Nuclear Medicine Technologist | How Much Does a Nuclear Medicine Technologist Make in UK?

Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Nuclear medicine technology is a community in the medical field. A person who works in this community is called a nuclear medicine technologist. When you visit the hospital and see some people in their lap coats doing the imaging.

It could also be that they are taking radioactive drugs through scans; they are the technologists. Physicians interpret the images to study and diagnose an infection or disorder in the patients. A nuclear medicine technologist is also there to give doses of radiation drugs to patients.

The doses are to be used internally to treat patients with medical conditions. If you are a young person who is in search of a good career to choose in the medical field. Some people think medicine, surgery, or pharmacy are all there is in the medical field.

There is nuclear medicine technologist alongside other people who work in different communities But under one field of medicine, who are neither medical surgeons nor pharmacists.

If you are one of those people who is curious about learning and getting to know what nuclear medicine technologists do, How much money they earn or make, and how to become one.

This article will take you through every step of the way.

Who is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist?

Nuclear medicine technology is the process of elucidating various bodily processes using small amounts of radioactive drugs. It is a relatively new and lucrative medical field, that requires at least a two-year post-secondary degree.

A nuclear medicine technologist, then, is someone in the medical field, who is responsible for elucidating various bodily processes with the use of small amounts of radioactive drugs that were traced using Diagnostic scans.

Nuclear medicine technologists carry out tests for diagnosis and medical research. They also prepare and give small doses of radioactive drugs (radiopharmaceuticals) to patients, they then make use of high-level image magnifying equipment to record images of the radioactive material in the body.

What do nuclear medicine technologists do?

There is a lot of work that nuclear medicine technologists do in the medical field, each area of the job is specifically for them in their area of specialization. A nuclear medicine technologist cannot be expected to do the job of a surgeon although they are in the same medical field. For everyone in different areas even though it may be in the same field,

They all have what they do and are known for. For nuclear medicine technologists, listed below are the job description for them. Anyone you know who may be doing any of the jobs that are going to be listed below is definitely

A nuclear medicine technologist can do the following:

  • Nuclear medicine technologists prepare and administer radioactive drugs for imaging or treatment.
  • They set up appointments
  • Also, they analyze specimens in the lab
  • Explaining drug procedures for patients and answering their questions
  • Preparing of data for interpretation by the physician
  • Works on projects and matters which are not really complex, in a support role
  • Operate imaging equipment.

Why exactly should I consider being a nuclear medicine technologist?

Assuming, that every single person in the medical field was a surgeon or pharmacist, Who would be operating the image magnifying equipment?.

When you go to the hospital for a check on what may have been going on or is wrong with you, You find out that, there are people you meet in nurse dresses at the reception, and other people follow the doctor. They are individually discharging their duties, as all of them can not work on the same thing, for instance, all of them sit at the reception, who would help the doctors in treating patients?. Coming to your mind question, “why you should consider nuclear medicine technology?”.

Requirements to become a nuclear medicine technologist.

Data analysis was organized and sponsored by the US Department of Labor, showing a report that 63 per cent of nuclear medicine technology professionals have associate degrees and just 22 per cent have a bachelor’s degree.

That can mean that, you can, as an aspiring nuclear medicine technologist, work and or become a professional in the field with either an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.

Some technologists are qualified after they complete an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree program in any related health field, such related fields as radiology technology or nursing, and then they complete a 12-month certificate program in nuclear medicine technology.

While some still may decide to go straight into the field by running a direct 2 years program on the course.

Step by step, how to become a technologist

There are a few steps that anyone who wants to go into the nuclear medicine technology field must take. Of course, too, no step of the way can anyone miss.

If you miss any step of the way, you end up not a professional in the field. You may become what some people call a ‘quack’ technologist, which can be embarrassing.

Very sure you do not want that to become your fate, Let us look into the steps you need to take to become a nuclear medicine technologist.

  • Attend high school and graduate
  • Complete your nuclear medicine technology program in the college
  • Get your certificate of professionalism

#1. Attend and graduate from high school

Your high school may only take up 4-6 years to complete. You can not drop out of high school without a certificate of high school graduates and expect to work

In such a professional and lucrative field as nuclear medicine technology. As an aspiring nuclear medicine technologists, individual candidates are advised, to make excellent grades in their high school course results. These courses generally include calculus, English composition, physics, chemistry, biology, and anatomy if available.

#2. Complete your nuclear medicine technology program in college

After you are sure you made good grades In your high school course exams, candidates aspiring for nuclear medicine technology are advised in their second step, To proceed to college to get their bachelor’s degree in nuclear medicine technology or any other related course degrees.

#3. Get your professional certificate

After a candidate has successfully gone through high school and has gotten the necessary grades for the necessary courses, and then, completed their Nuclear medicine technology bachelor’s degree or a degree in any other related program, The final step to take is getting their professional certificate.

Requirements for license, certification, and registration vary by state. Candidates who are certified follow up with one hour of qualified continuing education (CE) per month. Therefore, the first step to nuclear medicine technology is to get through high school and have good grades in the necessary courses.

Followed by the second step, which is, to complete college with good grades and have your bachelor’s degree in nuclear medicine technology or any other related degree.

After which, you can finally proceed to get your professional certificate, which will give you an added advantage in landing higher-ranking jobs.


Nuclear medicine technologists’ salaries vary depending on their qualifications and the company they work for. Their annual salary ranges between £74,350 and £35.75 per hour. Physicians and surgeons supervise nuclear medicine technologists. Because they are more like their bosses, their pay is higher.


A nuclear medicine technologist can be seen as a unique professional because nuclear medicine technology is unique. The nuclear medicine field is very small, but despite that, the over 4000 people who are into it make encouraging earnings.

It is important that you understand the requirements to go into the nuclear medicine technology field, Steps include getting through high school with good grades in necessary courses, including calculus.

Secondly, going through college for your bachelor’s degree. Then finally, get your professional certificate after undergoing training and continuing education in CE.

FAQs about Nuclear Medicine Technologists

What do nuclear medicine technologists do

Nuclear medicine technologists are solely responsible for a lot of works in the medical field, Like producing specimens for lab, explaining things to patients and answering their questions.

How much do nuclear medicine technologists make per hour

Nuclear medicine technologists make up to  £35.75 per hour that passes by.

How long does it take to become a nuclear medicine technologist

It may take up to and more than 12 years to become a nuclear medicine technologist, counting from high school to degree level.

Is nuclear medicine technology a lucrative profession

Yes, nuclear medicine technology is a very lucrative profession for anyone.

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Yes, nuclear medicine technology is a very lucrative profession for anyone.

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