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Haven has both short-term and long-term insurance policies that can meet a wide range of needs when you want to get your car insured. Let us take a ride through the article, by seeing some reviews about Haven Insurance Company Limited relating to their car and taxi services in the UK.

Haven Car Insurance

Insurance for your house and car is a speciality of Havens. The company’s goal is to help clients who may not be able to discover what they’re looking for elsewhere in the insurance market. There could be a variety of reasons for this.

A privately-owned insurance company, they pride themselves on staying close to our consumers and our market’.

In 2002, Haven became one of the first UK car insurance companies to operate in Gibraltar. Financial services industry strength, conformity with EU regulations, and ease of access to the UK insurance market were all factors in Gibraltar’s selection by the company.

The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission has authorized and regulated the insurance provider, which operates under European legislation governing the regulation of insurance businesses and the supply of services in the EU.

In addition, Haven is a member and supporter of the Financial Ombudsman Service of the United Kingdom (FOS UK). Along with these, the insurance provider also supports the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and is a member of the UK’s Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

Types of car insurance offered

Haven offers a wide choice of insurance solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Taxi and auto insurance policies range in size from modest, personal policies to huge, commercial ones. 

To meet the needs of these markets, the company’s products have been specifically designed, and their specialized insurance underwriting team is able to provide coverage for risks that many clients may not have access to elsewhere. 

Haven’s insurance offerings are as follows: 

#1. A Private car

Private Car insurance from Haven is designed to meet the needs of customers who may struggle to get affordable coverage elsewhere. Telematics, impound recovery, and short-term coverage are all available through insurance. 

#2. Taxi 

Taxi plans from the company are available on a year-to-year or short-term basis and cover both public and private hire vehicles. 

#3. Motor Trade

They also provide coverage for a wide range of motor trade road risks and can meet a wide range of criteria for motor traders. 

#4. Motor Fleet

Among the business fleet risks targeted by their Motor Fleet product are taxi, credit hire, and delivery fleets. 

#5. Commercial vehicle

A wide range of commercial vehicle makes and models are thus covered by Haven’s coverage. A variety of options are available to customers. 

#6. Learner Driver

When a learner driver is in the process of earning a full license, they can provide coverage for them in their own car or in the car of a family member. 

#7. Household 

Homeowners can choose between annual and short-term policies from the insurance company, which also cover properties that are either inhabited or empty.

How to contact Haven Insurance

If you’d like to get in touch with someone at Haven Insurance, here are several options: 

Call Haven at (0345) 092 0704 for further information. 

Please contact Haven at: info@haven.gi 

You can write to Haven Insurance at the following address:

Haven Insurance Company Ltd.

No. 1 Grand Ocean Plaza

Ocean Village


GX11 1AA

Haven Taxi Insurance

Haven taxi insurance policies and vehicles are not all the same, and neither are the policies that cover them.

In Haven, you must have a taxi license and insurance if you use any kind of vehicle to transport people for a profit. It’s not just black cabs that need taxi insurance – many kinds of private hire vehicles, as well as public hire vehicles like hackney carriages, need it.

What does Taxi Insurance cover that Car Insurance doesn’t in Haven?

Car Insurance policies are not enough for taxi drivers, as much as they do not cover the driver, the vehicle, or the passengers. Taxi insurance is also required if you plan on renting out your vehicle for a fee. 

Despite the fact that Taxi Insurance has the same three levels of coverage as ordinary Car Insurance, it differs from standard Car Insurance in that it protects you against the specific dangers you experience, as follows:

  • The higher number of miles you’re driving
  • Your regular contact with the public and your accountability for them
  • Having to drive in stressful situations and heavy traffic
  • Having to drive during unsociable hours

Depending on the type of taxi you drive, you’ll either need public-hire taxi insurance or private-hire taxi insurance.

What’s the difference between public-hire taxi insurance and private-hire taxi insurance?

The primary distinction between public-hire taxi insurance and private-hire taxi insurance is that public-hire taxis do not require advance reservations and are permitted to pick up clients on the street, while private-hire taxis require reservations and cannot be hailed on the street. 

They are also known as “hackney cabs,” and are capable of waiting for passengers at a taxi rank. In general, public hire taxis are more expensive to insure than private hire taxis, because the cars are usually newer and more modern. 

Why does Taxi Insurance cost more than Car Insurance?

Statistically, taxi drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident since they travel more miles than the majority of other drivers. Taxi drivers not only put in more kilometres, but they also tend to drive larger cars, which puts them in a higher insurance category. 

It is more common for taxi drivers to drive longer distances than a typical driver 

Taxi drivers frequently have to operate in challenging situations, such as densely populated places. 

Taxi drivers frequently use larger, more expensively insured vehicles to accommodate more passengers. They are also at risk of being sued by their passengers for personal injury. 

Do taxi drivers need Public Liability Insurance?

This insurance protects you and your business against any claims of injury or damage caused by a person or property under your care. Consider the dangers you face as a cab driver, and you’ll appreciate the value of this insurance. 

In the event of a passenger’s injury or property damage, while they are in your care, Taxi Liability Insurance will protect you from financial losses. 

Taxi Liability Insurance: Your taxi premises might also be covered by taxi liability insurance if necessary. 

Can a taxi driver drive my car on my insurance?

A normal Car Insurance insurance that includes “driving other automobiles” is required for a taxi driver who wants to drive someone else’s private car on a regular basis, i.e. not for hiring and reward.

Now let us take a look at the haven insurance in the UK

Haven Insurance UK

If you’re in an accident and unable to drive, having adequate insurance will keep you moving and cause you as little hardship as possible. When deciding on a car insurance policy, elements like this should be taken into consideration.

Therefore, here is the list of the top 4 vehicle haven insurance companies in the UK that might assist you in finding coverage that provides more than just a low price.

#1. NFU Mutual- 91,74%.

NFU Mutual has long held the top rank in our study of vehicle insurance providers; it’s difficult to see where the company can improve after taking the top spot in every major category. It’s possible that NFU Mutual’s online quotation system may be more user-friendly, but most of its clients prefer to speak with a representative over the phone.

#2. RIAS- 88.62%

Customers can purchase insurance through RIAS, an Ageas subsidiary, on the company’s website or by phone. Thus to begin, it’s easy to navigate and quick to place an order, and all of the information offered is up to snuff. It’s up to you whether or not you’d like to contact the CEO of the company to share your thoughts.

#3. LV- 87.31% 

It was a good showing for Liverpool Victoria in terms of its online approach, value for money, and communication. Product expertise and friendliness were also praised by phone customers, who rated them well. However, client satisfaction with the length of time it took to resolve a claim caused it to fall farther down the list.

#4. Privilege- 88.54% 

Privilege’s finest feature, according to our readers, is how simple it is to get a policy, whether it’s over the phone or online. When it comes time to file a claim, communication, ease, and quickness are all in the top 10, so things aren’t terrible. Even though Privilege received the worst scores in our 2019 customer satisfaction survey, it appears to have a large number of satisfied consumers. Even though Privilege is a subsidiary of Direct Line, we estimate that comparison sites are the primary source of Privilege’s clients, which is why we expect that 30% of customers will leave.

Now, move over to see the reviews on Haven Insurance.

Haven Insurance Reviews

It’s important you note this before going into the reviews on Haven insurance. If you have any of the following issues, Haven’s claims team can help:

  • Repair your vehicle through their managed repair network, which also ensures a high-quality repair for your vehicle.
  • In the case of a non-fault collision, we can connect you with a network of lawyers; who can assist you in recovering any uninsured losses.
  • In the event of non-fault accidents, provide a replacement rental car, as long as one is available.
  • Heavily disputed claims by Haven Inspectors are always on the lookout; for ways to keep your insurance policy from accruing unwarranted expenses.

If you get into an accident, Haven tells you to do the following:

  • First, get into a safe place away from traffic.
  • At the scene of the accident, don’t say that you were to blame.
  • Everyone should therefore give each other their names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Exchange registration numbers, as well as the make and model of the car.
  • Take pictures of the vehicles, the registration numbers of the vehicles, and any people who are in the vehicles.
  • The accident scene should be photographed as soon as possible if it is safe to do so.
  • If there are any witnesses, get their names, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • If anyone is hurt in an accident, call the police and get help at the scene right away.

Note: It is very important that you call Haven’s claims team right away if you have an accident.

However, to see more on the reviews people do say about haven insurance, click on this link https://smartmoneypeople.com 

Let us now go over to haven insurance company limited

Haven Insurance Company Limited

Please call us at: 0345 092 0704. If you are a Haven policyholder or have a general question, please call: 

Send an email to: info@haven.gi 

If you’d like to find out more about Haven partnership opportunities, please email underwriter@haven.gi to speak with our Customer Relations Team about it. 

You can send your CV to recruitment@haven.gi or send us a letter at the address below (no speculative employment agencies please). Please be aware that your personal information will be used to find you a job or recruit you. Requesting more information will get you more. 

Office address:

Haven Insurance Company Limited

No.1 Grand Ocean Plaza

Ocean Village


GX11 1AA

Haven Car Insurance FAQ

Is Haven a broker?

In 2002, Haven became one of the first UK car insurance companies to operate in Gibraltar. Financial services industry strength, conformity with EU regulations, and ease of access to the UK insurance market were all factors in Gibraltar’s selection by the company.

How do I cancel my haven insurance?

It’s easy to cancel your annual policy at any time. You can send your Certificate of Motor Insurance back to your insurance advisor, and we’ll figure out how much money you’ll get back based on how many claims you haven’t made in the current period of insurance.

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It's easy to cancel your annual policy at any time. You can send your Certificate of Motor Insurance back to your insurance advisor, and we'll figure out how much money you'll get back based on how many claims you haven't made in the current period of insurance.

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