Confused Van Insurance for Van Owners in the UK

Confused Van Insurance
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Confused Van Insurance is an insurance policy provider that also sells a type of insurance that covers you and your business van against fire, damage, or theft. It also covers damage to other vehicles and property.

Even though the name says confused, the insurance company is especially there to help businesses and van owners not risk losing their van to theft, damage by fire, or another unforeseen disaster.

If you are a business person and the kind of business you do involves the use of a van to carry and deliver your business services, then you will know that van insurance is the only way that your business will not be messed with.

Imagine carrying your business goods, and all of a sudden the van catches fire and your goods are destroyed. Or you park your van in one place, and before you can turn around, the van has already been driven away.

When your business van is destroyed, lost, or stolen then you can and will know that your business money both profit and cap[ital may be spent just trying to fix it. So the confused insurance company has dedicated their service to help you save your van and your business.

Continue reading this article which has been drafted carefully to let you know everything you should about confused van insurance. From their services, offers, and all there is about them.

What is confused van insurance?

You can be able to locate van insurance policies on the confused policy menu, to suit your specific circumstances. if you use your van for business, for instance, you might need a courier or commercial van insurance policy to cover your business van.

Whether you use your transit van or pickup truck as a run-around, or your pick-up is a key major component of your business, it is important to protect your van against these risks that may come in the least expected time.

The confusing van insurance is there to make sure that you are not left out of pocket because of an accident that happened with your van or pickup.

A very vital part of the company that is more interesting, is the confused van insurance as a policy, when you take it out to cover your van whether, for business or pleasure, it protects you also and not only your van or pickup.

The protection provided to you is based on covering your pocket against unplanned expenses that may come as a result of damages van. This means that, when your van is damaged or broken down on the way, the confused insurance company will provide you with cover against the expenses of fixing the van.

Do I need van insurance?

It is important to compare companies and their services before you can finally decide to settle for a company that you think suits your insurance needs. You also need to make sure that you understand what the service you are asking for really is about.

On confused van insurance, if you are a business owner and your van, pick-up or even tipper is a huge part of your business you need this cover. This type of policy will cover you and your van or tipper.

The cover will save your van from incidents that may happen. Although the policy would not stop the incidents from happening anyway, but it covers your van in case they happen. This policy will also protect you and your pocket from unplanned expenses as a result of your van getting damaged.

It may be a big blow in your business when your van is damaged as you may even, also discover that you have spent your business capital on trying to repair or replace your van.

Therefore, van insurance is not only important because it covers your van or pick-up against damage or loss. It is also important because it provides cover for you as the taker, against unnecessary expenses following an accident with your van.

So, every business person needs van insurance to save the life of their van and also save their pocket. You can also put it as saving your business capital. You need van insurance for your peace of mind while using your van for business services.

Although some circumstances are unforeseen and cannot be told of in time, you can rather prevent them from hurting you or your valuables.

What does confused van insurance cover?

It can also be addressed as the level;s of cover that are available on confused van insurance. There are basically three levels that are provided by the confused van insurance from the highest to the lowest.

If you choose a company to cover your insurance needs, then you need to make sure that you understand the company and the services or levels involved. Making a mistake, when you take out a cover, could be a huge blow on your face because over time it may not be corrected.

So you need to pay attention to the offers, levels, and terms and conditions of the company before you can rest assured that you are making the right decision and choice in the services you are choosing.

So, the three cover levels that you can find in confused van insurance are in the list below:

  • Third party only
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Comprehensive cover

Third party only

This level is the lowest level of coverage you can find in confused van insurance. At this level, you are insured against any damage that you may cause to someone else or their property, including your passengers.

Let us say you are not in your best mood when driving at a time and you happen to injure another person, either your passenger, another driver, or passers-by. Normally you’re supposed to pay for the damages you cause and or if need be, take those injured to the hospital.

But when you already have a cover from, then the company will take off the need to do those things from your shoulder.

This cover does not include damage done to your own van.

Third party fire and theft.

This level of cover is the same as the third-party only but it also covers your van on the repair or replacement costs if they steal it or a fire outbreak causes damage to it.

This means that on confused van insurance third party fire and theft, this level will cover the damage you may cause to another person’s van, themselves, and also adds cover for the damage done to your own van.

We can say that this is the second or semi-high level of this cover.

Comprehensive confused van insurance cover level

This is the highest level of cover on confused van insurance. It gives you the will to protect you and your van the most. This level will provide cover for you and your van as well as other people and their property.

Although a comprehensive level of cover offers the most protection, it does not always mean that it is the most expensive as far as confused van insurance is concerned. It is worth comparing van insurance quotes at different levels of cover to see the level that will meet your needs.

Therefore, the comprehensive cover level includes the cover on every case in their-party only as well as the case in third-party fire and theft.

How much does confused van insurance cost?

Another important thing to consider when you want to take out a policy for your van is the cost of doing that. After you have compared the different companies to choose one, then you compare the level of cover that they present to you.

You need to make that their cost suits you well. The cost analysis of van insurance on is based solely on how you use your van.

if you do not use your van or pickup truck for anything that has to do with work. It will cover things like visiting family and friends, shopping or transporting kit for a hobby then your cost will be on check at £648.

 Also, when you only use your van to get to one place for work and you also only use it for social use the cost would be £650.

Known as a business only,  if you use your van to carry goods, tools, or work equipment that belong to you, or to your business partner or your employer then the cost would be £689.

If you use your van to carry goods for hire, the reward cost would be £1,852. The last type of van insurance cover is known as Haulage on confused van insurance, and it is the more expensive type of cover available for you. It is more expensive than others because the policy providers consider that you may carry all kinds of things in your van that may cause damage to it easily,


Confused van insurance is a good start for anyone who wants to insure their van. No one can say for you whether they are good or bad, but they try their best to deliver really well.

 The insurance company offers a higher level of protection for you when you are driving your van outside the UK. It also covers you for a longer period compared to what is usually available in a standard policy.

There are levels of cover available in confused van insurance, from third-party only, which is the lowest level. Third-party fire and theft, which is a bit further from third-party only. Then there is the comprehensive cover level, which is the highest level of cover available for you. Every bit of information concerning your van insurance is very vital and should be paid attention to.

FAQs about Confused Van Insurance

How can i get cheap van insurance?

You can get a discount on your van insurance policy by not going for auto-renewal, maintaining no claims history, and other things you need to do like having a good driving history.

Do i need van insurance?

Yes. To save yourself the expenses following the damage to your van or to a third party, you need to have a cover.

Is confused van insurance really worth it?

It is not for anyone to decide for you, confused van insurance does a good job in trying to deliver their services.

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Yes. To save yourself the expenses following the damage to your van or to a third party, you need to have a cover.

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It is not for anyone to decide for you, confused van insurance does a good job in trying to deliver their services.

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