Carpentry Business: Steps to Start Your Carpentry Business Successfully

Carpentry Business

So you are skilled and passionate about wooden work and craft. Then it is time to upgrade, that is turn your passion for carpentry into a business. This article provides guidance on how to set up a carpentry business, we also suggested over 20+ possible carpentry names as well as ideas.  Finally, the article also highlighted insurance policies that will help protect your new business too. Why is this important you know all this? Because you need more than just a skill to run a business. Starting a carpentry business has just been made easy. Read on!!!

Carpentry Business 

There are businesses that remain relevant in every community. A carpentry business is one of such. The increasing rise and transformation in technology will only accommodate it by providing a more advanced means of working. But it will not entirely make it extinct. This is business we need the end product of carpentry business to be comfortable. Furniture beautifies our homes, the wooden home gives an immeasurable aura of bliss too. So our lives revolve around it. In the office, at homes, schools, hotels and recreational centres. The carpentry industry is high in demand and will rarely be outrun. Moreso, it is a high in demand profession that pays well too.

Carpentry Business Names

Names have to be something that sounds appealing to people even for the carpentry business. Something unique and reflect your abilities. Here are some names that may appeal to you. Hopefully, our suggested carpentry business names will be of help to you.

20+ Carpentry Business Names

  • We Fix It Carpentry
  • Woodworks Professionals
  • Wooden Expert
  • One-Stop Carpentry
  • Wood Design
  • Royal Brand Woodworking 
  • Woden Pro
  • Majestic Wood
  • Oak Expert
  • Cut And Fix CArpentry
  • Stylish Wood
  • Carpentry and Other Services
  • Cabinet Masters
  • Just the way you love it Carpentry
  • Timber Pro
  • Wood Treasure
  • Design and construction
  • Carpenter J
  • Skilled Craft
  • We Furnish It
  • Hammer and Fix

How To Set Up a Carpentry Business

Every skill has principles guiding it, carpentry skill is no exception. However, being skilled is not enough to run a business firm. It is okay if you intend to work for others but if you must run a successful business, you have to learn how to set up and run a carpentry business.

Starting carpentry business

So you already know the in and out as well as the deep secret of the carpentry business, let’s get to the steps to starting a carpentry business. These steps are not difficult, however effecting will them will announce your business in no time, howbeit with the right work.

Steps to Starting a Carpentry Business

1.  Acquire the Skill

You will have to learn the skill of carpentry. Although learning the skill and becoming exceptional in it helps your business, ensure it is born out of

The first big step to starting a carpentry firm after learning the skill is to get a business name. After getting your business name, you have to customize a business logo. The icon will have to be stylish and unique. It is your brand identity.

3. Prepare Your Business Plan 

Your business plan tells a lot about your business. It identifies your target customers, researches your field, analyzes the market through research, entails your financial projection and so on. It also convinces investors to invest in your dream company.

4. Get Your Tools

Tools are necessary for the carpentry business. Also, getting the relevant tools makes work easier. Aside from the basic tools such as hammer, drill, measuring tape, nails and nuts. There are other professional carpentry tools that give your business poise.

4. Look Out For Insurance Policy That Suits Your Business Need

Never underestimate the usefulness of insurance to businesses. Most often, they come in handy in unforeseen circumstances. It does have additional costs but the benefits far outweigh the cost. There is various policies for the carpentry business, workers as well as owners. Consider getting Tradesman liability Insurance. It is a recommended must-have for your business. Some carpentry insurance is highlighted in this post.

5. Establish an Online Presence

Creating an online business in this present stage is a must for business owners. Pitch a tent in the relevant social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other professional social platforms. In addition to that, create a website with your business logo.  

6. Show Up And Be Visible

Creating an online presence is not enough, you must show up with relevant content. Put up the pictures of your works and do not forget to give the testimonies of satisfied clients.

Carpentry Business Insurance

Regardless of industry, all businesses encounter risks that should be covered by insurance. The following are some of the insurance for the carpentry business.

#1. General Liability Insurance

Although there are no laws that insist on general liability insurance, it is a must-have for businesses, especially the carpentry business. General liability insurance is the most frequent and comprehensive type of policy purchased by business owners. Some of the risks covered by general liability insurance include; Injury to the body, damage to property, payments for medical services, Legal representation, decision Injuries to people and businesses and so on.

#2. Professional Liability Insurance

The company that provides services to its consumers may be held accountable for damages caused by these activities, as well as simple negligence and omission. Professional liability insurance will help in covering costs should such cases arise. 

#3. Commercial Property Insurance

This type of insurance policy protects your business from unforeseen calamities. Some of these include severe storms, damages or destroys your business’s equipment, supplies, resources, commercial vehicles, owned real estate and so on.

#4. Home-Based Business Insurance

This is particularly for carpenters who decides to start from home. Unfortunately, any commercial accident that occurs in your home will not be covered by standard home investment. You will have to get home-based insurance for your carpentry business. 

Carpentry Business Ideas

Well we know you have the skill, we also know you are passionate about what you do, however, you must also have a business focus. The following are some carpentry business ideas and focus that you may consider.

Trim Specialist

The cost of installing decorative trim varies based on the style of detail and the overall square footage needed. Trim carpenters create useful and appealing moulding both inside and outside the home. Casings, baseboards, chair rails, quarter-round, crown moulding, door jambs, window sills, and bespoke work are examples of moulding styles that vary depending on the style and year the house was built. 

Custom Cabinet

Custom cabinets have grown in popularity, providing finish carpenters with new opportunities. Kitchen cabinets used to be a large source of custom work, but as more media rooms get flat-screen TVs and more people work from home offices, the demand for built-in cabinetry is growing faster than ever. A finish carpenter provides a crucial service that helps define a home’s architectural style and add value to the home by following the current styles and trends in bespoke cabinetry.

Decking and Fencing

Fences and decking services are always in demand, especially in newer areas that lack mature trees and landscaping. Decks provide additional living space, while fences provide required privacy. You have a built-in showcase for prospective consumers to judge the quality and craftsmanship of your work because the projects are all external. A fence or deck must be painted or stained once it has been installed. Adding this value-added service to your business can help you become a one-stop-shop for homeowners who don’t want to employ two contractors for fencing and painting.


The carpentry business is a high in demand industry that will keep rising. Old buildings will be reworked and new buildings will e furnished. So once you have the skill, and is passionate about it, you sure will be a household name with these tips. Hope you found this helpful on how to set up carpentry business ideas?

FAQs On Carpentry Business

Which form of business is suitable for a carpentry shop?

A sole proprietorship or sole trader is best suitable for a tailoring shop​.

Can I make a living woodworking?

Many people engage in woodworking as a hobby or to create a supplemental income, but it is possible to make a full-time living from woodworking. It is important to remember that a full-time living is one that pays the bills, feeds the family, and educates the children.

How do you price a carpentry job?

Estimate the number of hours it will take to complete the job, and multiply that by the amount you need to charge per hour (such as $30 per hour). Add the cost of the materials, and multiply this number by 15 per cent. To get the total amount, add the cost of materials and the amount you are charging for labour

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Estimate the number of hours it will take to complete the job, and multiply that by the amount you need to charge per hour (such as $30 per hour). Add the cost of the materials, and multiply this number by 15 per cent. To get the total amount, add the cost of materials and the amount you are charging for labour

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