunteer, collaborates with stakeholders, and capitalizes on its travel insurance technology leadership. Some of its initiatives include the global employee programs Give Time Together and Give Together the Passport to Freedom program and environmental sustainability programs.

Give Time Together is a program that encourages Sabre employees to volunteer in their local communities. Employee event coordinators at the company plan group events and independent volunteer opportunities for employees and community partners to help local charities and non-profit organizations.

Give Together is an annual global campaign in which employees can contribute via event fundraising activities and one-time contributions.

Here you can find full details of all the sabre insurance policy wordings.

Sabre insurance claims

The insurance company has a vast claims team that handles customer claims as well as communicates with brokers and third-party suppliers such as repairers.

When a customer files a claim, he or she is assigned a claims handler. This means that individuals on the claims team have the satisfaction of dealing with a customer from the beginning of their claim until it is resolved.

All of the claims groups sit together, and the claims director interacts with each member of the department on an individual basis, providing great leadership and fostering a collaborative teamwork environment.

Sabre insurance share forecast

Sabre Insurance Group appears to have a good ROE at first glance. Even compared to the industry average of 13%, the company’s ROE appears quite good. Despite this, Sabre Insurance Group’s net income growth has been relatively flat over the last five years.


Overall, we believe Sabre Insurance Group has some positive aspects to consider. The Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority have both authorized and regulated Sabre Insurance Company Limited. (FRN 202795) Formalized paraphrase

Sabre House, 150 South Street, Dorking, Surrey RH4 2YY, is the registered address, and the company registration number is 2387080. 793 7283 81 is the VAT registration number.

FAQs about Sabre car insurance

Who is Sabre Insurance?

Sabre Insurance offers private car insurance through a large network of insurance brokers.

Who owns Sabre Insurance?

Sabre was founded in 1982 in Dorking, Surrey, and operated as an underwriting agency until the formation of Sabre Insurance Company in 1991

Who underwrites sabre insurance?

Sabre Insurance’s Underwriting department oversees the underwriting and administration of all policies at the new business, mid-term adjustment, and renewal stages.

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