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School For Creative Startups
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The School for Creative Startups is a non-profit that teaches people who are creative how to start their own businesses and make money from them.

It looks like Doug Richard’s School for Creative Startups is looking for the best people to join its unique training and support program for young people who want to start their own creative businesses. Successful applicants will be able to start their businesses in London by joining the city’s most creative group.

People who want to start businesses with creative ideas and skills are put through their paces by Doug Richard in his School for Creative Startups.

The program helps the best people who want to start businesses in the creative field. It gives them the tools they need to make money from what they make or do.

Prospective students must be excited about their idea or start-up business, even though they don’t need any business experience to apply. As this is a closed application process, applicants must work hard to convince the panel that they are good enough to join the ranks. Spaces are limited, and partial scholarships are even more so.

School for Creative Startups, which Doug Richard started in the UK, helps people who are good at coming up with ideas turn them into businesses.

Richard is on a mission to teach business skills to people in the world of design, so he’s put together a team of people who work in the field, like Anya Hindmarch, David Bailey, Natalie Massenet, Paul Smith, and Icon’s editor, Christopher Turner. The year-long course includes talks, workshops, business meetings, and chances to meet new people.

The School for Creative Startups has a lot of students who have gone on to do great things. In the spring, some of the graduates from previous classes will be selling their multi-cultural greeting cards and gifts in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. Jessica Huie, Jamal London, and Tobyboo are all examples of alumni who have gone on to have success. They all started out as students in the same class. They all went on to have success.

Successful applicants will have access to a team of experts, as well as a unique network of Titans of Industry who help students on their way. UK-based creatives like photographer Rankin, Harvey Nichols Fashion Director Paula Reed, designer Sir Paul Smith, TV host Loyd Grossman and Creative Director Chloe Macintosh are part of the network that helps people find jobs in the creative field.

The course ends with the annual Startup Showcase weekend, which is a celebration of the work of graduates. High-profile students and graduates can use this platform to get their businesses off the ground. It gives them the chance to show off their ideas to VIPs, buyer networks, potential investors, and other members of the public.

Since 2007, the School for Creative Startups has been a privately owned business. The company’s current focus is on professional training and coaching. The annual revenue of the School for Creative Startups is expected to be over $1 million. Sign up for SignalHire to get in touch with School for Creative Startups employees. Organization Website schoolforcreativestartups.c… 

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School for Creative … industries


Headquarters Location

London, GB

School for Creative … Employees Size

10-50 employees


creative business, training

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Operating Status

Independent Company

To know more about school for creative startups, look at these: 

Headquarters: School for Creative Startups’s headquarters is in Somerset House Strand, London, Greater London, WC2R 1LA, United Kingdom

Official Website: School for Creative Startups’s official website is //

Scs Code: School for Creative Startups’s SIC: 82,829

Startup Revenue: School for Creative Startups’s revenue is <$5 Million

Naics Code: School for Creative Startups’s NAICS: 611430,611

Employee Numbers: School for Creative Startups has 25 employees

Tech Stack: The technologies that are used by School for Creative Startups are: Google Cloud DNS, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, G Suite

Scs Industry: School for Creative Startups is in the industry of Training,

School For Creative Startups FAQ

How many startups are created each year?

If you don’t notice, start-ups are all over. In the past few years, the number and percentage of new businesses have been growing very quickly and at a much faster rate than they did in the past

Do startups have to be innovative?

Lack of new ideas is the main reason that most businesses fail in their first year. If a startup wants to stay ahead of its competitors and stay that way, it needs to make innovation a part of its life.

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