Avanti Travel Insurance Policy wording(+Pros and Cons)


Travel bookings are always fraught with uncertainty. Travel insurance acts as a safety net, allowing you to venture out with confidence. Insurance is intended to cover large financial risks that you do not want to bear on your own. You may not need travel insurance for cheap trips, but it can provide peace of mind when you prepay for expensive reservations, which is where Avanti travel insurance comes in.

Purchasing travel insurance can provide you with peace of mind for all of your travel arrangements.

Having Avanti travel insurance can give you the confidence you need to travel the world, knowing that they will be there to help if you need it.

Why choose Avanti travel insurance?

  • There are numerous policies to choose from.
  • You can stay abroad for an extended period of time and still be covered by these policies.
  • Coverage limits are extremely high.
  • Excellent customer service

Who owns avanti travel insurance?

Established in Braintree, Essex, in 2009. The company was sold to new owners in Northamptonshire in 2017 and is now managed by the Howserv group of travel insurance companies.

Avanti Insurance’s mission is to make travel insurance as simple as possible, so their customers can relax and enjoy their vacation.

The company provides single trip policies as well as annual multi-trip policies. Their policies can cover you for a variety of vacations, including ski trips with their optional winter sports add-on, or sporty vacations because they cover 85 sports and activities as standard.

With their long-stay policies, you can even get insurance for vacations that last longer than 104 days. Once you’ve decided on a policy, you can select the level of coverage that best meets your needs, and you can customize your policy with optional extras at an additional cost.

Types of travel insurance

When shopping for a policy, you’ll come across a diverse range of travel protection plans. Travel insurance is typically sold as a package, known as a comprehensive plan, that includes a variety of coverage.

Here are the most common types of coverage:

#1. Travel medical insurance

These plans cover your medical expenses while you’re away from home. Although these policies function in some ways like traditional health plans, you should not use travel health insurance for routine medical events. A routine medical checkup, for example, is usually not covered. Furthermore, these policies frequently include coverage limitations and exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

Although most travel insurance policies cover a wide range of recreational activities, such as skiing and horseback riding, they frequently exclude adventure sports, such as skydiving or parasailing, as well as participation in organized sporting events. You may need to purchase a special travel policy designed for adventure or competitive sports.

#2. Cancellation, interruption, and delay of a trip

Avanti travel insurance trip cancellation coverage compensates you for prepaid, nonrefundable spending if the tour operator goes out of business or you have to cancel the trip due to one of the policy’s encased reasons, such as:

  • It is your own illness.
  • A family member who is not traveling with you becomes ill or dies.
  • Natural calamities.

Trip interruption insurance pays for the non-refundable cost of the unused portion of a trip if it is cut short for a reason specified in the policy.

If you are delayed during a trip, trip delay coverage will reimburse you for expenses such as lodging and meals (e.g., your flight gets cancelled due to weather).

#3. Medical assistance in an emergency, evacuation, and repatriation

This coverage pays for medical expenses if you become ill or injured while travelling. Medical evacuation coverage like that offered by Avanti will pay for transportation to the nearest hospital, while medical repatriation will pay for your flight back to your home country.

Is avanti travel insurance any good

Avanti Travel Insurance provides a variety of plans with varying pricing and coverage options. Among these, the annual multi-trip cover is an annual plan that provides coverage for an unlimited number of trips per year, making it ideal for frequent travellers who want coverage without having to sign up for insurance before each trip.

If you do not want trip cancellation coverage, you can opt for a plan that only includes medical emergency and evacuation coverage.

Avanti Insurance employs cutting-edge technology, such as an online claims submission option and the potential development of a mobile app with travel alerts.

Reviews for avanti travel insurance

Avanti Travel Insurance is a company that provides travel insurance policies. The company was founded in 1996. They provide single-trip travel insurance, which covers you for only the one trip you are taking.

They provide coverage for cancellation, medical expenses, personal belongings, and 24-hour medical assistance.

If you are a frequent traveller, you may benefit from their annual multi-trip travel insurance, which covers you for multiple trips throughout the year. In addition, they sell cruise insurance policies.

They will also cover you if you have a pre-existing medical condition such as asthma, arthritis, hernia, COPD, epilepsy, high blood pressure, cancer, leukaemia, depression, diabetes, or any other. They also provide insurance policies to senior travellers over the age of 50. In their case, children and grandchildren under the age of 19 are covered for free.

Can I get Avanti travel insurance against FCO advise

If you need to travel and believe it is safe to do so, adding our Avanti insurance European FCDO Travel Advice Extension to your policy can provide you with some protection if you choose to travel while the FCDO advises against all but essential travel.

By adding the European FCDO Travel Advice Extension to your policy, you won’t have to postpone your vacation plans to places like Spain or France.

Cover starts at £5 per person and can vary depending on your policy requirements.

Read our guide to learn more about How to Get the Best Travel Insurance Against FCO Advice.

Avanti Travel Insurance products

Their policies include annual single and multiple trip policies worth £7,500 per person, 24-hour medical support, coverage for covid-19 medical expenses, repatriation and cancellation, and generous medical coverage.

They also provide travel insurance to those with pre-existing medical conditions. They claim that their goal is not to catch their clients off guard, but rather to help them.

Avanti Travel Insurance also provide a cruise insurance policy with a cancellation cover of 100,000 pounds, 24-hour practical assistance, medical expenses and repatriation coverage, and unlimited general medical expenses.

They claim that this travel insurance is intended to give their clients peace of mind while on a world cruise. They also claim to adhere to all travel restrictions.

Avanti travel insurance claim form

You can file a claim by going to the Avanti website. On the main navigation, click the “Claims” button. You’ll need your validation certificate as well as any documents that may support your claim.

My avanti travel insurance

To go directly to the insurance provider’s website, click on the website link. Visit Avanti Travel Insurance’s website to request a quote.

Avanti travel insurance policy wording

First and foremost, before purchasing insurance, you should consider answering the following questions. Is the insurance company an independent agent or a company?

Second, look into the company’s history and reputation. Reading online reviews is also a good way to learn more about customer satisfaction.

Third, you should investigate the financial strength of the insurance companies to ensure that they can cover your claims!

Fourth, always investigate an insurance policy’s coverage. Make sure that you get exactly what you need!

Fifth, compare and analyze the cost of an insurance policy. There is always a cheaper and (not always) better option when it comes to home or health insurance.

Finally, there are other factors to consider before purchasing insurance, such as the ease of doing business and getting claims approved.

Learn more about Avanti travel insurance policy wording here.

Avanti travel insurance over 80

The fact that you’re 80 doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and see the world, but it does mean you’re more likely to have a pre-existing medical condition that your travel insurance will cover.

Avanti travel insurance offers travel insurance to people over the age of 70. With over 80 activities included in all of our travel insurance policies, you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.


Avanti Travel Insurance is a company that has been in the industry since 2009. Howserv Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, administers its products.

The company’s main insurance policies are available in three levels of coverage: essentials, classic, and deluxe. In addition to the basic travel insurance policies, there are a variety of optional extra covers available, such as winter sports, golf, excess waiver, gadget cover, and so on.

Due to the high customer satisfaction rate on Trust Pilot and the 5-star rating on Defaqto, we believe Avanti travel insurance is good for anyone looking for affordable travel insurance policies.

FAQs about Avanti Travel Insurance

What is Avanti travel insurance discount code?

With the discount code HOL15, you can save 15% on your next Avanti Travel Insurance policy. Valid until March 31, 2022.

Does Avanti travel insurance cover covid 19?

To make it easier for you to get back on the road, the company has partnered with Randox Health to offer you 10% off Covid-19 tests when you purchase a new travel insurance policy from us.

What is the Avanti travel insurance emergency medical number?

Avanti insurance emergency medical numbers are:
Medical Emergency
+44 1403 288 123
Cruise Medical Emergency
+44 1403 288 121

Medical Emergency Number in USA and Canada
(cruise & non-cruise)†
+1 833 251 8487

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