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royal london insurance

At the core of every insurance plan is ensuring that what matters most gets adequate protection. That is why with over 150 years of experience in the insurance market, Royal London insurance has taken it upon themselves to give everyone an ideal plan.

This article will reiterate more on how it works and how you can make a claim.

About Royal London Insurance

Tracing back to a time in Victorian Britain when befitting burials were not so easy to come by, which made burial clubs become friendly societies that folks could join and contribute their mite to avoid a burial like that of a pauper.

In 1861, two men; Joseph Degge and Henry Ridge came up with a strategy that birthed the Royal London Insurance and Benefit Society.

As the company evolved, it was later decided to change from a friendly society to a mutual organisation, and it has maintained the status quo ever since.

Now, Royal London is the UK’s largest mutual life, pensions, and investment company with over £130 billion in assets under administration, 8.8 million policies in effect, and 4,046 members of staff.

The sole reason Royal London exists is to give room for her clients to enjoy the benefits of the services it provides.

What Cover Options does Royal London Offer?

Royal London Insurance offers a plethora of cover options. They include;

  • Level term life insurance
  • Decreasing term life insurance
  • Plan for the over-50s
  • Family income benefit
  • Life insurance for diabetics
  • Funeral Plans

What Businesses Does Royal London Do?

Since 1861, the Royal London umbrella has grown incredibly and now, there is a Royal London Group comprising five specialist areas.

So, it is safe to say that ambitious expansion is what you can find in Royal London insurance’s DNA.

These areas include;

#1. Royal London Ireland

For almost 180 years, royal London has been in the business of protecting its customers and families throughout Ireland.

Up until July 2011 when it became part of the Royal London Group, it is committed to selling the best that you can find in the UK insurance market.

However, only authorised financial Brokers may sell their products and, they will be available to take the customers by the hand to help them reach their goals.

#2. Royal London Asset Management (RLAM)

This is one of the UK’s leading fund management organizations with assets under management of about £127.8 billion.

Having a track record of providing quality investment management services and dedication to clients, RLAM has proven to be the best hands you can get in corporate pension plans, charities, private client stockbrokers, and discretionary fund managers.

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#3. Royal London Intermediary Pensions

This company sure has a long history of providing high quality, low-cost pensions accompanied by excellent customer care service.

The enabling force of the company which has stayed effective till date is the quest to do the right thing, seeking a fair deal for customers and having the confidence to push change.

#4. Royal London Intermediary Protection

Life insurance, critical illness insurance, and income protection are all available through Royal London Intermediary Protection.

These are designed to provide flexible, affordable coverage that is tailored to your and your family’s specific needs and protects you where it matters most.

#5. Royal London Consumer Division

The most recent subsidiary which was set up in 2014 provides a plethora of products directly to consumers.

It strives to improve customer outcomes by providing more fair products that provide a greater value for money directly to clients via the digital, telephone, and mail channels.

Why Royal London Insurance?

At Royal London, the idea is to prioritize client demands over stockholder or investor interests.

That’s why, in the face of war, economic uncertainty, and even the changing face of Britain itself, this insurance group has chosen to maintain a mutual status.

This same integrity has allowed for several interactions between the organization and her members of staff, the organization and her customers.

Royal London is wholly committed to mutuality and looking after your interests, and so through things like our AGM, Profit share and open lines of communication, you’ll be glad to know that they’re always on the lookout for ways to improve their service for both members and customers alike.

What are the Benefits of Seeking Insurance with Royal London?

By mere partnership with this organization or as a client, you stand to gain a plethora of benefits. They are outlined below.

#1. Higher Levels of Satisfaction

Research has shown that people who are under the umbrella of mutual organizations experience a level of satisfaction that is unequalled.

So, this is what you enjoy by becoming a customer.

#2. A Sense of Belonging

In the sense that we’re all in it together, joining a mutual is like joining a club.

#3. Make your opinion known.

You may have a voice in how our company is operated by participating in our AGM and member surveys.

How Do I Make a Claim with Royal London Insurance?

Have you ever wanted to file a claim yet didn’t remember to fill out the papers given to you?

Sounds ridiculous, I know, but this is exactly what this organization makes of its own claim processes.

So, whether you want to withdraw money from your policy, file a claim on protection insurance, or on behalf of someone who slept and didn’t make it to daylight, Royal London has made things straightforward.

This is possible by giving you an alternate way of filing a claim such as Braille, big print, and audio to make up for any printed materials you may receive in the mail.

Simply ask the customer service representative the next time you call to furnish you with those.

Here are the different links to making various claims with Royal London Insurance.

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#1. Make a Claim When a Loved one Dies

When you reach out to the team, you’ll face a simplified method so you can find out details of the deceased as well as confirm if the person is connected to any type of policy before their demise.

#2. Make a Claim on an Insurance Policy

If you direly need to find out what to make of the covers you bought through an adviser, you can do well to click the link below for an immediate response from the customer care representative.

#3. Claim for a Funeral Plan

It is one thing to plan a funeral and another thing to know exactly what steps to take. If you find yourself here and you are a broker with Royal London insurance, you can as well crave the indulgence of the staff members to guide you using the link below.

How Long does it take Before Royal London Pays Me?

It will interest you to know that the team at Royal London begins the payment process as soon as they have all the paperwork and confirms claims.

Also, the payments are sent by BACS transfer and normally clear within 3 to 5 working days.

Can I Contact Royal London Insurance?

You can reach Royal London directly on the phone by punching the following digits; 03456021885 or via email at

Royal London Insurance Review | What Customer have to Say

‘Trouble free…..very easy to buy from Royal London’

‘Straightforward, found out to through easy funding charity app. Money well spent’

‘Very helpful and easy to join good value for money’

‘They did what they said they would and I’m very happy with that’

Is Royal London Insurance Worth it?

Royal London has been safeguarding families for over 150 years and has a solid reputation in the financial services industry.

They offer a plethora of insurance alternatives to meet a variety of demands and have a customer satisfaction rating of 77%.

Comparing quotations to determine whether you’re receiving the greatest deal is a good way to figure out if Royal London is the best option for you.


I hope this article aids you to fix the puzzle about Royal London insurance. Moreso, remember to carry out due research on the insurance markets so as to compare quotes.



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