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Owning a pet entails a significant amount of responsibility. You are responsible not only for feeding, watering, and protecting your animal but also for providing necessary medical services along the way. Vaccinations, well-pet visits, and medical treatments are examples of such services. You are also responsible for any damage your pet causes to property or people. The reason coop pet insurance comes in.

The right pet insurance can make a significant financial difference for you and your family.

You’ve likely heard of the Coop food store and possibly even the Coop bank, but did you know there’s also Coop pet insurance? Coop Insurance provides direct car, home, travel, and pet insurance to customers, and as a cooperative business, becoming a member can provide you with great rewards and discounts on its insurance products.

Continue reading to learn more about Coop pet insurance, promotional codes, contact information, and more.

About coop insurance?

Coop Insurance is a Manchester-based general insurer. Founded in 1867 as the Co-operative Insurance Company Limited to provide fire insurance for cooperative societies, it quickly expanded its insurance products, soon offering pet insurance, life insurance, and, eventually, home and car insurance to customers across the United Kingdom.

Today, Coop Insurance is part of the Co-operative Group, one of the world’s largest cooperatives, and offers a wide range of insurance products, including Coop pet insurance, home and breakdown cover, and travel insurance.

Although it stopped selling life insurance in 2013, it re-entered the market in February 2019 through a new partnership with Royal London.

What is coop pet insurance?

When most people hear the phrase “pet insurance,” they have a single thought. The truth is that there are various kinds of pet insurance. To get complete protection for and from your pet, you will most likely need more than one type of pet insurance.

Coop Insurance provides pet insurance for dogs and cats, as well as two more general policies. Its Select Plus plan is required to provide lifetime coverage for your pet, covering vet bills up to £5,000 per year and offering up to £750 in a supplement if you renew the policy every year. If a lifetime policy isn’t for you, the Classic policy is only good for 12 months and covers vet bills up to £2000.

Why do you need coop pet insurance?

Millions of people in the United Kingdom consider their pet to be a member of the family. Pet insurance protects you if your pet sustains an injury, illness, or accident that necessitates veterinary care.

You pay a monthly or annual premium, and pet insurance covers the costs of any necessary treatment, minus any excesses. Some of the most important reasons to purchase pet insurance are:

 Cost of vet fees:

Depending on the size and breed of your pet, vet fees can range from £400 to £8,000.

Peace of mind:

Knowing that you are protected in the event of a large unexpected bill.

Life cover:

When you choose a lifetime cover policy, your pet will be covered for any illnesses or injuries up to a certain amount each year.

Coop pet insurance comes in two varieties:

Select Plus:

  • Covers your pet’s medical expenses up to £5,000 per year.
  • There can be no pre-existing injury or illness.
  • Coverage for chronic conditions like arthritis and eczema for as long as your pet requires it.
  • This could be for the rest of their lives if you renew every year without fail.


  • Coverage for your pet’s treatment up to £2,000
  • There can be no pre-existing injury or illness.
  • You may file a claim for up to 12 months from the date you first became aware of the injury or illness.

Benefits of  Coop pet insurance

  • When you buy your insurance online, you save 20% off the regular price.
  • If you choose to use the Select Plus cover, you will receive a free cover of up to £750 if you renew your cover on a yearly basis without missing a beat.
  • In the event of a legal issue, there is a free helpline for the pet.
  • The insurance does not cover the costs of medication for injuries or illnesses that occur 15 days or less into the coverage period.
  • The insurance offers pet-specific discounts, as well as additional policies based on the pet owner’s financial situation.
  • There is dental coverage for pets, subject to the insurer’s terms and conditions.
  • The pet owner has the option of paying monthly or yearly at no additional cost.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

The cost of pet health insurance varies depending on the type of coverage you purchase. Typically, you can choose between three types of coverage.

Basic coverage: Basic policy covers offer limited assistance and reimbursements for specific procedures and frequently includes incident coverage caps as well as a total reimbursement cap for the duration of the policy.

Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive coverage is far more generous, with larger reimbursements, higher caps, and lower rates for specific services such as vaccinations, prescriptions, lab fees, and so on.

Premium coverage: Premium coverage is more akin to human health insurance in that it covers things like preventative care and treatments, physical exams, vaccinations, well-visits, and may even cover certain medical services and treatments with a low deductible.

Top pet insurance companies are:

Who underwrites co op insurance

Several different companies underwrite and administer Coop Insurance policies.

  • Coop home and auto insurance – In January 2019, the Co-operative group sold its underwriting services to Markerstudy. As part of the agreement, Coop Insurance will now sell Market study-created home and auto insurance.
  • Coop travel insurance is administered by Insure & Go Insurance Services Limited and underwritten by MAPFRE Asistencia
  • AXA Assistance provides coop breakdown coverage.
  • Coop pet insurance – All Coop pet insurance policies are underwritten by Allianz Insurance plc.

Coop pet insurance login

Many insurance companies have online account systems that allow customers to manage their insurance policies from the comfort of their computer or laptop. Unfortunately, this is not available to all Coop Insurance customers.

The company only provides online accounts for specific insurance policies, and even then, the rights you receive vary:

Ecoinsurance: Customers who have this policy can access Coop’s’self-service centre’ to make changes to their policy, make payments, and download policy documents.

Young driver insurance: While not a policy management system, those with a Coop young driver insurance policy can access their ‘dashboard’ to check their driving score and view policy documents. To make any changes, they must contact Coop Insurance.

Travel insurance: All Coop travel insurance customers have an online account through which they can make a claim, view and download policy documents, and make changes. They must also call for this.
Customers with any other Coop Insurance policy are not eligible for an online account. You must contact Coop Insurance directly to manage your policy.

Coop insurance plans

Examine the distinctions between the two types of Co-op Pet Insurance.

CoverSelect PlusClassic
Vet fees£5,000 per year£2,000
Complementary treatment£750 per yearNot included
Dental treatment£5,000 per year£2,000
Coop pet insurance fees

Coop insurance contact number

The Coop Insurance contact numbers are listed below if you need to file a complaint.

  • Car insurance 03457 46 46 46
  • Ecoinsurance 0344 412 2101
  • Young driver insurance Claims: 0345 999 8888
  • Sales and services: 02394 000032
  • Home insurance 03457 46 46 46
  • Travel insurance 0330 400 1420
  • Pet insurance 0330 102 1670

Coop pet insurance quotes

You can select one of three optional extra packages to increase the level of protection for your pet.

These include third-party liability insurance, boarding fees, and quarantine costs.

Get a quote here

Coop insurance policy wording

This is where you’ll find additional information if you need more information on coop pet insurance policy wording. These helpful PDFs will provide you with all of the information you require about our travel insurance.

Is coop pet insurance a good investment?

If you have a pet or are thinking about getting one, coop pet insurance is a wise investment. Purchasing pet insurance for young, healthy pets is far less expensive than insuring your ageing pets. Begin the process as soon as possible for the best results.

When it comes to liability and property damage insurance for your pets, the costs can vary greatly depending on the breed. Be aware that some pets, whether deserved or not, have a bad reputation for things like biting, digging, eating furniture, and otherwise destroying personal property. These pets are typically more expensive to insure than those who do not have these negative reputations. Some pet insurance companies will not insure certain breeds, such as pit bulls, rottweilers, Doberman pinschers, wolf-hybrids, and others.

Coop pet Insurance promo code

Everyone enjoys the opportunity to save a few pounds! Check online for a Coop pet Insurance promotional code before purchasing a Coop pet Insurance policy. You might find some great deals, such as a premium discount or a code that gives you Coop food vouchers when you buy a policy.


Today, there are numerous types of pet insurance products and protections available. This is what you need to know to make an educated decision about purchasing pet insurance. Pets provide years of joy and love to their owners. Pet insurance from Coop is a small price to pay to protect what your pet has to offer.

FAQs about COOP pet insurance

Why do you need pet insurance?

Millions of people in the United Kingdom consider their pet to be a member of the family. Pet insurance protects you in the event that your pet sustains an injury, illness, or accident that necessitates veterinary care.

Why choose Coop pet insurance?

Every pet you add to your policy qualifies for a multi-pet discount…

How does Coop Pet Insurance compare to other pet insurance policies?

Coop’s pet insurance select Plus policy was found to be significantly less expensive than the majority of the competition.

Who owns coop insurance?

Coop Insurance is the trading name of CIS General Insurance, a general insurance company based in Manchester that is part of the Co-operative Group.

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