How to Become a Fashion Merchandising Professional

What is involved in fashion merchandising

Fashion merchandising is the process of getting fashion design products into the hands of consumers. Fashion merchandisers understand fashion trends and make informed decisions about which fashion items will become a sensation and which will remain on the shelves, unsold.

They investigate the industry and its history to determine and report on which upcoming trends are likely to be successful. Also, they examine the available data and think critically and creatively in order to make accurate consumer-driven predictions.

This article will go over how to become a fashion merchandiser, as well as the skills required.

What Is Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising has to do with an individual who is known as a merchandiser who serves as a bridge between manufacturers, their products and consumers who happen to be the wearers of the designed clothes.

Fashion merchandising works towards ensuring a manufacturer or retailer has the right products available at the right price, in the right places, at the right time and in the right quantities and qualities.

The main reason why there is a need for fashion merchandise is to maximize sales and make a profit On that note, therefore, fashion merchandise should be able to communicate to customers, and have an interest in fashion And business marketing.

What Is Involved in Fashion Merchandising

The sole responsibility of fashion merchandise is to predict the latest fashion trends, purchase apparel, design store layout and co-join with designers to get the customer’s taste.

Fashion merchandising is the ability to communicate directly or one on one with customers and predict, plus react to the wants of the customers.

Also, there is a responsibility in fashion merchandising which is to make sure that the customers of fashion are satisfied. You literally get orders, place them with the manufacturers, and supervise them to ensure it comes out with the best quality, In the desired style and design in the wish of the customer.

While they produce, it is again your duty as someone who is into fashion merchandising to talk out issues with customers any arise, and not producers or manufacturers.

Benefits of Fashion Merchandising

You would not be interested in knowing going into fashion merchandising as your career if you think there were no benefits in the field. A lot of things a fashion merchandiser is the opportunity to have access to.Fashion merchandising places workers on the age for receiving many benefits.

A fashion merchandiser is placed on first hand in receiving the latest fashion trends You get to have the access so even if you change your mind and decide later on to switch and become a direct line. Also, fashion designers, ideas on what to design would be easier to access.

Working Closely with Fashion Designers

Fashion merchandising opens the door to relationships with fashion designers. In this case, you do not reach them through someone, but you do directly, so a beautiful relationship grows.

There Are Generally Low Start-up Costs

You don’t need a lot of money to start a career in fashion merchandising. The cost of starting a business is usually lower, and you can operate from the internet because everything we do in the twenty-first century is controlled by the internet; 89.9 per cent of an average person’s activities for a day are controlled by the internet. Assuming that the average man spends 70% of his day on the internet, fashion merchandising via the internet reduces costs.

You Don’t Need to Have a Physical Business Location

As previously stated, you may only require a working knowledge of the internet to conduct your business.

Open Business 24/7

You can access orders at any time of day, with no closing or re-opening periods.

Skills Involved in Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandisers begin their careers by honing their skills.

The following are the skills required for fashion merchandising:

  • Manufacturing Basics Clothing
  • Selection Fashion Promotions
  • Trend Prediction
  • Textiles (Fibers & Fabrics) Merchandising
  • Fashion History
  • Various Retail options
  • Computer Applications
  • Leadership skills
  • Salesmanship With a broad knowledge of fashion from concept to distribution,

Fashion merchandisers are able to foresee trends, price and mark down merchandise, create visual show-offs and also bring on special promotions.

Requirements in Fashion Merchandising

These days industries seek more than secondary education from a fashion merchandiser.

Some companies prefer someone with an industry-related degree. Many fashion merchandisers come from diverse backgrounds, so while some have this particular skill with financial information, others may have a strong grasp of communication and leadership skills in business management.

More than secondary education, merchandisers need a degree in fashion merchandising from an accredited university. Some degree programs that teach you skills in the industry may also include:

  • Degree in fashion buying,
  • Branding,
  • Visual merchandising or a degree in merchandising, apparel and textiles.

Fashion Merchandiser Job Role

Although the fashion designer is most closely associated with a fashion brand, it is the merchandisers who bring the designers’ work to the public’s attention. Because there are so many aspects to a career in fashion merchandising, job descriptions differ greatly depending on factors such as employer, education, and experience. Depending on the position, hours can be long and irregular, and may include weekend, evening, or holiday work.

Fashion merchandisers are generally in charge of how fashion items are displayed and marketed in retail settings, fashion houses, and costume suppliers. Fashion merchandisers forecast fashion trends, plan and implement store layouts, work with designers, and make purchasing decisions.

How to Become a Fashion Merchandiser

After learning what is involved in fashion merchandising, the next step is to learn how to become a merchandiser. However, if you want to work in fashion merchandising, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

  • Evaluating qualities
  • Getting a degree
  • Building a brand
  • Gaining work experience
  • skills improvement
  • Network development

1 Evaluating Qualities

A good fashion merchandiser should be good at working out solution to puzzles. Fashion merchandising demands an analytical skill set, an inquisitive mind, and an inviting and outgoing personality.An interest in fashion could also fan the flame.

So, if you’re thinking about getting into fashion merchandising, the first step is to figure out what you can offer the industry and what your strengths are.

2 Getting a Degree

After carefully evaluating your qualities and determining that you are qualified for the job, the next step is to obtain a degree. To obtain a degree, you must first conduct research on the institutions that provide the program. The program is typically completed in two years. Get a skill or, if possible, skills, and conduct research on fashion trends and history, as well as the industry.

3 Building a Brand

After you must have been done with analysing your qualities and getting a degree, the next important step is to build a brand, this step involves gathering your qualities, services and allyou represent in one pieceAnd displaying as a service only you can offer or render.

You must become your first brand ambassador, making everything look like it so that you alone can provide solutions to all fashion and related issues. Building a brand and being consistent may not always be easy at first. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to always represent it.

4 Gaining Work Experience

Work experiences can also help you promote your company and brand. Working as a retail sales storekeeper for the first time, accounting ideas, and even fashion designing ideas can be a great stepping stone to your career advancement. It keeps the important information close at hand. Your managers may also recommend that you advance.

If you want to go into fashion merchandising, you should take advantage of every opportunity to gain experience so that it will be easier for you to build your brand and not disappoint your customers after putting so much quality into yourself and failing to provide them as efficiently.

5 Skills Improvement

Continue your research, observations and development with different aspects of the various forms of fashion. No acquired or known skill is a waste, familiarize yourself with different works and skills,

In different departments, do not limit your idea to one stand. Even though some of the skills may not be compulsory, you still need to have them, even if it or they do not sort you in one way, they would in the other way.

Skill improvement is very important in the fashion merchandising career, you do not know what may be demanded of you later.

6 Network Development

Consider Networking tips for job seekers. Congratulations that you have gotten all the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to do your job at a peak performance,

This entails meeting and greeting as many people in the industry as possible. The university or college professor who guided you through the fashion merchandising program, the retail sales manager you worked for, and Meeting with someone and receiving a recommendation letter can also help your career.

Fashion Merchandiser Salary

Your salary as a fashion merchandiser will vary depending on where you work and how much experience you have accumulated over the course of your career. The annual salary for a fashion merchandiser is £24,870. This may vary depending on consumer demand and the level of expertise you can provide, but it provides an example of what you can expect to earn in the industry.


Individuals who work in fashion merchandising earn between $44,013 and $75,567 per year. And a base salary of $60,432 on average. Apart from the money, it exposes you to new opportunities, such as knowledge of various skills. Analyzing your qualities is the first step in fashion merchandising; your customers will only believe what you have proven to them. A two-year program that will earn you more than the average base salary of $60,432 per year.

FAQs About Fashion Merchandising

Do i need a degree to become a fashion merchandiser

Yes. you need to get a degree program to be able to last and produce well in the industry.

What degree do you need in fashion merchandising

A degree in fashion buying, branding, or visual merchandising is required. Alternatively, a degree in merchandising, apparel, and textiles.

What are the job opportunities with fashion merchandising degree

  • Retail buyer
  • Account manager
  • Store manager
  • Merchandise consultant, etc.
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A degree in fashion buying, branding, or visual merchandising is required. Alternatively, a degree in merchandising, apparel, and textiles.

" } } , { "@type": "Question", "name": "What are the job opportunities with fashion merchandising degree", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "
  • Retail buyer
  • Account manager
  • Store manager
  • Merchandise consultant, etc.
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