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Salon Gold insurance reviews
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Salon Gold is a leading insurance provider in the United Kingdom that offers high-quality commercial insurance. Salon Gold also offers several specialized policies to fit the needs of most UK hairdressers and beauticians.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of Salon Gold Insurance. Also, you learn how it works and why you should opt for it.

About Salon Gold Insurance

Salon Gold Insurance is an important aspect of the UK’s commercial insurance industry. Salon Gold is a leading insurance provider in the United Kingdom, with a growing customer base year after year.

The company focuses on providing a diverse range of high-quality commercial insurance.

And they also offer several specialized policies to fit the needs of most UK hairdressers and beauticians.

Their plans cover various mishaps, including liability insurance and product liability insurance.

They provide excellent coverage at a price that UK businesses can afford. Interestingly, compared to other UK insurance firms, the average cost of Salon Gold’s plans is fair value.

What does Salon Gold Coverage entail?

Salon Gold Insurance has comprehensive hairdressing, beauty, holistic, health, and fitness coverage.

The insurance company specialises in salons, fixed premises, mobile enterprises, and freelance enterprises.

Moreso, they provide a variety of extra coverings that may be more appropriate for your company’s needs.

Let’s explore the different Salon Gold insurance coverages!

1. Insurance for hair and beauty

Because of the nature of the hair and beauty profession, you’ll constantly contact your clientele.

You can protect yourself from compensation claims if you have the correct insurance policy in place.

These range from a trip or fall to a client having a negative reaction to your product or therapy.

If you do hair and beauty treatments in your place of business as an employee, your employer’s insurance should cover you.

You can, however, take out a policy if you want to be sure of your coverage.

Whether you work for yourself or as an employee, you’ll need your insurance policy.

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2. Insurance for Health and Fitness

Here, you get some optional coverage with Fitness Gold that you might want to add to your insurance. Employer liability insurance is legally required if you have employees in your health or fitness firm.

You can also add personal injury insurance or stock and equipment insurance. Though you can add as many extra covers as you like, you won’t be charged for covers you do not require.

And if you’re working for yourself or as an employee but do some freelancing work on the side, you’ll need to have your own insurance policy.

Note standard coverage at Fitness Gold includes Public Liability, Product Liability, and Malpractice Insurance, which is up to a maximum of £5 million.

Their low charges allow you to simply protect yourself from a wide range of situations that could expose you and your company to significant lawsuits and high legal fees. The cost starts at £61.00 per year.

3. Insurance for Counseling and Coaching

The Salon Gold insurance policy for counselling provides you with security if a client files a claim against you.

Depending on your demands, they offer insurance for both enterprises and individuals doing freelance work.

They also give you the most competitive prices. With this, you can simply and affordably safeguard your business from any accidental damage to your clients or property.

Moreso, you can get optional supplementary coverage for counsellors and coaches, such as employers’ liability insurance. Note that the pricing starts at £52.04 per year.

4. Complementary and Holistic Therapists

A holistic and complementary therapy insurance policy protects you against the unforeseeable. With this option, you can implement solid practices to safeguard everyone’s safety.

You can also attempt to provide your clients with the finest possible experience and outcome. However, despite your best efforts, things can go wrong, and accidents can occur.

The pricing starts at £52.04 per year.

Automatically Covers Available Beauty Salon Insurance

For a period of up to two years following any loss, destruction, or damage to property insured under this policy, they provide Firm Interruption Cover for any loss of revenue sustained by your business.

The normal cover maximum is £750,000, although you can extend it if necessary. This protects your salon’s contents and equipment against disasters like fire, flood, and theft.

You can choose the quantity of coverage you require, but remember to select the highest amount of coverage you will require at any time during the policy period.

Insurers may not pay the full amount of any claim you submit if you do not pick the full amount available.

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1. Liability of the employer

Employer’s liability insurance is a legal necessity if you have any employees or trainees. This option covers employees’ compensation claims up to £10,000,000, protecting against claims for compensation resulting from injuries sustained while on the job.

Exhibition Cover covers up to £2,500 in insured valuables when attending any exhibition in the United Kingdom. Note that this option doesn’t cover theft unless it involves a break-in on the exhibition grounds.

2. Electric, gas, and water supply outages

Accidental failure of public sources of power, gas, or water at the salon is covered for up to £500 per day.

Failure of Telephone Line Cover is given for up to £250 per day if the salon’s telecommunications services are accidentally disrupted.

3. Covered in glass

Provides limitless coverage for fixed glass breakage on the premises, including boarding-up charges. Damage to the contents of display windows or damage to window and door frames is covered up to £2,500.

Goods in Transit cover up to £5,000 worth of things insured under this policy while in transit in any vehicle, you own or lease anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Legal Expenses are a type of insurance that covers legal costs.

This is a comprehensive legal expenses package that provides £100,000 of coverage for the following in any one period of insurance:

  • Conflicts in the Workplace
  • Disputes over Employment Compensation Awards and Restrictive Covenants
  • Tax Investigations and VAT Assessments Representation
  • Disputes over property
  • Legal Representation
  • Prosecution – Compliance and Regulation Defence
  • Appeals for Statutory Licenses
  • Earnings Suspended
  • Extra Protection for Employees – Employee Defense in Civil Proceedings,
  • Costs of Crisis Communication (up to £10,000)
  • Helplines for legal/tax advice and counselling

You’ll also get access to a ‘no-cost’ legal services website to help you prepare crucial legal documents, including employment contracts and health and safety rules.

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4. Coverage of funds

Theft of business money while on the premises during business hours (up to £5,000), in transit (up to £5,000), or in a safe outside of business hours (up to £3,000) is covered.

The amount of money that can be taken from a safe overnight or while a Director is at home is limited to £500.

Compensation is also covered in the event of bodily injury due to robbery, theft, or attempted theft.

5. Personal Injury for the Hands

Only in the event of loss of the hand or fingers or loss of use caused by an accident occurring during the business is coverage automatically given to the Principal, Partners, or Directors.

This section allows for a maximum payment of £10,000 per person.

Liability for Products

This protects you against legal liability stemming from accidental injury to a person or damage to their property caused by products sold or provided by your company.

In any given period of insurance, the policy’s standard limit is £3,000,000. This baseline maximum can be increased to £5,000,000 for an extra premium.

In the event of a claim for damage to third-party property, there is a £250 excess.

Risks of Professional Treatment

This protects you from legal duty in the event of an unintentional injury to a person or damage to their property as a result of any treatments you perform.

To perform any therapy, you must have a UK-recognized qualification. Any treatments you receive must be acceptable to us and covered under our standard treatment plan.

Each claim is limited to £3,000,000 under the policy.

Liability to the public

This protects you from legal liability for any accidental injury to a person or damage to their property that occurs because of your business operations.

The policy’s standard maximum for any single claim is £3,000,000. They can increase this baseline maximum to £5,000,000 or £10,000,000 for an extra premium.

In the event of a claim for damage to third-party property, there is a £250 excess.

Stock Illustrations

This protects the stock you use or keeps for retail against fire, theft, and flooding.

You can choose the quantity of coverage you require, but remember to select the highest amount of coverage you will require during the policy period.

Insurers may not pay the full amount of any claim you submit if you do not pick the full amount available.

The cover is offered on a “new for old” basis, so even if you bought some products secondhand, you must insure for the full additional replacement cost. In the event of a claim under this section, there is a £350 excess.

Crisis and legal hotlines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Legal expenses coverage includes access to the crisis, legal, tax, and counselling helplines for you and your employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Salon Gold Optional Covers Include:

Coverage by Structures

If you own the building or handle the insured as part of your lease, be sure the quantity insured you enter is sufficient to rebuild your property from the ground up.

It will cover the cost of all materials, labour, and professional costs to reinstate your property as new.

If you have any doubts about the expense of rebuilding your home, get a second opinion.

In the event of a claim, your sum insured must restore your property to its original condition. And if you cannot insure for the correct value, you may not receive full payment.

Accident Insurance for Individuals

Personal Accident cover will provide you with a lump sum payment if you cannot work permanently or a weekly benefit. The cover is worldwide and operates 24 hours a day.

Teaching Cover

Cover for Public, Products, and Professional Treatment risk can be extended to provide cover for teaching or training. We will need the names of all teachers or trainers working for you.

Terrorism Cover

Cover can be provided for damage to your stock, landlord’s fixtures and fittings, buildings, glass, and all other contents caused by an act of terrorism.

They can also cover any loss of income following damage caused by terrorism. We are unable to provide terrorism cover for salons in Northern Ireland.

How much does it cost to insure a beauty salon?

Insurance for a beauty business cost from £250 to £1,000 or more.

This cost is determined by:

  • The treatments you provide
  • The value of your stock and equipment
  • How long you’ve been in business
  • Where your salon is located
  • And your claims history.

To summarize, choose a professional insurance provider that will allow you to pay for your insurance in monthly instalments.

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Salon Gold Insurance provides some of the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the hairdressing, beauty, holistic, health and fitness, and counselling industries.

They specialize in mobile and freelancing enterprises, as well as salons and established locations. With their automatic policy covers, you’ll have everything you need to ensure the security of the goal you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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