starting your own wedding car hire business.

If you enjoy driving costly and luxurious cars, here is a business concept that might make you millions. With the high rate of weddings every year and couples trying to make their special day unforgettable. The wedding car rental business is a gold mine. In this article, we’ll give you tips with a detailed guide to walk you through the process required to starting your own wedding car hire business.

Wedding Car Business

There is always someone getting married every week in the UK. So, It’s no surprise that car hire businesses are springing up all over the place. Statistics show that at the rate car hire business is going by 2022, the worldwide car rental market will have grown to $124.56 billion that’s more than its initial value in previous years. The fastest-growing segment of the market will be economical cars. Consider creating a business in this niche if you’re willing to invest. Below are steps to guide you in starting your wedding car hire business.

Wedding Car Hire Business

Make sure you read to the end and implement the steps to get the best out of your car hire business.

Equipment and All you will Need

The first step in starting your wedding car hire business is to figure out what equipment you’ll need and what rules you’ll have to obey. A question like, what kind of car will you invest in? How Are you going to get the cars? How do you intend to maintain the cars? and What kind of car insurance will you require? Once you have answers to the first three questions, work towards the fourth.


You can’t own a business and not get a cover! What happens if the unpredictable happens? Think about that. You’ll need specialized wedding car insurance when starting your business. This is because you’ll be renting an automobile for rental or reward. This provides protection for the driver and passengers while also taking into account aspects unique to wedding car driving, such as infrequent use and low mileage. The cost of insurance is determined by the type of vehicle and the place in which it will be utilized.


You’ll have to decide if your company will provide automobiles with or without drivers. If you want to run a wedding vehicle rental business with a driver, you’ll need to make sure you meet the necessary regulations.

This is also known as being a chauffeur, and it requires a full UK driving license as well as previous driving experience. If you utilize limos or run a private hire business, there are additional standards to follow. Alternatively, you might rent out self-driving cars. Although this is a less usual option, it is the obligation of the wedding party to drive themselves to and from the event. Make sure you have the proper self-drive hire insurance as well.


It’s assumed that you’ll acquire the automobiles and then rent them out while running a wedding car hire business. While buying a car is an expensive investment, it is also the focal point of your business, so make the best decision possible.

Look for wedding vehicles for sale on the internet or visit your local auto dealer to see if you can find a new or used vehicle. Just make sure it’s safe to drive. Weddings in classic cars (such as a Rolls Royce or a Bentley) are still fashionable. Buying a classic or vintage car, on the other hand, isn’t for everyone – perhaps you’re wanting to carve out a niche for your company.

You might offer custom or alternative vehicles to fit a larger range of needs, especially with the development of themed weddings and ecological celebrations. VW campervans and eco-friendly cars are two examples of speciality vehicles.

2017 research of the UK Wedding Statistics venues, reveals that classic wedding venues in the UK, such as country estates or manor houses, are still popular. This implies that wedding car rentals are still required to get to these venues, which are frequently located in rural areas.

Pricing and costs

When starting a wedding car rental business, you’ll probably have a lot of questions about how much it will cost and how much you should charge.

Wedding automobile rental is a seasonal industry, to say the least. During peak seasons, such as summer and spring, demand is likely to increase. During the winter months, though, you’ll need to account for the low season. You might examine additional sources of revenue to cover you outside of wedding season, in addition to considering this into your pricing. You could, for example, rent out your cars to film sets or picture shoots.

Do some market research to find out what’s in demand in the area you’ll be operating in so you can price competitively. What you charge should take into account the following factors:

  • Geographical location – keep in mind that wedding costs differ depending on where you are in the country.
  • Expenses for a car, both the initial purchase and ongoing upkeep
  • Driving time – the amount of time the car (and you, if you’re driving) will be on the road.

How much should you charge?

Wedding automobiles are usually rented for a specific amount for the day, ranging from £200 to £500 on average. This is dependent on where you are and the type of vehicle you have. Also, the price you charge may fluctuate based on the season, with cheaper costs being more prevalent during the off-season. Weekends are usually more popular than weekdays, therefore the day of the week is likely to be a cost issue as well.

The rental charge usually includes transportation to and from the ceremony and location, as well as the driver (if you don’t have a self-drive option).

Although not all firms do this, it is usual to add decorations such as flowers and garlands; it is up to you to determine if this is a service you wish to provide. Consider forming a partnership with a local florist. You can charge by time or by distance in most cases. When it comes to cost, there are a few things to think about:

  • The quantity of journeys
  • The area for driving
  • The quantity of stops (such as for photos)
  • During the ceremony, there will be a period of waiting.

There are also some other things to consider, such as services and maintenance, such as expert car cleaning and valeting, to guarantee that your vehicles are ready to rent. When you have more than one car, consider creating packages and renting them out in pairs or sets, such as for larger weddings where numerous vehicles may be required to transport the guests.


It’s a good idea to only rent your automobile for one wedding every day. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of time, and you’ll be covered in the event of a worst-case situation, such as traffic delays or if you (or the driver) become ill. It’s a good idea to have a trial run before each booking. You’ll have to consider the pricing structure, such as a deposit and balance system, as well as when these payments are due.

Due to the nature of wedding planning, keep in mind that wedding bookings are frequently made far in advance. Some individuals like to see the automobile before making a reservation, so keep that in mind. However, you’ll need to consider what happens if a reservation is cancelled, such as what happens to the deposit. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you might buy a franchise or an existing business. Make sure to evaluate your budget and learn why the company is being sold.

To begin with, you may only have one car that you rent out for weddings, and it will be simple to keep track of where it is and how much it costs. Your company may grow over time, and you may end up with a whole fleet of wedding day rental automobiles on the road. GPS technology is used by vehicle tracking systems to track driver activity and vehicle position.

Promote your Wedding Car Service

You may market your wedding vehicle service in a variety of methods, both offline and online. In this section, we’ll go over some of the best ways to get the word out about your company to potential clients.

Use of social media

While some couples may choose to have a social media-free wedding, others may be sharing, liking, and posting as soon as the ceremony is over. Using social media for research during the wedding planning process is something that many couples agree on.

Pinterest is the platform to be on for wedding research, despite the fact that there are several social networks to pick from, such as Facebook and Instagram. Couples can make their own Pinterest boards with photographs (pins) of their dream wedding. To target the wedding market, sign up for Pinterest as a business and create pinnable photographs of your cars.

Directories on the Internet

Even when you’re not actively looking for clients the majority of the time. It’s a good idea to be listed in a general web directory as well as specific wedding sites if available.

People can browse through a directory of businesses on these platforms. You’ll need your main contact information, as well as the areas you service and the types of wedding vehicle rentals you offer.

Get your Website Ready

Your company needs a website since one of the first things people do when they want to learn more about a company is to look it up online. What you want to achieve with your site and how much you want to spend will determine how you create this.

You may employ a web designer to construct a one-of-a-kind site with unique features like an online booking system. Alternatively, you might start by using a website builder to construct your own basic website.

Talk About your Business

It’s sometimes necessary to put a face to a name. Most times you may meet consumers in person and network with other businesses by going out. and attending wedding exhibitions and trade exhibits.

You might attend local shows and open days in your target market, as well as national events like The National Wedding Show. You could wish to distribute business cards to assist get the word out about your company. As your company grows, you may want to explore having a booth and exhibiting at trade events to increase your visibility and market your services.

Other ways to Promote your Wedding Car Hire Business

Your cars can potentially be utilised as billboards. Take them on a test drive through city centres or other notable sites near venues. This is a marketing strategy that lets people see v your wedding car rental options for themselves.

You could just put an advertisement in the window with your company’s name and contact information. Or you could sign write your vehicle.

Create Partnerships

Working with other vendors that are important to the wedding day, such as photographers or local hotels, is another good way to find new consumers. You might package your services and ask whether you can display each other’s marketing materials in your separate locations.


Whether you work with a photographer or not, having high-quality photographs of your automobiles to post on social media, your website, and elsewhere is crucial.

Ensure that the cars are clean and ready to go, especially during high wedding seasons like spring, summer, and early autumn.

This informs customers about your company and the fact that your vehicles are accessible for wedding day car hire.


It’s a good idea to collect testimonials or referrals from couples you’ve worked with as your business grows and develops. Include their feedback on your website and other profiles, and ask for referrals from their contacts. You could even set up a referral programme as a bonus. This marketing strategy works every single time, just make sure your services are top-notch. On you are able to follow all the guides in this article you are defiantly ready for success.


Is a wedding car business profitable?

Starting a wedding car hire business is profitable, due to its great demand. It’s also a very good place to start if you are a car lover.

Is it hard to start a wedding planning business?

If you become a wedding planner, you will have to add other things that make an amazing wedding planner and a person who thinks ahead. Getting your business off the ground and running it well will pay off for a long time if you do it right.

How much does it cost to start a wedding business?

A wedding planning business might cost anywhere from $2,273 to $9,237, according to Entrepreneur. This would include office supplies, equipment, and furniture, as well as software for banking, word processing, and wedding planning, as well as a computer.

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A wedding planning business might cost anywhere from $2,273 to $9,237, according to Entrepreneur. This would include office supplies, equipment, and furniture, as well as software for banking, word processing, and wedding planning, as well as a computer.

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