Motorhome Insurance- How to Get Cheap Motorhome Insurance

motorhome insurance
motorhome insurance

Getting a motorhome insurance cover would be a very good idea and one you would not regret. A motorhome per se is a very large vehicle that has another thing up on it. There are some vehicles we see every day or rarely even. Some of them carry sleeping spaces for two to eight people. 

If you ever had the opportunity to be in a motorhome, you would know how recreational it always is. If you ever have that kind of asset for yourself, you do not want to be adamant about insuring it. It has either directly or indirectly become your investment.

Some of such vehicles are always used to travel to faraway places. Most times you may forget you are in a vehicle when you enter them. The refreshment and relaxation it provides for people who would board or enter it is something you d not want to joke with.,

It is typically not all people who do business or who invest that do know how exactly to follow up their investment so it does not end in tears.

If you have decided to invest your money in buying motorhome vehicles, then you should be ready to do all that it takes to cover it and provide the intended maximum comfort for your customers.

This is the right article for you if you are interested in knowing everything there is about motorhome insurance and how to get the insurance policy at a cheaper rate.

Continue reading to find out more about getting cheaper motorhome insurance for your asset.

What is motorhome insurance?

Motorhome insurance is a policy designed to protect you financially if something should happen to your motorhome asset. This might be anything from injuries or property damage you cause or encounter while driving. It also goes down to theft, vandalism and fire damage to your motorhome.

Motorhomes usually are big vehicles that have sleeping spaces for two to eight people. Each of the sleeping spaces, they are often created by either fixing or turning aside from another part of the motorhome’s interior design, usually a fold-out sofa.

There is also always a kitchenette area that contains cooking equipment. The type of cooking equipment you may find included in your motorhome may differ. That fact is depending on the motorhome make and model you choose or see.

However, on a general basis, a kitchenette has a stove, oven, refrigerator, and sink just like the way it is in our homes. A more luxury model may also provide a microwave for the kitchenette. There is usually a mini bathing space with a shower, sink, and toilet, usually located in the motorhome.

When you see a smaller motorhome, the toilet may be of the “cassette toilet” type, which is a kind of a very little portable toilet or container-based. The toilet sometimes swivels to provide extra room and can be accessed from outside the motorhome for easy emptying. 

For very large motorhomes, usually have a separate shower cubicle on the inside. With all these illustrations of what a motorhome looks like and what it is made up of, usually on the inside.

If there is ever a need for you to get a cover for it, someone may typically decide to spend the night in the motorhome.

Why do I need motorhome insurance?

So, a motorhome insurance cover is there to protect your motorhome asset from damages. For every investment that a person makes, it is very important that you follow up as much as possible to know the level and point of the investment.

Now, if you clear up your saving to purchase a motorhome would you joke about it?

I am just guessing the answer is no. So, if you purchase a motorhome for whatever purpose, you need to make sure it is safe in your hands and you will not get to have a heart attack when it burns.

For a fact, the motorhome is just like every other car that has an engine and uses gas, so it stands the risk of catching fire. Fire outbreaks can happen anytime and anywhere, so as with every other disaster and damage.

No accident or disaster ever tries to inform anyone that it is coming or tries to give one the estimated time for its arrival. Now, you need to make sure you are prepared and fortified for the disastrous days. Getting a motorhome insurance policy is an answer to the peace of your mind when you have a motorhome.

Types of motorhome insurance.

Just as it is with normal auto insurance, there are basically three main types of motorhome insurance.

The three types of motorhome insurance are listed below:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third-party cover
  • Theft and fire by a third party.

Comprehensive cover

A fully comprehensive insurance policy is the type of policy that is designed to cover the damage. The cover type also covers the repairs, medical expenses, fire damage and theft, as well as damage done to someone else, their vehicle or their property.

If you for any reason damage another person’s property or even injure them with your motorhome while it is insured, your policy providers will cover the cost of replacement or repair.


Third-party motorhome insurance is termed the ‘weakest cover type, and the minimum legal requirement you must meet to drive on the UK roads. It is usually also the most expensive among the three types even though it is less required and very weak. The cover protects you against the damages another person would do to your motorhome or you.

Fire and theft.

This type of motorhome insurance policy, third-party fire and theft, offers cover for fire or theft caused damages to other people. The cover extends to their vehicles and their property.

However, the cover also offers protection for your own vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged by fire

Motorhome insurance pros and cons

There are certain things that your motorhome insurance would do as well as certain things the cover would not do.

Let us start with what motorhome insurance covers:

Motorhome insurance would cover you against damage to your vehicle as well as theft and fire outbreak. The cover is usually based on the financial cost of the vehicle.

There are also exceptions to the things that motorhome insurance covers and they are:

  • Abroad usage: it is important you always check your insurance policy before travelling abroad for whether there is an extra cover abroad.
  • Wear and tear
  • Electric or mechanical breakdown
  • Damage as a result of permanent use
  • Insects caused damage.

It is always important you check your insurance policy to find out the things the policy providers would cover you against and not so you do not end up expecting too much.

Cost of motorhome insurance

Unlike every other vehicle insurance that has an average estimated cost of insurance, motorhome insurance has no estimated price.

There is rather a list of factors that may alter the cost of the insurance policy.

Factors like:

  • The fact that your insurers would access the area where you live to check for crime history determines your cost.
  • Personal details may also alter the cost of insurance, as well as driving experience and qualifications.

The type of your motorhome insurance including the make and model is another factor. Where you usually park your vehicle is another factor, is it on the street or where?

How to get cheap motorhome insurance

Looking at all the factors mentioned above that would alter the cost of your motorhome insurance,Packing your vehicle at a safe place can help you get cheaper insurance as the risk of it being stolen is reduced.

Also, you can make sure you do not live in a crime area because a little violence may result in damage to damaging your vehicle.

Furthermore, you may get a cheaper motorhome insurance policy depending on your age, driving experience and qualifications.

If you are an experienced and qualified driver, you stand less chance of having an accident or making claims.

The key things that you need to get a cheaper motorhome insurance policy are carefulness and qualifications, guide your motorhome to avoid repeated claims.


Motorhome insurance is a very important insurance policy to cover your motorhome vehicles against damage. The cover is also against theft and destruction by fire outbreaks and other disasters that may happen. It is a very possible thing to get cheaper motorhome insurance. The only things you need to get the cheaper motorhome insurance are a driving qualification and up to age plus a safe environment.

FAQs About Motorhome Insurance.

How much is motorhome insurance

The most of your motorhome insurance is not to be stated by anyone but your policy providers after careful analysis of your location and driving qualifications plus age.

Is it possible to get cheap motorhome insurance

Yes. You can get cheap motorhome insurance if your location is safe and you have good driving qualification and are old enough to be let to drive.

What is the difference between motorhome and campervan

A campervan is much smaller, with very basic facilities, while a motorhome is way bigger and well furnished.

You may insure a campervan as a normal van or car, but not as a motorhome.

Do i need separate driving license to drive motorhome

It depends on when you got your driving license and the weight of the vehicle, you may need to be trained specially to be able to drive it.

" } } , { "@type": "Question", "name": "What is the difference between motorhome and campervan", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "

A campervan is much smaller, with very basic facilities, while a motorhome is way bigger and well furnished.

You may insure a campervan as a normal van or car, but not as a motorhome.

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It depends on when you got your driving license and the weight of the vehicle, you may need to be trained specially to be able to drive it.

" } } ] }

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