Haven Car Insurance Review 2023 | Is it Legit or Scam

haven car insurance review
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Haven Car Insurance is one of the insurance policies provided by Haven Insurance Companies in the UK.

The company focuses on providing a wide variety of quality covers and specialize in auto policies.

Although the company claims to have compiled tailor-made insurance plans that will suit the individual needs of its customers, many people think otherwise when it comes to Haven car insurance.

They believe Haven car insurance is not legit, and anyone who opts for their services falls prey to scams.

Now the question remains: Is Haven Car Insurance legit or a scam? Is it worth opting for, or are there insurance options every Tom and Dick should avoid?

If you’re too inquisitive to find out, this article is for you.

In this article, we’ve quickly reviewed this insurance policy option.

This Haven Car Insurance review will give you a broader insight into who Haven Insurance is, its coverage, and its originality.

Carefully read through!

Who is Haven Insurance?

Haven is a specialized home and auto insurance company. Customers who may have trouble getting what they need in the general insurance market may benefit from the company’s speciality products and solutions. This could be because of a variety of factors.

They are a private, independent insurance company that prides itself on “keeping close to our market and our consumers.”

Haven was one of the first UK auto insurers in Gibraltar, having opened its doors in 2002.

The company picked Gibraltar because of its financial services industry’s strength, compliance with EU regulatory norms, and convenient access to the UK insurance market.

The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission has authorized and regulated the insurance provider, which works under European legislation governing the regulation of insurance businesses and the supply of services in the EU.

Haven claims to be completely compliant with Gibraltar’s data protection rules (as per EU Directives) and to be registered with the Data Protection Commissioner.

Haven is also a sponsor and member of the Financial Ombudsman Service in the United Kingdom (FOS).

The insurance company is also a supporter of the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), the Association of British Insurers (ABI), and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the United Kingdom.

Who is Responsible for Underwriting the Haven Insurance Policies?

Haven vehicle insurance is a private company that underwrites its own coverage. They also underwrite other brokers’ policies, such as Acorn’s.

Other important details to know about Haven Insurance include:

  1. Currently, Haven insures around 97,000 policyholders.
  2. The present solvency cover ratio of Haven Insurance is in excess of 150 percent.
  3. They are specialized insurers that provide coverage for a specific period or for an entire year.
  4. In 2018, almost £81 million was paid out in claims.

About Haven Car insurance

Haven Insurance is one of the few car insurance companies with headquarters in Gibraltar. They first opened their doors in 2002, offering both house and auto insurance plans.

Their policies comply with Solvency II, a UK and EU regulation. They further offer policies to drivers with trouble finding one that meets their needs and circumstances.

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What is Haven Car Coverage?

Haven Car Insurance is available in a variety of forms. Haven offers a wide selection of insurance packages with customizable, specialized coverage.

This comprises anything from modest, personal line insurance to huge taxi fleets and dangers in the motor sector.

Basically, The company provides products that many customers would find difficult to get elsewhere.

Here’s a rundown of Haven’s insurance offerings:

Car for Hire

One of Have insurance coverage is Car for Hire. This insurance company program is flexible and tailored to meet customers’ needs who may have trouble finding affordable car insurance elsewhere.

As an insurer here, you will have Telematics, impound recovery, and short-term coverage if you opt for this option.


This is another policy Haven car insurance provides. Here, they offer taxi policies on an annual or short-term basis and cover both public and private hire use.

Automobile Industry

Haven car insurance also covers various motor trade road risks and can satisfy many motor trader needs.

Automobile Fleet

I designed this policy to address a variety of business fleet risks, such as taxi, credit hire, and courier fleets.

The vehicle used for business

Haven’s commercial vehicle policy applies to a wide range of commercial vehicle types and applications. Customers have a variety of alternatives to pick from.

Inexperienced Driver

They can provide insurance for learner drivers who are in the process of earning a full license, either in their own vehicle or in the vehicle of a family member.


The insurance provider provides annual and short-term home insurance coverage for both occupied and empty houses.

What does a Haven auto insurance coverage cover?

Each Haven Insurance Company policy is comprehensive and available in PDF and PowerPoint formats online.

To take the policy, you can download all of them. On their website, it falls under the topic of the policy wording.

What isn’t covered by a Haven Insurance policy?

Your coverage excludes any liability, loss, or damage incurred when any vehicle covered by this policy is being:

  • Driven by someone who isn’t listed on the current Certificate of Motor Insurance or utilized for a purpose that isn’t allowed by the Certificate.
  • Anyone (including you) who, to your knowledge, does not have a DVLA-issued driver’s license, has never held a driver’s license, or is disqualified from driving.
  • Loss or damage to your vehicle as a result of theft when the ignition keys are left in or on the vehicle, or while the vehicle is not properly locked/secured.
  • Wear and tear, mechanical or electrical failures, and breakages are all possibilities.
  • Damage to your tyres, unless they were damaged as a result of an accident, a fire, or malicious damage.
  • Your vehicle is stolen or damaged by someone who gained it through deception or fraud.

What is the procedure for filing a claim on my Haven Car insurance policy?

You can file a claim at any time, seven days a week. The claims staff at Haven will be able to help you with the following:

  • Repair your vehicle through their Managed Repair Network, ensuring the work is done correctly.
  • In the event of a non-fault accident, provide a network of solicitors to assist you in recovering uninsured losses.
  • Provide replacement hire vehicle(s) in non-fault accidents, subject to availability.
  • Haven’s claims inspectors respond quickly to prevent your insurance from incurring unnecessary expenditures.

If you are in an accident, Haven recommends that you follow these steps:

  • Before you share information, find a safe spot away from traffic.
  • At the site of an accident, never acknowledge fault.
  • Everyone engaged should exchange their names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • In addition to the manufacturer and model of the vehicle, exchange registration numbers (s).
  • Take pictures of the vehicle(s), the vehicle(s)’ registration number, and any passengers.
  • If it is safe, attempt to photograph the accident scene.
  • Then, if there are any witnesses, make a list of their names, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Summon the cops and emergency services to the location of the collision right away if anyone is hurt.
  • It is critical that you notify Haven’s claims team within 24 hours of any event.

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How can you Get in Touch with Haven Insurance?

The company’s headquarters are open for business in Ocean Village, Gibraltar. They have a general email account set up to handle questions because travelling is time-intensive.

However, if someone has a problem, they can contact a representative at Haven using a dedicated email address.

They provide a phone number for complaints that is the same as the one for general queries.

What is the Procedure for Filing Complaint?

Haven Insurance strives to deliver excellent customer service as well as timely and equitable payment of claims.

If you have a question or a complaint about this insurance, you should first contact your broker, who is responsible for administering it on your behalf.

If you are still unhappy, write to Haven Insurance Company Limited at Level 3, Ocean Village Business Centre, 23 Ocean Village Promenade, Gibraltar, or email complaints@haven.gi. In any correspondence, please include the policy or claim number.

If they don’t handle your complaint satisfactorily, you may contact the Financial Ombudsman Services (‘FOS’) at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, Docklands, London E14 9SR, or call 0845 0801800.

Please keep in mind that you have six months from the date of our final response to file a complaint with the FOS.

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What are Haven Car Insurance Customers saying….

Here are what Haven Car Insurance Customers saying….

Very poor experience. Please avoid did not help but kept a vehicle without permission when they are not registered keepers of the vehicle. – Shaha

Great company if you don’t want to be insured; forget claiming if you have an accident. The clowns on the total loss team couldn’t handle a simple payout and are trying to weasel their way out of it. Avoid the plague. – Taz Khan

If anyone has put a complaint in and it’s been over 8weeks, get in touch with the financial ombudsman they will screw this company my claims have been going on for over 2 months, and every time I call the fob me of the phone they are the best people to get in touch to screw this company back never use this company again a pile of robbing basteds. Mr Zee

Save your money!!! do not stick with this useless company!!!  – Prodehater

Haven is trying to charge me £500 for not reporting my accident surely this should be illegal? What company does this? Stay away from this money-hungry company. Il is reporting them to the financial ombudsman. – EAT Out

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Money-grabbing clowns. They do not go about their business properly, and are very unprofessional. Staff are rude and try to talk to you like a child. Do not waste your time and money with these clowns. The company should be shut down. – Lewis

Is Haven Car Insurance Policy Legit or Scam?

From the Haven insurance customer’s reviews, it’s clear that the insurance company is not legit. Therefore, before you opt for it or any of their offers, it’s expedient you scrutinize the company. Remember, never be in a hurry!

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