Ford Car Insurance: Affordable Car Insurance Options For Ford Owners

Ford Car Insurance
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Getting car insurance is a sure way to insure your Ford car isn’t completely lost in the event of an accident. This popular car brand is quite sensitive when it comes to insuring any of it’s models, including the Fiesta. If you’re a Ford owner or thinking of buying one, this guide would provide you with car insurance options that you’ll need to insure your Fiesta, Focus and the rest.

In this article, we’ll discuss all everything you need to know about Ford Fiesta car insurance, plus the cost and factors that determine the cost of Ford car insurance. 

Overview of Ford Motor Company

Ford has been an American institution for almost a century and is also the UK’s perennial top-selling automaker. Few streets will be devoid of a Focus or Fiesta.

Henry Ford created his namesake firm in 1903, on the eve of the car revolution, and pioneered mass production on assembly lines, a process now known as Fordism. Ford was able to build the first affordable car because of mechanised production: the classic Model T. While today’s Ford lineup has little resemblance to the Model T, it does provide something for every driver and budget, from the ubiquitous Fiesta to the flashy Mustang, which is now electrified.

#1. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is one of the most popular family cars due to its beautiful design, superb handling, and exceptional value for money. In fact, behind another of Ford’s heavy hitters, the Fiesta, it’s the second most prevalent car on UK roads.

A variety of strong and fuel-efficient engines are available for the new Ford Focus. It’s also jam-packed with cutting-edge technology. Adaptive cruise control, active braking, and park assist, for example, provide a smooth and safe ride.

How Much It Costs to Insure a Ford Focus Car

When shopping for Ford Focus car insurance, keep in mind that different insurers will give you varying prices for the same model year. You can find the best cost for your car by comparing quotes from several insurers.

The average annual cost of car insurance for a Ford Focus is $1,253, which is $174 less than the national average. However, depending on how old your car is, the car insurance rate for a Ford Focus could vary by as much as $355. The older the model, the lower the insurance cost.

Affordable Car Insurance Options for Ford Focus Owners

Ford Focus insurance costs may chage significantly depending on the company you chose to insure your car. Below are the average insurance costs for the following companies to insure your Ford car:

  • GEICO— $1,043
  • USAA—$1,029
  • Allstate—$1,500
  • State Farm—$1,218
  • Allied—$1,722
  • Nationwide—$1,504

#2. Ford Puma

This is a mild hybrid’ compact SUV powered by Ford’s EcoBoost engine (a petrol engine with a small electric motor complementing it). That is the new (post-2019) Puma; Ford formerly had a coupé series dubbed the Puma in the pre-2000s.

#3. Ford Ka

The Ford Ka is a tiny and nimble city vehicle. While new Ka models are no longer produced, the car continues to be popular on the used market, particularly among younger drivers.

#4. Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is the most popular vehicle in the UK in 2020 and has been for years. With a no-fuss design and a reputation for being more fun to drive than any tiny hatchback has a right to be, the Ford Fiesta rules the roads of the UK. Additionally, the Ford Fiesta is inexpensive to insure, with insurance groups ranging from 2 to 16 (out of 50), depending on the car model. Insurance premiums for a 30-year-old driver range from £575 and £800 on average.

How Much Does Ford Fiesta Car Insurance Cost?

According to The Zebra, the average monthly insurance cost for a Ford Fiesta is $122. That’s $7 less than the national average for vehicle insurance. One of the reasons the Ford Fiesta car insurance is so inexpensive is that it is equipped with numerous safety measures and has an excellent safety rating. 

Additionally, it is an utilitarian vehicle that is frequently used for commuting and running errands around town. Due to the fact that it is not designed for speed, insurance companies do not consider it a high-risk vehicle to cover. As The Zebra points out, the Fiesta is likewise considered cheap to fix.

What Kind of Car Insurance Should You Get for Your Ford Fiesta? commends the following car insurance policies for your Ford Fiesta:

#1. Collision insurance

Collision coverage is never required by state law. However, if you’re still paying off your Ford Fiesta car loan, your lending institution will almost always demand you to have collision insurance. It is cost effective to repair your vehicle if it’s damaged in a collision with another vehicle or an object. If you have a paid-off Fiesta, you may wish to forego this coverage. Simply ensure that you have the financial means to pay for repairs.

#2. Comprehensive insurance

Similar to collision coverage, comprehensive coverage is often required but not compelled by the state if you are paying off your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage protects you against damage caused by natural disasters, vandalism, or an animal-related accident. If you have paid off your Ford Fiesta car in full and can afford to pay for repairs out of pocket, you can also forego comprehensive insurance.

#3. Glass insurance

While the cost of a shattered windshield is typically less than the deductible for glass coverage, many drivers believe it is worthwhile to add glass coverage to their policies to avoid unexpected charges.

#4. Gap insurance

If you owe more on your Ford Fiesta than it is worth, gap insurance will cover the difference if your car is totaled in an accident.

#5. Bodily injury insurance

If you are at fault for an accident and the other motorist sustains injuries, bodily injury liability will cover the medical expenses. The majority of states require you to obtain bodily injury liability insurance.

#6. Property damage liability insurance 

This is another sort of coverage that is frequently required by the state. It provides coverage for damage to the other driver’s vehicle if you are the at-fault party in an accident. Additionally, it covers the cost of repairs if an object such as a fence or lamp post is damaged.

#7. Compensation for medical expenses/personal injury protection (PIP)

While some states enforce PIP, others allow for voluntary participation. Your insurance agent will advise you on the requirements specific to your state. If you purchase PIP, it will cover your medical expenses and those of your passengers, even if another driver is at fault for the accident.

#8. Uninsured motorist insurance

This coverage is normally optional, though a few jurisdictions mandate motorists to carry it. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you in the case of an accident caused by an uninsured driver.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Ford Fiesta Car Insurance

Because insurance companies base their rates on your particular profile, you may pay more or less than the typical premium for a Fiesta. Firstly, your age has a big impact on your rates because it reflects your level of responsibility and experience as a driver. According to, the following is the estimated cost of car insurance for your Ford Fiesta based on your age:

Between the ages 16 to 19 years old: $4430 per year

  • 20 and 29, $2748 per year
  • 30 and 39, the annual salary is $1265.
  • 40 and 49, $1212 per year
  • 50 and 59, $1105 per year
  • 60 and 69, is $1082.

Secondly, living in a city with a high rate of car thefts and accidents might also have an effect on your insurance costs. gathered quotes to see how much car insurance Ford Fiesta owners pay in specific cities. What they discovered was as follows:

  • in Los Angeles, California: $2073
  • New York, New York: $2015
  • $1899 in Houston, Texas
  • $1757 in Jacksonville, Florida
  • $1624 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • $1600 in Chicago, Illinois
  • in Phoenix, Arizona: $1406.
  • Seattle, Washington: $1176
  • Indy, Indiana: $1030
  • Columbus, Ohio: $1006

Affordable Car Insurance Options for Ford Fiesta Owners 

Even if you’re in a high-risk age group or live in a major city, looking around for quotes can save you money. According to The Zebra, the following are the most economical suppliers for Ford Fiesta car insurance:

  • Allied: $777 per annum
  • Erie: $1020 per annum
  • Vermont Mutual Insurance: $1049 per year
  • Across the country: $1235 per year
  • USAA: $1262 per annum
  • State Farm Insurance: $1270 per year
  • GEICO: $1294 per annum
  • The American family $1351 per year.
  • Country: $1376 per annum
  • Tennessee earn $1389 per year.
  • Arbella: $1426 per annum
  • Southern Farm Bureau membership: $1442 per year

How to Reduce the Cost of Ford Fiesta Car Insurance

You don’t want to pay a cent more than necessary on car insurance for your ford fiesta. Here are some tips for lowering your rates and locating affordable Ford car insurance:

  • Add a driver with a unique name:  Younger, inexperienced drivers pay the highest premiums for not just Ford car insurance, but every other car brand.  However, they can mitigate these expenses by adding a named driver with expertise to their policy. This is a driver who may operate your vehicle on occasion.
  • Reduce your driving: Fords are renowned for their driving enjoyment, with even sensible family cars like the Fiesta providing some vroom vroom. However, the lower your mileage, the less likely you are to be involved in a collision and file an insurance claim. As a result, the longer your vehicle remains in the garage, the lower your Ford car insurance premiums will be.
  • Increase your security: While the Fiesta comes equipped with a perimeter alarm, adding an immobiliser and GPS tracker may qualify you for a discount on your Ford car insurance.
  • Telematics: You insist you’re an extremely cautious driver of your Ford Mustang. Moreover, you can demonstrate this to your insurer by flying with a black box. Your driving behaviour will be recorded by the black box, thus, your telematics policy will reward you with reduced premiums if you are found to accelerate gently, brake smoothly, take turns carefully, and avoid driving at night.


Now that you’re aware of the car insurance options for your Ford, you can make an informed decision about the type of policy that’s suitable for you. With a little work, you can locate affordable coverage that meets your needs.

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FAQ’s On Ford Car Insurance

How much does a Ford Ranger cost to insure?

What is the cost of Ford Ranger insurance? The average cost of Ford Ranger insurance is $1,320 a year, with monthly payments ranging from $101 to $117 depending on the trim level.

Does Ford insure auto renew?

Unless you tell us otherwise, all of our policies are set to automatically renew. You have the option to opt out of automatic renewal at any time throughout the policy term.

What advantages does Ford provide?

Vision Insurance, Legal Assistance, and Tuition Reimbursement are just a few of the Ford Motor Company Perks, which also feature 9 additional unique benefits in areas including Health & Wellness and Office Perks. Employees give their Perks And Benefits a 76 out of 100 rating.

Is it best to pay your car insurance in full or monthly?

Basically, if you can pay for your coverage in full, you’ll pay less. However, if paying a huge lump sum upfront puts you in a financial bind — for example, if you can’t afford to pay your vehicle insurance deductible – monthly car insurance payments are definitely a better alternative for you.

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Basically, if you can pay for your coverage in full, you'll pay less. However, if paying a huge lump sum upfront puts you in a financial bind — for example, if you can't afford to pay your vehicle insurance deductible - monthly car insurance payments are definitely a better alternative for you.

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