GOLF SCHOOL BUSINESS PLAN: Simple Steps to Start One (+Templates)

Golf School Business Plan Template
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Although thrilling, starting a golf school business is a challenging process. We suggest that you invest in a golf school business plan from the beginning if you want to have the best chance. Writing a business plan for a golf school business is your clear path to success, despite its enigmatic aspect. Also, make the effort to thoroughly describe the concept in a business plan before starting a golf school business in the UK.

Get the business plan template for your golf school business

What is a Golf School Business Plan?

A golf school business plan outlines your growth strategy and gives a current picture of your golf course company. It outlines your company’s objectives and your plan for achieving them. 

The golf school business plan will also be used to arrange credit and loan agreements, which assist the owner of the business in making up for any unanticipated circumstances that might affect the business’s expected level of performance.

Why Is a Golf School Business Plan Important?

A golf school business plan can help you firmly establish every aspect of your enterprise, from the ground up to the very top. Without a plan, you may not be able to keep your doors open for very long, if at all, if you have made preparations to open a golf school.

What if you don’t have enough money? Do you realise that it will be challenging to secure money from a bank or investor without a formal business plan? Even if finance isn’t your top priority, a business plan gives you clear instructions on how to make strategies that will enable you to achieve your objectives.

Although you may be inspired to write a business plan for yourself, it is natural that time may not be on your side. Our business plan writers at Business Yield Consult are always available for you and at your service.

Because of the importance of a business plan, we write a tailored professional golf school business plan for you. Our business model is very unique because it has been successful in providing multiple success stories to many golf schools out there.

How to Write a Golf School Business Plan

Opening a golf school is a very interesting and profitable business, but not writing a strong business plan for it will make your efforts a waste. We’ve made our ready-to-use golf school business plan template available for you to save you from confusion. Click here to download it.

You can also follow these steps to write your golf school business plan. Here are the steps:

#1. Executive Summary

Even though it is the first component in the plan, write your executive summary last so you may summarise the most important points from the previous sections.

The executive summary condenses all the crucial details about your company into a manageable amount of text. Typically, an executive summary is one page or fewer. It provides a broad overview of everything and summarises the remaining parts of your plan. It is, in essence, a summary of your company.

#2. Company Description

Your company description in a business plan includes the following three components:

  • Mission statement
  • History
  • Objectives

These components provide context for the larger picture in your business plan, allowing investors to understand the driving force behind your organization so that the objectives also make sense.

#3. Market Analysis

You should conduct market research before writing this component of your golf school business plan in order to comprehend what you are signing up for and obtain reliable data for this piece. Once your study is complete, you must put what you learned about the market into writing. You can mention the market trend, your target market position, and your marketing plan. An analysis of your competitors may also be included.

#4. Business Concept

Your idea should be the basis of your business. Explain to your audience how your company is different from other suppliers. Describe how you are different from others in the field and why customers should pick your golf course over others.

#5. Management Team

 A solid management team is necessary to establish the viability of your golf school. Draw attention to your key players’ backgrounds by highlighting the knowledge and expertise that demonstrate their capacity to expand a business.

It would be ideal if you and/or your team members had firsthand knowledge of running golf courses. If so, emphasise your experience and knowledge. Highlight any experience you believe will assist your company in succeeding, but do so as well.

If your team is inadequate, consider forming an advisory board. An advisory board would be made up of 2–8 people who would serve as business mentors. They would assist with clarification and offer strategic direction. If necessary, seek out members of the advisory board who have successfully managed golf courses or small businesses.

#6. Financial Plan

This is one of your business plan’s most important sections. It needs to be created with the utmost care. It is advisable to organise your finances to make this area simple to understand and to prevent problems in the future. Your financial background, funding, cash flow statement, and balance sheet should all be included in this area of your golf school business plan.

If you’re looking for investors and your business is established, make sure to include:

  • income statements
  • Profit and loss reports
  • Cash flow projections
  • balance sheets

#7. Marketing Plan

Marketing and advertising have distinct differences. You invest money in the advertisement while simultaneously putting it up. That is the distinction. You must decide what your strengths are or what your assets are in this part.

Do you prefer videos more? or conventional marketing? Will you use networking or social media? You will then develop an action plan and specify how frequently you will use those resources once you have made this determination. It can happen once or twice per week. Just be careful to improve it over time.

#8. Appendix

Include all of your financial estimates in the appendix of your plan, along with any additional materials that can strengthen your point.

Golf School Business Plan Template

A golf school business plan can be created using a golf school business plan template as an example. You can use our golf school business plan template to help you create a plan that will work best for your golf school business. We have developed the greatest checklist, just for you. They consist of:

  • Check your mission statement
  • Analyze the golf school industry and your competition
  • Map out a revenue stream
  • Plan for operating costs 
  • Create your sales and marketing plan
  • Assess your risks

Factors to Consider When Writing a Golf School Business Plan

There are factors you need to consider while writing your golf school business plan to make it an effective plan. Here are the factors:

#1. Keep it Brief

Keep in mind that you must write your business plan quickly, plainly, and concisely. This will make it simple for your reader to get your material.

#2. Recognize Your Audience

It is vital to know who your readers are and what they want from your business before you start. Do you write for a potential business partner, the bank, an investor, or just yourself? This should assist you in determining how to structure your writing such that your readers will have no trouble understanding it. Decide which area to spend more time writing in, because different audiences will be interested in different topics.

#3. Keep Your Plan Special

For some people, creating a business plan is simple, while for others it is challenging. However, neither of these excuses should prevent you from creating a strong business strategy. Either you do it yourself or you hire a pro to help you build a successful business plan.

How Do Golf Clubs Make Money?

Golf clubs have a lot of ways they use to make money, here are some of them:

  • Sell packages.
  • Custom memberships.
  • A well-designed loyalty rewards program.
  • Branded merchandise.
  • Sponsorships.
  • Add an eCommerce page to your website.
  • Open up an online booking channel.

Are Golf Courses Still Open in the UK?

Yes, golf courses are still open in the UK

Are Golf Courses the Profitable UK?

Due to the current high demand for golf, several golf clubs have reported seeing a boom in earnings. This includes a substantial increase in non-golf income from instruction and even food and beverage sales.

Is a Golf Club a Business?

No. However, there is a tiny bright spot.

Any club established for fun, amusement, or other social objectives is not deductible.

What Makes a Golf Course Profitable?

The four key levers that can raise revenue at a golf course are green fee play, memberships, food and beverage sales, and pro shop sales. Of course, there are numerous particular ways for golf facilities to increase revenue within each revenue stream.

Final Thoughts

A golf school business plan is a collection of principles that may be used to examine the advantages and hazards of a golf school and to suggest actions that should be taken to optimise its potential. In the UK, the golf school is a huge industry and the success of this business can only be ensured by a business plan.


Are small golf courses profitable?

Mini golf facilities are inexpensive to operate financially since they need little staff and use inexpensive equipment. Mini golf courses are successful because they draw players of all ages

How do golf courses keep grass green?

Aerators are used on golf courses to make tiny holes in the fairways so that water, air, and nutrients can penetrate to the grassroots. This encourages the grass to develop deeper roots and makes a hole for it to grow through to the topsoil.

How long does it take to build a golf course?

Depending on the weather and the quantity of equipment employed, the actual time it takes to build a golf course from breaking ground to opening can range between one and two years. But these days, it frequently takes an additional year or two to get all the necessary permissions and clearances before construction can start.

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