Verizon Phone Insurance| Best way to file an insurance claim with Verizon

Verizon Phone Insurance

Mobile phones are susceptible to damage, and in some cases, the damage may be difficult to repair. Along with this, there is the risk of loss and theft. However, don’t worry because having Verizon Phone Insurance will cover you in any of the above scenarios.

With so many insurance providers on the market, it is important to shop around for the best deal. Remember that you don’t always have to get insurance from your phone contract provider because there are numerous independent insurance companies that may offer a better deal.

If your phone is stolen, lost, or damaged, Verizon phone insurance will cover the cost of replacing or repairing it. But how do you know if you need it, and are these policies worth the money? We’ll go over the fundamentals so you can make an informed decision about mobile phone insurance.

What is Verizon Insurance

Verizon phone insurance protects your phone in the event that it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Most insurance programs require monthly payments as long as your coverage is active. If you decide to cancel your coverage, you can do so at any time.

Phone insurance Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the United States at the moment. While it’s unclear how many of Verizon’s customers pay for insurance and device protection, many smartphone owners do spend more than $200 per year for the privilege.

Unless they cancel, Verizon charges these customers every month, with the amount billed directly to their Verizon accounts. However, many customers are unaware that they are overpaying significantly for warranty coverage. Furthermore, Verizon’s phone insurance and device protection services are limited in a number of ways.

When a phone is lost or damaged, there is a chance that the data on the device will be lost or stolen, causing a variety of problems, including financial damage. People nowadays spend a lot of money on phones, and any problem with them can break the bank.

To address such concerns, Verizon phone insurance coverage provides coverage to all those covered by their insurance plan. These policies cover all types of phones, including smartphones, against theft or accidental damage.

Why you should get a Verizon phone insurance

Although mobile insurance is not required, getting one for your phone or smartphone will undoubtedly help you avoid financial losses due to theft or damage.

Here are the reasons you should get phone insurance:

  • Theft protection
  • Accidental breakage protection
  • Water or liquid damage cover
  • Covers high repair cost
  •  Protection for loss of phone

Theft protection

If the phone is stolen, it is extremely difficult to recover. You also lose all of your data if your phone is stolen. Another disadvantage associated with theft is financial loss. As a result, getting mobile insurance to deal with such situations makes sense, as it covers the cost of a new phone.

Accidental breakage protection

Mobile phones are quite expensive nowadays, and repairing any kind of breakage can be costly. Getting mobile insurance can be a wise decision because it provides coverage against breakage.

Water or liquid damage cover

Mobile insurance covers any accidental damage to the phone caused by water or other liquid. Moisture or humidity can also cause damage to a mobile phone, which is usually covered by insurance.

Covers high repair cost

Any damage to an expensive phone, such as one from Apple, Samsung, or OnePlus, would result in a high repair bill. It is preferable to purchase mobile insurance to avoid paying a hefty sum for phone repair.

Protection for loss of phone

If the phone is lost, you will not be compensated under the warranty. If you lose your phone, you will be compensated up to the sum insured amount under mobile insurance.

Is Verizon phone insurance worth the cost?

The decision to purchase phone insurance is heavily influenced by the cost of your handset, your financial situation, and your risk tolerance. Consider this: If I lost or damaged my smartphone, or if it was stolen, could I afford to repair or replace it while still having money to pay for necessities like food and bills?

If the answer is yes, or if you have an old handset lying around that you could use until you could afford to replace your phone, phone insurance is probably not something you should be concerned about.

Alternatively, consider the following: Am I prone to misplacing or breaking items? Do I keep my phone in my coat pocket rather than a zipped bag (no judgment if you do)? If you suspect you are a “higher risk” phone user, you probably need phone insurance more than others.

Verizon phone insurance cost

If you have a number of devices that need to be protected, you want a plan that will cover them all without difficulty. Fortunately, Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection plan lets you insure up to ten lines simultaneously.

Smartphone insurance can range from £3.50 to £14 per month, depending on the cost of the phone and the level of coverage provided by the policy. Many providers, for example, charge extra for coverage against loss, theft, and water damage.

If you make a claim, you’ll have to pay an excess, just like with any other insurance. This can range between £50 and £125, so keep that in mind. Most phone insurance policies require you to pay this excess upfront before they will repair or replace your handset.

Some phone insurance deals can look like a great deal when advertising a monthly direct debit price. Often, these single-digit monthly plans have a larger excess cost if you make a claim.

What is covered by your phone insurance?

If your phone is accidentally damaged, lost, or stolen, a good phone insurance policy will cover the cost of repairing or replacing it (though the replacement is likely to be a refurbished phone rather than a brand new one).

Many policies will also reimburse you for any accumulated call or data charges on your account if your phone is lost or stolen. To be covered, you must normally report the theft or loss to both the police and the mobile network within 24 hours of it being lost or stolen.

Some policies also offer cover for:

  • Loss or theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Worldwide travel
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Broken buttons
  • Water damage
  • Cracked screens
  • Accessories
  • Damaged headphone sockets

Most mobile phone policies include extra coverage that standard content insurance does not. For example, if your phone needs to be replaced, you can claim for the cost of replacing downloaded music, apps, or games.

A mobile phone policy also provides faster claims service, so you can get your replacement phone in a matter of days.

Verizon phone insurance claim

You must be the Account Owner or Account Manager to file a claim for Verizon phone insurance, which requires your Verizon Account PIN.

If your device:

  • Is lost, stolen or damaged:

    Note: You must pay Asurion the applicable deductible at the time of claim filing.
    • File a claim on Asurion’s website
    • Call Asurion at (888) 881-2622
    • File a claim through the My Verizon app:
      • Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner.
      • Tap Devices.
      • Scroll to the device that is lost, stolen or damaged and tap Manage device.
      • Tap Lost, stolen, or damaged device? Start a claim.
      • Enter the requested information and follow the onscreen prompts to finish filing your claim. With Verizon text online everything will be simple.

When you file a claim for a lost, stolen, or damaged device at Verizon, you must pay a deductible (which varies depending on the device/model type and whether you receive a replacement or repair for select smartphones, and is subject to parts availability).

Verizon wireless business login

Verizon wireless business provides you with the tools and benefits you need to manage your Verizon wireless services, save money, and get back to business faster.

You can login here.

Verizon wireless claim process

In the event of a Verizon phone insurance claim settlement, the policyholder of the mobile insurance policy or the insurance company that provided the cover should follow the steps outlined below.

The procedure for filing a Verizon phone insurance claim is straightforward and painless. To file a claim, you must provide the insurance provider with your smartphone’s purchase invoice/bill, as well as its serial number.

In addition, you must file an FIR (first instance report) for the missing phone within 24 hours of its theft or loss. You have 48 hours to file a claim, along with the claim intimation documents and the FIR through Verizon text online.

Steps to Verizon phone insurance claim

Here are the easiest steps to follow for your Verizon phone insurance claims:

  • Connect with your broker
  • Claim investigation begins
  • Your policy is reviewed
  • Damage evaluation is conducted
  • Payment is arranged

Connect with your broker

When it comes to your insurance policy, your broker is your primary point of contact; they should understand your situation and how to proceed. An adjuster will contact you to continue the claims process after you provide your broker with a detailed list of all the items that were damaged or lost, as well as any photos or videos that help to explain the circumstances.

Claim investigation begins

After you report a claim, an adjuster will investigate it to determine the amount of loss or damage covered by your insurance policy. The adjuster will also identify any liable parties, and you can assist the process by providing any witness information or contact information for other parties.

Your policy is reviewed

Once the investigation is completed, the adjuster will carefully review your policy to determine what is and isn’t covered, as well as inform you of any applicable deductibles that may apply to your case.

Damage evaluation is conducted

Verizon phone insurance may hire appraisers, engineers, or contractors to provide expert advice in order to accurately assess the extent of the damage. Following the completion of the evaluation, your adjuster will provide you with a list of preferred vendors to assist with repairs. You are not required to use these vendors, but they can save you a lot of time and research.

Payment is arranged

Following the completion of repairs and the replacement of lost or damaged items, Verizon insurance will contact you to discuss the settlement of your claim and payment. The length of time it takes to receive payment is determined by the severity and complexity of your situation.

Every claim is unique, and while the claims process may vary slightly depending on the situation, your adjuster will devote the time and attention necessary to resolve your specific case. Verizon phone insurance is dedicated to handling every claim as fairly, professionally, and carefully as possible.

FAQs about Verizon phone insurance

How do I make a claim on my Verizon phone?

Here is a step by step guide to Verizon phone insurance claims:

  • File a claim on Asurion’s website
  • Call Asurion at (888) 881-2622
  • File a claim through the My Verizon app:
    • Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner.
    • Tap Devices.
    • Scroll to the device that is lost, stolen or damaged and tap Manage device.
    • Tap Lost, stolen, or damaged device? Start a claim.
    • Enter the requested information and follow the onscreen prompts to finish filing your claim.

What does my phone insurance cover?

If your phone is accidentally damaged, lost, or stolen, a good phone insurance policy will cover the cost of repairing or replacing it (though the replacement is likely to be a refurbished phone rather than a brand new one).

Is it possible to upgrade a broken phone Verizon?

To begin with, you can upgrade whenever you want. However, if you want to use your phone as a trade-in for an upgrade, it must be in good working order. If your phone was dropped in salt water, it would most likely be ineligible for a trade-in credit toward an upgrade.

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