HORSE RIDER INSURANCE: Coverages and Buying Guide

Best horse rider insurance

No one can underestimate the pros of insurance policies. While you protect your house, you also protect your business, your personal possessions and several others. A horse is quite expensive, and whether you own one or ride someone’s, you need an insurance policy that provides coverage in cases of injury or damages. What are the insurance coverages available to adult and young horse rider? Is horse and rider insurance the same as horse and rider insurance? This guide entails everything you need to know about the best horse rider insurance policy and its coverages.

Horse Rider Insurance

Every young and adult rider enjoy each moment spent riding a horse. That explains why a showjumping is filled with people. Horse lovers need not worry about damages to their horse, themselves or injury to third parties or property while riding a horse. Equines generally can act up at the least expected time, and this may likely lead to damage or bodily injury.

The horse rider insurance is specifically for people who love to ride horses but do not own a horse. Horse owners already have standard horse insurance and will only add rider insurance to their policy.

What Does The Horse Rider Insurance Cover?

The horse rider insurance provides cover for the following,

#1. Vet Fees

In case the horse you are riding sustains an injury and needs emergency vet treatment, the policy provides coverage up to £1000. The fee can be higher or lower depending on the firm and your policy.

#2. Third Party Public Liability

The third-party public liability provides cover for any damage to the public property or bodily injury to individuals that pertains to your riding activities. There are insurance firms that provide up to £ £1,000,000. However, this amount varies and depend on the policy you choose.

#3. Personal Accident

The horse rider policy provides coverage for personal injury or damages to riders too. Additionally, there are firms whose policy covers riders between the age of 5 and 75. The following are some of the coverages for personal accidents;

#4. Riding Equipment

Coverage is available for your riding equipment. However, this is on the condition the liability arises from loss while riding, going for or returning from riding escapades. Most insurance companies provide you with coverage up to £1000.

#5. Death

In the cases of death, the policy provides up to £ 5000. This also varies from one firm to the other. Another factor that determines coverages in cases of death is the number of coverages and add-ons a rider selects.

#6. Dental Treatment

A rider may sustain injury to his dentition while riding. For any sustained dental injury, the policy provides up to £1000 for your treatment.

#7. Hospital Cover

Depending on the firm or your policy, for every single day you spend in the hospital, you receive about £25 or £30 daily for up to 30 days.

#8. Disability

The policy provides coverage for permanent disability to riders. This could be a loss of hand, leg, eye and so on. It provides up to £10,000 or more. It also depends on insurance firms as well as your ideal coverage.

#9. Tuition Fees

A young rider who sustained an injury and is unable to attend class is provided with a tuition fee. The tuition fee is up to £2500 for home tutors.

How Much Does Horse Rider Insurance Cost?

The exact cost of this policy has two determinants. The first is the insurance company and the second is the policy you select. This simply means the cost will vary from one firm to the other. Also, the cost of a policy will vary from one individual to the other depending on the policy you want. On average, a horse rider may likely pay about £10 or more monthly. While horse owners may likely pay up to £50 per month.

For horse owners, factors such as equine age, location, distance to the vet office, use and horse breed are responsible for the high cost.

Horse and Rider Insurance

The horse and rider insurance are basically for people who own a horse. Horse insurance is also known as standard insurance and provides coverage for horse care and veterinary fee. However, the horse and rider insurance provide horse owner with the opportunity to add additional cover to their existing horse insurance policy. This is to say that horse and rider insurance is essential for horse owners. This policy provides coverage to personal accidents. Moreso, the horse and rider insurance cover anyone riding your horse too. You can also opt to make this a stand-alone cover however, it is better to provide coverage for others too. To safeguard families or relatives that may ride your horse.

What Does The Horse And Rider Insurance Cover

The horse and rider insurance provide the following coverages;

Personal Accidents

Personal accident covers any injury that you may likely sustain with your horse. Be it dental, permanent injury or hospitalisation.

Public Liability

Public liability provides cover for any bodily injury or damages done to a third party.

Permanent Loss Of Horse Use

While taking out insurance for a horse, owners will have to identify the use of the horse. The uses of the horse will also determine the cost of insurance. There are mostly two uses for horse owners. These are competition and leisure use. The horse and rider insurance wi;l provide coverages for permanent loss of use.

Vet Fees

This covers any injury or damages that will warrant a vet treatment

Death, Theft And Stray Of Horse

Whether your horse dies, is stolen or strays away, the horse and this insurance policy provide cover for any of the above.

Rider Insurance

The rider insurance as pertaining to a horse is an add-ons policy to an existing horse policy. On the other hand, rider insurance generally is a change to a policy’s terms and conditions. The alterations provide coverages that meet your business, property or overall personal need giving rise to a new policy. The coverages on our property, business, personal belongings or the general liabilities that may arise from the general public do not provide coverage for a rider. Thus this insurance allows you to tailor your coverage to your specific needs without having to purchase a new policy.

Riders insurance are designed to give additional coverage beyond the basic policy’s stated coverage. A rider is important for customizing a policy to the insured entity’s specific needs.

Young Rider Insurance

An adult can easily get any kind of insurance he wants but not a young rider under the age of 18.  When it comes to young horse rider insurance is available to anyone from 5 years and above. However, like other young riders insurance, it is most expensive and is determined by two things. The first is the age of the rider and then the experience he or she already has. This simply means an inexperienced young rider will have to pay a higher premium than other adult riders. This is particularly for a young motorcycle rider.

However, for a young horse rider, your coverage includes a tuition fee if you are unable to attend class as a result of injury or damages.

How To Get A Young Rider Insurance At Discounted Price For Motorcycle

Generally, young rider insurance is expensive. But there are certain things that will enable you to get it at a fair premium. some of these include the following;

  • Take riders exams
  • Get licensed
  • Develop riding skills and expertise
  • Have an insurance representative speak with you. Most times, they help you narrow down your excesses to the exact policy you need.
  • Look out the the add-ons coverage in every policy. These are the additional benefits that comes with a policy. Glear through them. You may just be lucky to see one that provide the exact coverages you need.
  • Go through the various policy insurance available to a young rider and select the one that best meet your needs.

Best Horse Rider Insurance

The need for insurance is on the increase as a result, various firms emerge to meet people diverse insurance needs. The following are some of the best horse rider insurance available.

Animal friends

Top on the list as best horse rider insurance is animal friends. Animal Friends are one of the best horse rider insurance providers. They provide coverage for standard riders as well as young riders from the age of 5. The standard insurance is mainly for horse owners. Get a quote here.


The KBIS is British Equestrian insurance committed to ensuring diverse pets. The KBIS allows horse owners to add extra coverage to their policy. This comes at a different fee though. Get a quote here


NFU is another best horse rider insurance firm that covers you as a rider with personal liability and personal accident insurance in the event of an accident while riding. Get a quote here


People who enjoy riding ought to be insured against personal accidents. This is irrespective of whether or not you own a horse. Horses are unpredictable and may result in an accident that will cause injury to you, a third party or even the horse itself. Therefore, it is important that every horse rider get insurance coverage against unforeseen circumstances.

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