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Convex Insurance, founded in 2019 in London and Bermuda by industry veteran Stephen Catlin, has quickly gained international acclaim. Customers and investors have gained trust in the company, which has created over 300 jobs and assembled a strong team.

Convex and its founder frequently emphasize values such as fairness, dignity, respect, and a long-term approach to business. Nonetheless, some of the activities in which they specialize endanger the long-term viability of the society they serve.

Convex is a global leader in the energy insurance industry. At a time when we need to move away from fossil fuels as soon as possible, Convex continues to fund the expansion of the oil, gas, and coal industries with no restrictions.

What is convex insurance?

Stephen Catlin and Paul Brand founded Convex Insurance, an international specialty insurer and reinsurer. Convex, which has offices in London and Bermuda, holds a unique position in the insurance industry, combining unrivalled experience, reputation, and a legacy-free balance sheet.

What do convex insurance do?

Convex Insurance’s goal is to provide something unique to its clients, stakeholders, and employees. Bringing together some of the most experienced market players, being independent, and starting with a clean slate provides an incredible opportunity to take a fresh approach.

They are passionate about creating best-practice businesses from the ground up, utilizing everything they have learned throughout their careers to delivering something new and innovative.

Convex insurance focuses on organizations that are globally recognized and respected, industry leaders, providers of specialized products and services, or niche players.
They have the knowledge to assist with even the most complex insurance needs, such as multi-peril and multi-product coverage. A diverse range of sophisticated commercial insurers and cedants, including large global insurers and reinsurers, are also among their target clients.

The advantages of purchasing multiple-peril insurance coverage include lower overall premium costs for the insured due to the benefits provided by an all-in-one type package, as well as broader coverage for losses that typically occur together, such as flood damage to an insured’s basement and wind damage to an insured’s roof.

Convex multi-peril insurance

A multi-peril policy covers a variety of different causes of loss rather than just one. These policies, which are common in property insurance, provide comprehensive coverage.

Many insurance policies only cover a single type of peril. Earthquake insurance, for example, may only cover earthquakes. However, because of the various perils that can cause property damage, it often makes financial sense to purchase multi-peril policies at convex insurance.

This eliminates the need to shop for multiple individual policies and instead provides comprehensive coverage with just one policy, thereby meeting multiple insurance needs. A multi-peril policy, for example, may cover fire, vandalism, theft, water damage, and other perils.

Convex multi-product insurance coverage

Convex Insurance offers a wide range of protection products to meet all of your needs. When you contact Convex Insurance, they will put you in touch with a dedicated expert advisor.

Their mission is to assist you in protecting what is most important to you and to provide a better future for you and your organization. They will be able to guide you through the maze of policies and options available to ensure that you select the appropriate level and type of coverage for you.

What are the benefits of multiproduct insurance?

Savings are often possible when you take out multiple policies at the same time, so your advisor will ask you about a variety of requirements to provide you with the best service possible. Having multiple policies with convex insurance also simplifies claims because there is no need to contact multiple insurers in the event of a claim.

A combination of policies or several different policies may be the best option. For example, combining multiple policies, such as life insurance and critical illness insurance, is frequently both cheaper and easier, especially when the policies are designed to cover a specific item, such as a loan, mortgage, or school fees. Another way to save money and simplify your life is to cover multiple people, vehicles, or property under a single policy.

Digital Underwriting

Convex Digital Underwriting collaborates with specialist underwriters to develop new digital products and distribution partnerships across all insurance lines of business. Its mission is to simplify the quotation and binding processes by delivering underwriting and pricing decisions to our partners in real-time.

They have created a custom technology toolkit that allows you to access Convex products in the most efficient way for your business. Because Convex is technology agnostic, they can integrate their pricing directly into your digital portals and e-trading platforms. If you’re just starting on your digital journey, they can work with you to design, build, and launch a digital portal to help you get to market quickly.

Benefits of working at Convex insurance

Here are the benefits of starting a career with convex insurance:

  • Opportunities to grow – and give something back
  • A culture that is open, collaborative, and welcoming
  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Convex Codex
  • Meaningful work, and the means to do it well

Opportunities to grow – and give something back

Convex insurance is working hard to improve. However, this can only be accomplished if they assist their employees in growing, developing, and achieving their objectives.

As a result, they provide mentoring programs and skill workshops to help you grow professionally. And it is for this reason that any employee can pitch an idea or personal dream to the organization’s Dream Team panel for a chance to win time, money, or resources (or all three) to achieve their goal.

Convex insurance is also an organization that wants to give back to the community. They support other charities through their Charity Committees in London and Bermuda, and they sponsor Alzheimer’s Research UK. Every Convex employee receives paid time off to volunteer each year.

A culture that is open, collaborative, and welcoming

To differentiate itself, Convex Insurance recruits not only from all industries but also from all backgrounds—without discrimination.

They accomplish this by blind-screening all applicants, running a school sponsorship program, and providing internships to high school graduates and undergraduates.

When you join Convex, they work hard to make you feel welcome.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Convex insurance provides equal opportunities for everyone, viewing Diversity and Inclusion as much more than just talking points and checkboxes.
Being Disability Confident ensures they have access to the broadest range of talent possible, allowing them to achieve their goal of attracting the best and brightest to build rewarding careers at Convex.

Convex Codex

People are the most valuable asset at Convex. They believe that if everyone looks out for one another and creates a positive environment for everyone to learn and grow, their business and clients will thrive.

Meaningful work, and the means to do it well

Working for a new company that is eager to establish its reputation can be difficult. Convex seeks out and improves systems that help people work as efficiently as possible.


Convex Insurance strives to provide the best product at the best price. However, remember that “the cheapest price” does not always guarantee the best value! That’s why, from start to finish, the Convex team guides with your own personal specialist advisor, ensuring that what matters is protected and that you and your family have a brighter future. Contact Convex insurance here.

FAQs about Convex Insurance

What is convex insurance?

Convex Insurance’s goal is to provide something unique to its clients, stakeholders, and employees.

When did convex insurance start?

Convex was founded in 2019

Convex insurance CEO

Stephen Catlin and Paul Brand started the company with $1.7 billion in initial committed capital to underwrite insurance and reinsurance for complex speciality risks.

Convex insurance capital raise

 The company secured $500 million backing from US investment firm 

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