Business Administration Apprenticeship
Business Administration Apprenticeship

Do you desire a career in business administration, do you truly want to learn about the business world? Then business administration apprenticeship is just what you need. Apprenticeship in business administration is a career route that can lead to a plethora of opportunities in diverse fields. This is because professionalism in business administration allows you to fit into diverse industries. What is a business administration apprenticeship and what link does it have with business and administration? This article is a detailed guide on everything you need to know about apprenticeship in business administration and improving your career.

Business Apprenticeship

Business administration consists of administrators that possess a wide range of knowledge, abilities, as well as behaviours that we can apply across industries. It spurs across various modes of business, small, medium and large scale enterprises. Although we acquire some of these skills in schools, home, community and teamwork, a major part of business administrative skills is obtained through apprenticeship. Apprenticeships do not in any way take away the impact of an institutional learning environment, but it gives you the privilege of practising what you have learned. Business apprenticeship offers mutual benefits to the organisation as well as the apprentice.

What is a Business Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships in business focus on assisting organisations to operate efficiently and successfully. Business apprenticeship simply means working and learning on the job. As an apprentice, you get to work for a company while receiving on-the-job training and studying to get industry-recognized credentials. In a Business apprenticeship, you will learn the theory of how to manage a business successfully, at the same time, you will also be working for a company, putting everything you’ve learned into practice.

Types of Business Apprenticeship

#1. Business Administration Apprenticeship 

An apprenticeship in business administration prepares you to manage the day-to-day operations of a business.

#2. Management Apprenticeship

As the name implies, it is management training focused on effectively managing a business, working with teams while still satisfying customers.

#3. Business Developments Apprenticeship

Business development apprenticeship builds on creative thinking skills. It is a higher level of apprenticeship that can qualify you to work as a project manager. Creative thinking is a needful skill that improves the overall performance of a business firm.

Business Administration Apprenticeship

Becoming an apprentice in business administration prepares you to manage the day-to-day operations of a business. Under this apprentice programme, apprentices are trained for critical support roles. It ranges from faxing to transcribing meeting minutes, photocopying documents, and so on.

Levels in Business Administration Apprenticeship

In business apprenticeship, there are three distinct levels. Each has an advantage over the other. The last is the best type so we advise if you intend to go into a business apprenticeship, then make sure you get to the last level. This is because of the professional benefit it gives to your CV and this equals greater job opportunities. The three levels in business apprenticeships are as follows;

#1. Intermediate apprenticeship level

#2. Advance apprenticeship level

#3. Higher apprenticeship level

Intermediate Level of Business Administartion Apprenticeship

This is mostly for school leavers. Under the intermediate levels, apprentices are can apply for receptionist, office junior, or business support officer.

Advanced Level of Business Administartion Apprenticeship

The second level of business administration apprenticeship offers apprentice training as a personal assistant, secretary, or legal secretary. 

Higher Level of Business Administration Apprenticeship

Apprentice receives training that leads to positions such as office manager or business development executive. It is mostly for those with a good degree or people who already have intermediate and advanced level apprenticeships.

Who can Apply For Business Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships give one an edge in the business industry. It also gives you a platform to practice what you learn in school. Although people can alternate university and college for apprentices, we strongly recommend both. However, you will have to meet the required criteria before you will be accepted as an apprentice.

Duration Of a Business Administration Apprenticeship

Durations differs for the various organization that offers apprenticeship programmes. However, the standard time is usually within 12-18 months. Although, it can go on for up to 4 years.  The length of the apprenticeship will be determined by the type and level of the programme. Most often, the duration is determined by the organisation. However, degree apprenticeships are the longest. Moreso, you may have a working hour of at least 30 hours per week.

How Much Does Business Administration Apprentice Earn?

The standard fee for apprentices in Britain is £4.30 per hour. This is according to the National Minimum Wage. Moreover, there is an organisation that pays way above the national minimum wage standard. It all depends on the level of the apprenticeship, the organisation and what you can deliver to them in terms of value.

Apprenticeship in Business Administration

Applying for an apprenticeship will give you the advantage of experience. Moreso, no one will compare learning on the job to theoretical learning. You get to understand more when you practice what you learn.

How Do I Become An Apprentice in Business Administration ?

For any apprenticeship in business administration, you will have to apply to the firm or institution. Though the majority put up the application form online. Some however do not and you will have to apply to them as you will for a job. The criteria and demand of each firm also differ. While some will contact you for an interview, others may subject you to situational judgement, numerical, and psychometric tests before the interview. Just bear in mind that there are no rules so prepare adequately.

General Roles of Apprenticeship in business Administrattion 

  • Answering phones, directing calls, and dealing with customer service issues
  • Purchase orders are issued, recorded, and received (for courses)
  • Administrative tasks in general (Scanning, filing and shredding)
  • Update client portals as needed, and add necessary material.
  • Working on a spreadsheet and entering data

Apprenticeship in Business and Administration

Presently, various business fields lookout for administrators. Companies all over the globe seek administrators’ knowledge, abilities, and behaviours to move their business to the net height. Enrolling on an apprenticeship in business and administration provides you with training that increases your self-worth.

Skills Required By Apprentice In Buisness and Administration

Some of the basic skills that you need in a business and administration apprenticeship include the following;

#1.Basic  ICT skill

One of the basic skills you need is being able to write letters or emails, generate proposals, handle financial operations, record and also analyse data using a variety of ICT packages and systems relevant to the organisation. 

#2. Record and Produce Documentation

As an apprentice, you have to be able to record mails, letters, files, payments, reports, and proposals. Then apprentice in business administration also make ideas and presents solutions to management. In addition, apprentices are to draft communication, reports, and also review the work of others. They are to maintain records, files, as well as handle confidential information by the company’s policies. 

#3. Management of a project

Apprentices are to have skills with management tools. They need to be able to design Scopes, plans, monitors, and reports using relevant project management principles and tools. 

#4. Planning and Organising

Another skill that apprentices need is the ability to meet deadlines takes responsibility and time management. Furthermore, organises meetings and activities, takes minutes during meetings, and, when needed, writes action records. Assumes responsibility for logistics, such as travel and lodging and so on.

Benefits Of Apprenticeship in Business Administration

Some of the benefits of a business administration apprenticeship include the following;

1. A professional working environment

As an apprentice, you will be provided with a professional working environment.

2. A mentor, an instructor

While working as an apprentice, you receive instructions from professionals in the field. Some of these may become a mentor or role model to you as you progress in the job.

3. Impact and experience

You will agree with me that nothing beat first-hand experience. An apprenticeship in business and administration gives you experience and also add impact to your professional life.

4. Regular payment

Another benefit of an apprenticeship is getting paid even while working. Some apprentices receive up to £9000 or more per annum. This however depends on two things. The level of the apprentice as well as organisation.

5. Degree Certification

Degree certification is an added advantage. This is because apprentices are equipped with experience and certification.

6. Possible Employment upon completion

Some of the firms offer to retain their trainees upon the completion of their program

7. Career opportunity

The business administration spread across various industries. So there are no limits t the opportunities that are available to apprentices.


Apprenticeship is a ladder that leads to career growth, professionalism and improvement. There are also various universities that offer apprenticeships with certification. However, the thrilling part of being an apprentice is that you get paid while learning.

FAQs on Business Administration Apprenticeship

What qualifications do you need to be a business administrator?

Many candidates have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, finance, human resources or another business field. Others may have a bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to their industry, such as in engineering or health care sciences.

Does business administration require math?

Algebra and geometry round out the list of college math skills business majors should have. Business degree requirements also typically include courses that are not “pure math” but still require mathematical thinking, like accounting, computers and economic

What are the different types of business apprenticeships?

Types of business apprenticeships
Business Administrator.
Digital Marketing.
HR Support.
Public Service Operational Delivery Officer.
Recruitment Consultant.
Team Leader/Supervisor.

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Types of business apprenticeships
Business Administrator.
Digital Marketing.
HR Support.
Public Service Operational Delivery Officer.
Recruitment Consultant.
Team Leader/Supervisor.

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