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To get a regular, guaranteed, tax-free income, you can put money into a life annuity. You can get money for a set amount of time, or for the rest of your life. In this article, we will introduce what a purchased life annuity is all about, which also includes its rates and quotes.

What is a Purchased Life Annuity?

As with a regular Annuity, a Purchased Life Annuity (PLA) gives a guaranteed income for the rest of your life, with the same options, such as indexation, guarantee durations, and the inclusion of a spouse’s pension, available.

A PLA, as opposed to a Lifetime Annuity, is purchased using funds that are not derived from a pension. The tax-free lump payment from a pension is usually the first source of money used to buy a PLA; the second is money that isn’t already tied up in a pension.

A PLA’s tax efficiency

When compared to a Lifetime Annuity, the tax efficiency of a PLA is one of its primary benefits. The capital and interest components of PLA payments are separated. Because the capital element is considered a return on the original investment, it is not taxed. Age, guarantees, and payment frequency all have an impact on the amount of capital required.

Only the interest portion of your loan is subject to taxation, which is calculated by adding it to your overall income.

Advantages of a Purchased Life Annuity

Here are some merits of purchasing a life annuity:

  • A steady flow of cash is ensured, regardless of interest rates or stock market fluctuations. 
  • To customize your Annuity, you have a variety of options at your disposal, such as indexation, guarantee periods, and spouse’s pensions. 
  • Compared to a Lifetime annuity and even a bank account, PLAs are taxed more favourably.
  • It is possible to make provisions for your partner and/or any financial dependents that you may have 
  • Options can be introduced that ensure the PLA money is not “lost” if you die sooner than intended 
  • It is the insurance company’s responsibility if you live longer than expected. 
  • As long as you live, you may collect more in income payments than the PLA’s purchase price if you live longer than expected. 
  • They are simple plans that don’t require annual evaluations, which can save money. 
  • If you’re paying taxes at the basic or higher rates, you’ll get more money from a PLA in interest than you would from a savings account.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Life Annuity 

Here are also some of the disadvantages of purchasing life annuity

  • To some extent, the amount of money you’ll get back is based on the gilt yields at the time you bought it. It is possible to obtain a lower return on your investment if you buy a PLA during a time when yields are low.
  • It is impossible to alter a PLA. If your circumstances change, such as if your spouse passes away, you may be forced to pay for a benefit you will never receive, such as a spouse’s pension. 
  • It’s impossible to get better Annuity rates later in life if you buy a PLA because you’ll be tied to that rate no matter how bad your health gets or how old you get. 
  • You’ll lose money over time if you choose a level annuity because of inflation. On the other hand, you’ll start out with a lower starting salary if you choose indexation.
  • A PLA could represent bad value for money, with less income given out than capital used to buy the PLA, if you die early and have not included features such as guarantee periods, value protection and spouse’s pensions 
  • The lower your beginning income is, the more features you choose, such as guaranteed periods, indexation, and a spouse’s benefit. 
  • Now, let’s go over the rates a purchased life annuity can offer.

Purchased Life Annuity Rates

Many factors influence purchased life annuity rates, including your age, how much gold is available when you buy it, and what additional features you want to include. If you are unwell or have a lifestyle problem that qualifies, you may be able to acquire a better rate from a provider.

Below are the factors that influence the rates of purchased life annuity

Frequency of earnings

There are a variety of options for frequency of payment, with the most typical being monthly. There are two payment options: upfront at the beginning of the time period you’ve picked, or back-end in arrears.

Term of guarantee

In the event that you die before the end of the guarantee period, your PLA income will continue to be paid for the rest of that period. Assuming you die two years after purchasing a PLA with a 10-year guarantee, your income would continue to be paid for at least another eight years, and possibly longer if you’ve included your spouse’s pension. Guarantee periods are typically five or ten years, beginning on the date of purchase of the PLA.

Pension of a spouse or partner

If you have dependents who you would like to benefit from after your death, you can choose to include a spouse’s pension in your life insurance policy. A beneficiary might be named for the benefit of those who are financially reliant on you, such as spouses, civil partners, or children.

When you acquire a PLA, you can choose the amount of income that your partner, spouse, or financial dependent receives, which is commonly 50%, two-thirds, or 100% of your starting income.


If you have a fixed income, inflation can dramatically reduce your purchasing power over a lengthy period of time. To counteract this, indexation can be applied to provide a rising income.

It is possible to add indexation at a defined annual amount, often between 1% and 5%, and in accordance with an index such as the CPI (Consumer Prices Index) or RPI (Retail Prices Index).

Starting with a level Annuity, you’ll see a considerable reduction in your starting income, but you’ll be exposed to the impacts of inflation for years to come if you don’t include indexation in your plan. First, it’s important to examine how long it will take to make up for the lost income from a level Annuity before making this decision. Think about the ‘lost’ income from starting at a lower rate and how long it would take to make it up.

Value Protecting 

In the event of your death, before the total income payments have reached the initial purchase price; you will receive a refund of the difference in value. It’s impossible to have both Value Protection and Guaranteed Periods at the same time. Only one of the two is permissible at a time.

If you pass away before the age of 92, the entire amount will be exempt from federal income taxes. If you die after the age of 92, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will levy a one-time tax based on the recipient’s marginal tax rate.

Purchased Life Annuity Quotes

The following are some purchased life annuity quotes you can get:

#1. Immediate Annuity Quotes (“Fixed” Version)

The payments can be made for the rest of your life, for both your and your spouse’s lives; for a short time, or for any combination of the above. If you die before the guaranteed period of the annuity is over, your beneficiaries can get money from the annuity. You can set up your income to come in every month, every three months, or every year. In most cases, when you buy an immediate annuity, you can’t cancel it.

#2. Deferred Income Annuity Quotes

When you buy a deferred-income annuity, you get the best of both immediate and deferred annuities. It’s called a longevity annuity. In a deferred income annuity, there is both a time when it grows and a time when it pays out money. Most of the time, when you look at a deferred income annuity quote; it shows you how much money you will get at a later date. When you buy a deferred income annuity contract; you usually don’t start getting money for three to 30 years after you buy it.

#3. Deferred Annuity Quotes (“Fixed” Version)

If you want to earn money in the future, you can get a deferred annuity that is like a bank certificate of deposit, but it is not covered by the FDIC. Insurance companies, not banks, make deferred annuities. A list of deferred annuity quotes is usually what you’d look at if your goal was to buy an investment product that would grow your money at a safe rate each year.

#4. Annuity Quotes with a Fixed Index

One type of growth annuity is called a fixed index annuity, and it is linked to a certain stock index. A quote for a fixed index annuity is made up of a lot of different scenarios. How much has your account grown if you started in 1995 and kept going? As before, your fixed annuity’s performance in the market isn’t a sure thing. This is not the same as fixed immediate and fixed deferred annuity quotes, which are always safe. On the index annuity quote, you should be able to see how much your annuity would be worth if the index performed at its lowest level, stayed at its current level, and how it has done in the past. A quote for a fixed index annuity may also show how much you would have to pay each year if you wanted to get out of the contract early.

Purchased Life Annuity FAQs

What is purchased life annuity?

A Purchased Life Annuity (PLA) gives a guaranteed income for the rest of your life, with the same options, such as indexation, guarantee durations, and the inclusion of a spouse’s pension, available.

How is purchased life annuity taxed?

When compared to a Lifetime Annuity, the tax efficiency of a PLA is one of its primary benefits. The capital and interest components of PLA payments are separated. Because the capital element is considered a return on the original investment, it is not taxed.

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