Direct Line Van Insurance: Cheap Van Insurance In UK

Direct Line Van Insurance
Direct Line Van Insurance

Direct line van insurance could be the ideal solution for allowing you to use your van or pick it up for business purposes. There are several types of businesses that require the use of a van, such as transporting goods, tools, or equipment from one location to another as part of your working day.

It could be a stressful job compared to even the main business when you are searching for the right company to buy your insurance from. Any type of policy at all could be tiring and time-consuming.

Direct Line van insurance is a fantastic deal brought to the doorsteps of business owners looking for a reliable insurance provider. Instead of doing anything else or going through every step of the process, gather information about the insurance company in order to purchase your van insurance policy from them.

This article has been written to summarize everything that is included in a direct line van insurance policy. Van insurance is essential for business owners who require a van to transport their products or goods to their destinations.

What Is Van Insurance?

A van insurance policy is a policy that permits you to use your van or pick it up for your business without fear of the cost attracted by damage to the van or loss of it. You can use your van for different businesses without any atom of fear. Businesses like carrying your goods, tools, or equipment to different locations as part of your working day.

When you compare van quotes, choosing cheap van insurance is not usually the answer, so the direct lines on their van insurance have made it much easier for policy takers to find and take out the policy at cheaper rates.

If you have or own a van and use it for business, you will need Direct Line’s commercial cover. Its privacy policy allows people to use a van for hobbies or leisure purposes, for example, transporting instruments and musical equipment.

That is to say that, after you have carefully chosen, after much comparison, the insurance company to take out your policy from, it is also important you pay careful attention to the types of covers that the direct line van insurance has on their cover.

Basically, van insurance is coverage for your business or pleasure van. It does not even matter if you use the van for entertainment. Whether you use it for business is also of no concern. You need van insurance to save you from the stress of your van breaking down on the road and other occurrences like damage or loss.

Does Direct Line Offer Van Insurance?

Yes, Direct Line offers van insurance that covers all types of commercial vehicles, from cheap van insurance to van fleets.

Since its inception several years ago, Direct Line Group has grown to become one of the UK’s leading car insurance providers. Because the company and business are not yet listed on any comparison websites, if you require van insurance from the direct line company, you must go to or visit their business website to obtain a quote.

Direct Line provides a variety of discounts to help you save money. In addition to no-claims discounts, there are discounts for multi-vehicle insurance and breakdown cover.

Drivers will also be able to earn a discount by purchasing their policy through Direct Line’s DrivePlus Van app. The app monitors the van owner’s driving style and assigns a score from one to one hundred based on factors such as speed, matching brakes, and acceleration.

Finally, the direct line provides van insurance coverage that is simple, adaptable, and easily accessible to customers. After using the app for up to 300 miles, it will generate a discount code based on the driver’s cumulative score. A driver who has a low score may not be penalized.

DirectLine Van Insurance Coverage

Below is the available coverage at Direct line van insurance:

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Third-party fire and theft
  • Direct Line Van Insurance Covers Extras

Comprehensive Coverage

This type or level of cover found on direct line van insurance is the highest level of cover that the company provides for its users. This cover will also provide the same protection as third-party fire and theft as well as insure your van against accidental damage and or vandalism.

It is usually worth checking the cost of comprehensive before deciding conclusively which to take out because, although this level of cover is the highest level of cover, it can also be cheaper than third party or third party fire and theft.

This is a broad commercial van insurance policy that provides cover for you for a range of eventualities. The direct line comprehensive van insurance covers the list below:

  • Cover for windscreen repair and replacement.
  • Up to £500 of cover for tools and equipment
  • Cover for personal belongings up to £250
  • Personal accident cover (up to £5,000)
  • Cover for accidental medical expenses of up to £100 for each person.
  • Third-party liability cover
  • Fire and theft cover
  • Accidental damage
  • The company will also pay for your hotel if your van spoils on the way and can not be driven.
  • Coverage for vandalism

Third-party Fire and Theft

 This type or level of direct line van insurance cover is meant to protect you if you are at fault for an accident that happens. You will be protected from damage that you cause to other people’s vehicles or property.

You will also be protected against any damage to your van caused by fire. Or the theft of your van. This level of cover protects you in case someone makes a claim against you, and if your van is stolen or damaged by fire.

Unlike the comprehensive cover level by the direct line van insurance, the third party fire and theft cover level only provides:

  • Third-party liability cover
  • Fire and theft cover

Direct Line Van Insurance Covers Extras

Even though the direct line van insurance provides their cover based on the two levels mentioned above, there are extra levels on which they provide their cover.

These cover extras are optional for you, which means, you can choose to or not to add them to your policy, these covers include:

  • compensation for personal injury
  • loss of earnings cover.
  • It covers the cost of repairing or replacing your business tools, equipment, and products damaged in an accident.
  • If you don’t have comprehensive van insurance, you could lose thousands.
  • Cover for legal expenses: when an accident happens and a third party is at fault, the company covers the cost of bringing the person to answer claims.
  • No claim discount cover

Direct Line Van Insurance Quotes

Direct Line Van Insurance can cover your van whether you use it for work, leisure, or both.

Get direct line van Insurance quotes here.

Cost of direct line van insurance

The cost of your policy will depend on several factors, including the model and size of your van, where you live, and how old you are.

An older and younger person would be mandated to pay higher premiums on the cover cost because they are considered to be too young and may not be experienced in driving, and too old and may be weak to drive, respectively.

The standard maximum cost of taking out optional extras will be £100,000 upwards, depending on the number of extras chosen.

Drivers can also go for a discount, which is possible when they use Direct Line’s DrivePlus Van insurance app. The app, when activated, monitors the van owner’s driving style and gives them a score on a scale of one to a hundred based on a few factors such as speed, braking, and acceleration.

After driving for as long as 300 miles while using the app, it will generate a discount code based on the accumulative score for the driver. The driver can then proceed with the steps that will be given to them to get a discount using their unique discount code.


Direct Line van insurance is available at two levels of coverage. You can use its comprehensive policy for either personal or commercial use, or you can opt for a third-party fire or theft policy. Although only on the comprehensive level, the levels include coverage for tools, personal belongings, basic EU coverage, and up to nine years of no-claims discount. It makes no difference whether you use your van to transport business tools or to pursue your passion; Direct Line’s goal is to keep you on the road and your business running even when things go wrong.

Getting insurance for your van is important because it affects not only your van or the time when your van is damaged or stolen for any reason, but it also affects your business. Another important consideration is selecting the right company for your insurance.

FAQs about Direct Line Van Insurance

What is my insurance excess?

Your insurance excess is the amount of money you will be required to pay towards a claim. Your insurer won’t pay out for a claim that costs less than this amount. A compulsory excess amount might vary according to how long your van has stayed and your driving experience.

Does direct line offer cover for UK breakdown?

Yes. Direct Line offers multiple levels of Green Flag breakdown cover for van users within the UK.

Is there a cover available for van drivers in Europe?

Yes. The direct line provides optional cover for van drivers around Europe.

How can i get discount on my van insurance with direct line?

You can either get a discount offer by using the company’s app to earn on a scale of 1 to 100 after driving 300 miles. And also you can earn a discount if you have driving experience and your van is in good condition.

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You can either get a discount offer by using the company's app to earn on a scale of 1 to 100 after driving 300 miles. And also you can earn a discount if you have driving experience and your van is in good condition.

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