M&S Travel Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

M&S travel insurance
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M&S Travel Insurance is an insurance company that provides travel insurance coverage for people who want to tour the world, go on a vacation, holiday, or visit outside their state or country.

The first thing for anyone to consider when they are planning to travel is whether they have good-quality coverage. Anything can happen on your travels.

Going to a new land outside of your home may not really be what you expected it to be, so how do you stay away from the troubles that may come with your travel? The best thing is to get the best coverage while you are away.

That, right there, is exactly what M&S travel insurance does. Continue reading this article to find out everything you need to know about M&S travel insurance.

What is M&S?

M&S is a leading British retailer that aims to bring quality, great-value food, clothing, and homeware to millions of customers around the world. The company, whose full name is Marks and Spencer, provides people across the globe with different insurance policies.

The company covers people with different insurance policies, including home insurance, gives out loans, saves and invests, offers life insurance, and offers travel insurance, including car insurance.

Every service that the company provides is done with great quality. The company was established years ago and has stood its ground in doing what it does.

What is M&S travel insurance?

This M&S insurance policy covers you against the cost of making sure that you are safe on your travel. from emergencies to accidents or things of that sort.

Travel insurance on its own is a cover you get to protect you from any issues or issues that may come up while you are away on your travels. Before you go on a tour, vacation, holiday, or even a visit that would take you away from home, you must make sure that you are safe.

Most of the time, the places you are going to go to may be places that you have never been to before or even a place that may not suit you well. So, instead of not traveling at all for the fear that the place you are going to may not be where you want to be or may not give you exactly what you want exactly.

The best thing, then, for you to do is to get a cover on yourself while you go on your travels without fear of anything that may go wrong on your travels. What travel insurance does generally is not to stop things from happening, but rather, when they come up, they happen, but you will be out of the picture of the hurt.

That means that, if anything happens while you are away from home, you will be protected against them all.

What does M&S travel insurance cover?

What the company covers on their travel insurance is limited to some incidents, but the ones that may not be on the list of things that they cover may be on the list of optional covers that they provide.

It is also important to have knowledge of the things that the company covers on their travel insurance so as not to be reckless while on your travels and then they may not cover you for the problems you may get yourself in.

Below is the list of the things that M&S travel insurance covers:

  • Emergency medical treatment covers up to 10,000,000 dollars.
  • If you cause an accident on your travels, that may cause injury or even death(personal liability).
  • Personal money: If your money is stolen while traveling,
  • Accident death or disability: If an accident happens on your trip that results in your death or disability,
  • Legal expenses and advice: if you need to file a claim for death or anything, they will cover you.
  • Missed flight: If you missed your flight to or from the UK, they will cover you.
  • Coverage for travel delay: just about 25 dollars if you miss your flight by up to 12 hours.
  • Cancel trip or come home early: If you cancel your trip or come home earlier due to an illness or injury, they will cover you.

The above is the full list of the things and incidents that the M&S travel insurance covers. If for any reason you are involved in anything that causes you anything, like an accident that is outside any of the incidents or accidents above, then it is either they provide cover for the incident in their optional cover.

What does M&S travel insurance not cover?

With the M&S travel insurance, anything that they do not list in the things that they cover, then it is either that they do not cover it or they provide optional cover for it.

You need to make sure that you understand the system of their coverage so you do not get into a case, accident, or incident that will not cover you.

Below is the list of the cases and incidents that M&S does not cover against:

  • pre-existing medical conditions, except that you already told them about the case earlier and they said they would cover it.
  • Any accident if you travel against the government advice or rules of the state within the UK or abroad.
  • claims on incidents that you knew would happen or that you are expected to have known would happen and expected to avoid.
  • Any leisure activity that is not on the list of activities in the policy document is prohibited.
  • Claims from any paid or unpaid manual work or physical labor.
  • Any claims for injury or death that happened while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  • Costs for any person whose name is not on your schedule

For any incident or case that is in the list above, when you involve yourself in any act or activity that may bring about them, then M&S travel insurance will not cover you.

Optional covers

The optional covers that M&S travel insurance provides mean that they may or may not be able to provide or cover you against them.

Below is the list of the incidents and cases whose cover is optional with M&S travel insurance:

  • Coverage for if you lose your baggage
  • They will cover you if you don’t get your baggage in 12 hours.
  • Up to 500 dollars covers you when someone steals or damages your winter sports equipment.

For every one of the covers that they provide you with, it is only for up to a certain amount of dollars that the cover is for.

Types of M&S travel insurance cover

There are basically two types of coverage that M&S travel insurance provides for their customers. You can choose any type of cover that best suits you, and they will cover you in it for real.

The two types of cover that the m and s travel insurance provides include:

Annual M&S travel insurance

An annual or multi-trip travel insurance policy lasts for just one year and covers any trip you wish to embark on within one year.

So you can enjoy as many trips abroad (up to 31 days per trip as standard) as you like within a 12-month period, which is one year, without having to worry about your insurance.

Most policies cover a variety of incidents, including illness and injury, and canceling your holiday or coming home early.

The m&s annual travel insurance policy can cover the following:

  • Cancelling your trip or coming home early
  • Emergency medical and other expenses
  • personal money, passports, and documents
  • “Travel disruption protection.”
  • up to £2 million in personal liability.
  • Legal expenses and assistance

Before you proceed to a conclusion on the type of insurance you are going for, you should already know a lot more about the policy.

Learn more about annual m&s travel insurance.

Single trip M&S Travel Insurance

m and s single trip travel insurance policies provide cover for your one-holiday trip abroad. It is a popular type of travel insurance for holidaymakers. The major part of all travel policies that companies sell is for single trips.

Most of these policies cover a variety of eventualities, including illness and injury, canceling, or coming home early.

Below is the list of cases that m&s single trip travel insurance covers that are related to COVID 19:

  • Coverage for cancellation if you are prevented from traveling because you have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Cancellation cover is for if you are advised to self-isolate, preventing you from traveling.
  • A cover for cancellation if you are prevented from traveling due to local lockdown restrictions in the UK*
  • Cover for cancellation and abandonment if in the 31 days before traveling, or while you’re away, the FCDO advises against traveling to your destination*
  • Coverage for additional travel and accommodation costs if you unexpectedly have to quarantine or self-isolate due to catching COVID-19 or being in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 while on a trip*
  • Cover for medical treatment if you catch Covid-19 while on a trip

M and S COVID-19 covers

The rules for travel can change without you knowing it, in relation to coronavirus restrictions, both in the UK and abroad and even across the world, so before you embark on any trip, it’s important that you fully understand the risks and book flexible options wherever possible.

Travel insurance is meant to protect you against unforeseen events that you did not expect. However, there is no coverage for all situations. You also need to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your booking and your travel insurance policy.

You can find out more about the m&s travel insurance COVID 19 cover here.


It is important that you know everything about them before you go into a company to take out your insurance policy coverage. It could be travel insurance or any other insurance policy.

M and S travel insurance provide coverage under two types: single-trip travel insurance and multi-trip travel insurance.

The M&S company also provides coverage for COVID-19 cases. You need to find out all there is to know about the company before you take out a policy with them, from the things they cover to the incidents they do not cover.

The cost of taking out a policy with the company depends on the type of trip you want to cover—a single trip or a multi-trip.

FAQs about M&S Travel Insurance

Is M&S travel insurance any good?

To find out whether a company is good enough to provide cover for you on any insurance policy, you can check it out. m&s is a good company nevertheless.

How much does M&S travel insurance cost?

Well, M and S travel insurance share their cost depending on the type of policy coverage that you choose. Whether on a single trip or multiple trips.

Does M&S travel insurance cover medical conditions?

Yes. The company only provides medical cover when it was not pre-existing before you took out the cover. If you got a health issue during the period of your policy coverage, then they’d cover you.

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Well, M and S travel insurance share their cost depending on the type of policy coverage that you choose. Whether on a single trip or multiple trips.

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Yes. The company only provides medical cover when it was not pre-existing before you took out the cover. If you got a health issue during the period of your policy coverage, then they'd cover you.

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