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Finding one of the best horse insurance like nfu horse insurance can be a daunting task! Insurance is an important part of responsible horse ownership because it can cover not only vet fees if your horse becomes ill or injured but also a variety of other expenses. Human dental insurance, hiring a replacement horse due to theft or straying, and holiday cancellation fees if your horse requires life-saving surgery are some of the less-known options.

There are numerous policies available that may be appropriate for your needs, such as foal, leisure use, small ponies, veteran, catastrophe cover, competition or sports horse policies.

Making an informed horse insurance purchase necessitates considerable thought and research.

Horse insurance with nfu

When attempting to select the best horse insurance policy, such as NFU Horse Insurance, you must consider what your requirements are, and it is critical to read the fine print as not all policies are created equal.

There is a wide range of specialist horse insurance providers in the market who understand the needs of horse owners, so it is worth shopping around. However, horse insurance is not a type of cover where you simply choose the company with the lowest premium. It is worthwhile to research to determine who has a reputation for being the best horse insurance provider for the type of coverage you require. You may also like to read; Harry Hall Insurance: Is It Worth It to Have a Horse Insurance in 2023?

Nfu horse insurance

Nfu horse insurance understands the importance of keeping your horse happy, healthy, and safe as an equine insurer. That includes having adequate insurance in place in case something goes wrong.

If you need to make a claim, the Nfu horse insurance dedicated Equine Claims Unit will be there for you.

Nfu horse insurance policy wording

So, what exactly is covered by NFU horse insurance?

  • Coverage in the event of your horse’s death, theft, or straying. In the event of a loss, we can even assist you in your search.
  • If you need to go to the hospital, you may be charged up to £10 per day in livery fees.
  • If your horse requires life-saving surgery, you may be charged a holiday cancellation fee of up to £1,000.
  • Legal fees of up to £50,000 may be charged to provide you with advice and assistance with the cost of legal representation.
  • Access to an emergency helpline 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Riders aged 5 to 75 are at risk of a personal injury.
  • Tack, horse trailers, and horse drawn vehicles are all available.

How to buy nfu horse cover

Going online and carefully comparing prices is the best way to purchase horse insurance. You can accomplish this by using a comparison website.

You may discover that insurers provide various types of insurance, such as a horse plan, a rider plan, and a special plan for older horses.

It’s probably worth paying a little more for more comprehensive coverage for peace of mind.

Nfu horse insurance cover

The NFU horse insurance offers a variety of horse insurance policies.

Horse and rider insurance

  • This insurance covers both you and your horse and includes the following benefits:
  • Vet fees are covered up to a maximum of £5,000
  • Coverage for death, theft, and straying for horses aged 30 days to 19 years.
  • Personal liability insurance coverage of up to £2.5 million can be increased to £10 million.

Horse rider insurance

If you don’t own a horse but enjoy riding on a regular or occasional basis, this could be the right option for you.


  • Personal liability insurance coverage of up to £2.5 million can be increased to £10 million.
  • Vet fees are covered up to £2000 in the event of an accident with any horse you borrow – with a £145 access fee.
  • Personal accident insurance – for injuries sustained in riding accidents for riders under the age of 75.

Veteran horse cover

If you own a horse that is 20 years old or older, you may have special needs that a veteran horse policy may cover.


  • Vet bills can be up to £3000 for an unintentional external injury – a £145 excess applies.
  • Equipment insurance in the event of theft or damage

Horsebox insurance

Horseboxes can be costly investments that are frequently overlooked; therefore, getting nfu horse insurance that meets your needs is critical.

Features of NFU horsebox insurance;

  • Horse Road Rescue Service – A specialized horse box road rescue service can arrange emergency transport and horse stabling for as little as £15 per night.

NFU Mutual has a large number of local branches with experienced staff who can assist you in tailoring your policy to ensure you get the coverage you need.

What you should know about horse insurance

Here are key things you should note before buying horse insurance:

Traveling with a horse could be covered

Many horse owners take their animals to shows and other special events. If you do, you might be able to get temporary coverage.

This type of horse insurance protects your horse during the racing or show season, as well as whenever you transport the horse somewhere else. You can choose short-term transient coverage to keep your horse safe while you travel for a set period of time.

Alternatively, if you frequently travel with your horse, a year-round policy would be preferable. This type of coverage usually comes with a minimum premium, but it can provide you with peace of mind while you’re away from home.

Coverage for Illness and Injury

Horses require specialized medical care, which can be costly. You’ll need a good insurance policy if your horse becomes ill or is injured.
This type of insurance saves you money on veterinary bills and medications. It is similar to human health insurance in that it covers a portion or all of the costs associated with health.

A veterinarian who specializes in large livestock is required to treat a horse. That is why basic medical coverage is so important because such services can be quite costly.

If your horse is seriously ill, you may be able to obtain a “loss-of-use” policy. This coverage reimburses you for approximately 60% of the horse’s value if it is no longer able to work or perform. Visit NFU mutual insurance for your quote.

Get liability coverage for yourself

Horses can be unpredictably unpredictable. There are numerous incidents in which someone is thrown or kicked. Assume your horse causes damage to someone’s property or becomes loose and causes an accident.

You can protect yourself from a devastating lawsuit by purchasing nfu horse insurance liability coverage. All horse owners should have liability insurance, especially if their horses come into contact with other people on a regular basis.

If the horse injures someone, the liability should cover the injured person’s medical expenses. Budget for this type of horse insurance because no one can afford to face potential lawsuits if they don’t have to.

Liability only applies to the horse you own. If you transport or care for someone else’s horse, they will require their own liability insurance.

How much cover do I need for NFU horse insurance?

When purchasing horse insurance, you must carefully consider the coverage you require. As a general rule, you should have around £6,000 for theft and death, and around £2 million for public liability (some insurers offer up to £5 million).

You should also consider insuring your horse for vet fees up to £5,000 for an unrelated incident, injury, or illness. Always read the terms and conditions before parting with any money to ensure you fully understand the level of protection you’re getting.

Make a point of learning about the excess. That is the sum you have agreed to pay towards any claim. Some insurers will charge a flat fee, such as £250 or £500, for each condition, whereas others will charge a percentage of the claim.


NFU horse insurance is a well-known horse insurance provider with a large customer base. NFU’s offering is ideal for anyone who wants to insure their horse for both non-veterinary treatments and traditional vet services. Learn more here

FAQs about NFU horse insurance

What are the eligibility criteria for NFU horse insurance?

Your horse must be between the ages of 30 days and 19 years old.
You must take reasonable precautions to avoid accidents, illness, or damage while keeping claims as low as possible.

Is it possible to add Vet Fee Coverage to NFU horse insurance?

NFU horse insurance provides a variety of different vet fee cover options for you to choose from, depending on your horse’s age, value, and activities.

 What do horse insurance vet fees cover?

The NFU Standard Horse Insurance policy covers vet fees up to £5,000 per incident caused by an accident, illness, or disease. The claim is limited to the benefit limit or a period of 12 months, whichever comes first.

Who has insurance to ride my horse?

NFU covers anyone named under Horse Rider cover on your schedule, as opposed to a blanket approach that covers anyone with your permission.

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